"help me..."

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
this piece is a little darker and might be questionable for some readers,

Submitted: May 25, 2016

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Submitted: May 24, 2016



Im in a box 

It's slowly filling with water 

And as it fills with water i can feel the air leave my lungs 

I cant breathe 

I feel my heart beat faster and faster 

My breathing quickening 

Im gasping for air 

My heart breaks 

My body itches to escape 

I sink down into the water with no way of escaping 

I cry 

I kick

I punch

And i scream 

But it means nothing if no one can hear me 

If no one pays attention 

If im alone 

I cant stand it 

I cant stand seeing my problem come to life 

In human form my problem is in my mirror 

My reflection 

The same person i look at everyday 

She forces a smile but when u look in her eyes they're red nd filled with tears 

Shes tired 

She craves for it to stop 

She reaches for help but its like shes mute 

No words come out 

So she sits in silence until someone finally realizes 

She sits and stares at her scares 

The same scars she hides from her parents 

From her friends 

From everyone 

Everywhere she turns something jumps out as though she is in a maze

At every corner there's something waiting for her 

At every hault she is lost 

Waiting to taunt her 

Waiting to stab her 

Waiting to emotionally destroy her 

She cries in her nights 

Her endless nights filled with silent cries 

Until she can finally get some rest

In her darkest moment she only has herself 

This is my reflection 

This is who i am 

This is how i am 

This is what i am

This is what im becoming 

This is what i have become 

This is not who i want to be

And with this i will whisper 

" help me ... "


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