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A friend confessed a feeling to her teacher whom she met for the first time. Her friend fired at her and tried to stop it, but she didn't know that it was a liar. The story twisted...

Submitted: November 21, 2016

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Submitted: May 24, 2016



“What? Are you kidding me?” She fired me with a loud bang. 

“No, I am not.” I calmly replied while I enjoyed my lunch in our university’s canteen. She took my story I told her earlier very seriously. My childhood friend leaned forwards to me and started to whisper trembling with anger, “Are you out of your mind? How can you confess to him? He is our lecturer. Not to mention that We just met him today, I mean You. How do you know you love him? You stupid! I’ll forget what you just told me. I know it’s a joke. And Don’t never ever think of doing that silly confess idea of yours. Not over my dead body. I’m your childhood friend, your only friend who keeps you from doing stupid things. Gosh! I’m tired of This girl!!”. She signed and leaned back to the chair, like an old lady who just finished her shopping all day.

I looked at her calmly. Cheata, 21, older than me one year, year four students as I am, a quick-talked girl with a strong personality, is my only best friend. I admitted I have been saved by her countless times. I felt somehow, she is like my mother--better than my own mother. She visits my house everyday, making sure I am home safely. When I am sick, she is the one who buys me medicine and reminds me to take medicine every single time. Any guy comes closer to me, she would chase them away, saying I am only for my Mr. Right. “You can’t just have any man coming after you. Be loyal to your prince”. Sometimes, I wonder whom she talked about. I have not prince to chase for. Well, This is her dreamy idea that one day my prince will come to replace her to take care of me, and that is the reason why she is still single because she has me to be babysit.


I stopped eating, took a breath before I started to talked again, “I already wrote him a letter telling my feeling. I left it on his office desk”. Checking my time, I continued, "It should be time for him to be back in office, I think". Suddenly again, Her face was like fire, she just fired at me, “You fool!” and started to run away. 

I smiled because I knew she headed to, -- his office for sure. I may be a stupid knuckle-head sometimes. I cannot nothing without her help, such a crybaby. But there is one thing I know for sure that she decided to be single in spited of being approached many times; it is all my fault. I guess that We are equal this time because She is stupid too. How can I confess to my best friend-in-law? The person he has in mind is Her. Maybe she forgot that they did the pinky-swear to be met again 12 years ago, or she could not recognize him for the first meeting, but I know he still remembered her; just that idiot is too busy to be approached when she cares only me. So, I guess a small liar to her would not hurt. It should be time for her with her prince with their own time. ;)



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