Dressed in Orange

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Prolog (v.1) - A Glimpse

Submitted: May 24, 2016

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Submitted: May 24, 2016



She is everywhere.... No matter where am I or what am I doing she is everywhere. She is dressed is orange, her auburn hair tied in ponytail and her empty eyes looking straight at me. Her pale face sometimes has stains of dried tears, why, I don’t know about that. Some say I am insane, some say it’s just a halucination or a story that is cooking up in my mind; I want to believe them maybe just for the sake of finding solution to my problem but am never able to accept these as facts. My brain says she is nothing but my heart tells me more. My heart says that she is someone who needs help, someone whose questions are unanswered but in this fight of brain and heart I am unable to choose one. It has been a year this is happening but lately it has got worse. She comes in my dreams; she is coming closer to me day by day.

Yesterday when I was sitting in my garden, sipping a hot cup of tea, that’s when she started coming towards me, with small steps. Walking slowly on grass, her footsteps pressing the grass beneath her naked feet, her hand stretched outwards like she was trying to touch me. Her hair was open that day. Her dress and hair were blowing with the cool breeze. But she never came near enough to touch, it was like she wanted me to cross the remaining distance but I never had the strength to do so. I was so shocked by her advancements that I couldn’t think at that moment. In very next minute she vanished from right in front of my eyes. In front of eyes was once again the green garden. The spot where she was standing was now empty. The cool breeze washed my face, making me realize the drops of sweat across my forehead. My tea cup was now lying on the grass, the tea on the ground. Tea was long forgotten; now the orange lady only occupied my mind.. What is she going to do next? What ?  

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