My eyes

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The difference between the outlook in the past and the present.

Submitted: May 24, 2016

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Submitted: May 24, 2016




Once what I saw

Got lost in translation

Nothing was law

I enslaved my salvation


All that was thought

To be well-kept

My eyes fought

Into their beings crept


Some were innocent

Some just as guilty

Yet my eyes made the magnificent

Just as dirty


Some time passed

My eyes still needed correction

Even if reality surpassed

Every whim in that direction


Why the tall needed to be short?

Why the robust had to be skewed?

Did my eyes sort or distort

The images around me immune?


Same eyes, different outlook

Where the thought was of bodies melted

Where they hooked and shook

Most around me, never felt it


Now the new eyes remember

And shake the old eyes for folly

So many victims only I remember

And their souls ride on my body


How my eyes needed to be kind

How they needed to be reminded

That all around are the same kind

That if I betray one, I betray all our kind.



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