History Dooms To Repeat

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Enjoy feedback is cool, but this is cause I watched and felt so upset seeing people hurt each other in protest cause who will run this nation

Submitted: May 24, 2016

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Submitted: May 24, 2016



It's as if I am starting to walk through the divisions, and possibility of the mind 

How long for the world to go in reverse order, and people prove we haven't grown with time;
I am startled and don't know what's the speech 
I see the riot gear and smoke like Kent state videos, but not one person is aligned with a position to preach 
So what can I expect i saw this once and now after this I see harm 
What happened to M.L.K showing the world after years of oppression, stood with conviction and saw much more to be alarmed; 
It's as if I am the philosopher of my own degree, I could see the painting before it was ever done 
Who are we where is the mirror, when you see the footage and remember in the end we are in one way together, living with the sea and need the sun 
I've personally just felt a humans a human, and with more age what's even to judge 
But that's what makes us human, the different personalities and really forgetting where we came from; 
Born of the earth on grass called a nation with a certain name 
Destroy far more of your own stuff and you can look back at history what others became 
Even us at one time, as small pictures on TV networks make people split 
Forgetting a Republican was Lincoln, and Democrat that saved us was another human named Kennedy, two names we choose with glory to happily pick; 
Reasons why some were never truly worthy, some ran with courage, some were sick  
But we never learned the real reasons of why as kid we heard that saying " If we don't know history we are doomed to repeat it"

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