earth: prologue

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earth: prologue is a short story that follows wallace j. thomas, a man who formed the great order of the guardian angels. wallace searches for a way to destroy rtas loki, an evil warlord who embraced the darkness, and his unorganized empire.

Earth: the Battle of Earth is in development, and is currently being worked on.

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Submitted: May 25, 2016

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Submitted: May 25, 2016



Chapter 1: Introductions

The year is 2254, in 2089 Earth was abandoned by Humanity because of the Nuclear World War, if they remained on Earth, there would be no survival, the war started by the United Republic of Earth breaking into several faction groups, all of which were determined to reunite the Republic to its full glory, the Guardians, led by my great-grand father Wallace, sought to save humanity from extinction and so they built starships and travelled into our solar system and explored other planets outside of our system, but war began to follow because of Rtas Loki, an evil warlord who ruled the Orion's Arm system along with the Empire of Korban, Dark Lord of the Darkness, Chancellor Angel, ruler of the Republic, sought to kill my great-grand father but failed when he was killed above Earth but another 'Angel' took his place and so Uriah Ven Varanee, leader of the Guardian Angels, reunited the Guardians in 2152 and so after 2110, the Galactic War began with the Republic, the Guardians and the Empire all fighting for control and order and I will tell you how it all started.

Chapter 2: The beginning of a long, very long galactic war.....

Before peace, there was war between good and evil, this is the story of Wallace J. Thomas, the galaxy was going in peace, the Guardians had their own infantry within the planets they had controlled and people who joined the Guardians all had to embrace the power of the Will of Light in order to become a Guardian of the galaxy, most of the Guardians attention was towards Zerah, the home planet of Uriah Ven Varanee and his race said that their home sacred to them and they had formed their own army calling themselves the; Royal Army of Zerah, they weren't allies with the Guardians and their weapons of choice was the TX-82 Blaster Carbine and the TX-35 Sidearm and many other weapons the Zerahians had built, the Guardians had a small range of starships, all being fitted and ready for any combat that might come towards them and one of their main cruisers was the Guardian-class heavy assault cruiser and alongside it was the Guardian-class light frigate and for starfighters was the Guardian Assault Reaper C115 fighter which was great at combat but it lacks speed making it slow as a more targeted treat and beside the ARC 115 was the Guardian A6 heavy bomber which carried 40 HE bombs and only had 2 forward blaster cannons, the Zerahians built their own starships and starfighters such as the ZERAH-class assault cruiser which had heavy shields and the Zerahians focused more on the shields then firepower and beside the cruiser was the ZERAH-class assault medium frigate which was slightly larger then the Guardian light frigate and for starfighters they had the Z Star-fighter that had little firepower and was speed which made it weak to star-fighters, light frigates and cruisers and lastly there was the Zerah B2 bomber which was slow but carried more bombs then the Guardian A6 heavy bomber and they had built all these machines in order to maintain control on their planet, the Zerahian Government never really trusted humans on their planet, Wallace was speaking with the head commissioner of their government "Commissioner, I am Wallace Thomas and I am the leader of the Guardians that watchover you-" Commissioner Riah said back "I am well aware of your intentions Thomas and I have no intention of wanting to know what You will be doing on my planet" Wallace said back friendly "I am sure that we weren't doing anything to overthrow You Riah, I only wish that You should allow the Guardians to help your troops watch over your people and I assure You that no one would dare treat your home if you allow the Guardians to watch your home Riah" Riah said back in a angryish voice "I do not need your precious little Guardians Wallace!, I want them off my home!, Zerah is precious to us Zerahians and we will protect it even if we have to give our lives to death" Wallace sighed and answered calmly "I will make sure every Guardian on Zerah is off and sent back to Morridor Commissioner" Riah was a tough Zerahian who led the Zerahians since 1336, Humanity back then was never aware of being watched by Zerahians but this turth would not only surprise them but will question why they were watching, Rtas Loki embraced the power of the Darkness within an old tomb on Korban that was left behind by the Korbanians in 4,284 B.C. and the Guardians found 10 finger rings throughout the milky way galaxy which had dark power and the Guardians hid those rings deep within the main Fortress on Morridor, they took them 20 floors deep underground and had built many strong doors to keep it hidden from anyone that would want it in their power, Rtas was unaware of the rings but he had a feeling that the Guardians were hiding something from everyone else, Rtas secretly imprisoned and shipped millions of Zerahian females and a few Male Zerahians to Korban to give birth to Zerahian Males for his army which he was calling it the; Korban Empire, Rtas stole blueprints from the Zerahians to build starships, Rtas had a few but they weren't fitted or built for space combat so he had to steal blueprints of starships, after Rtas stole the blueprints, the female Zerahians gave birth to many Male Zerahians and they were told that their home planet was Korban and that they had to serve Rtas because he was their savior and that was a lie to the newborn Zerahians in order to make them obey his orders, Rtas chosen some male Zerahians as his Honor Guards and got them to embrace the power of The Darkness, the Guardians hid the Rings of Power because they had scanned them and found that there was a dark power set on them and if anyone put on all 10 Rings on their fingers then they would embrace a power so powerful that they would turn over to the dark and become an enemy of the Guardians, the power set on the rings were said to turn the user into something more powerful then anything in the galaxy and the Guardians had chosen to put all ten rings in different parts of the Milky Way galaxy in order to ensure the safety of them and ensure that nobody touches them, not even the Guardians or Wallace, Riah Voltar kept the news of Zerahian disappearances from the Guardians because he didn't want humans to be working on his investigation, Riah didn't not like humans like really hated humans so much that he would kill one to prove it and no one knew that, how could they know that though?, unlike Riah, Uriah Varanee was part of the Varanee Crime Families that were brought down along with the Sirusee Crime Families in 2045 because of what Uriah did back then, Rtas trained the newborn Zerahians to use the weapons and vehicles he had built for them to use against the Guardians and for anyone else who might just stand in Rtas' way, Rtas finally explored all of Korban and found many temples belonging to the Korbanians and many tombs belonging to the ancient Zerahians that were allied with the Korbanians back somewhere in 2,000 B.C. but were dropped in 2,040 B.C. because both species created opposited powers of one another, both the Zerahians and the Korbanians were watching humanity and studing their nature and once they saw humanity use nuclear weapons in the year of 1945, they saw humanity as a treat to their race and home so they stopped all motion sensors on Earth but a secretly formed scouting party kept their motion sensors on earth active and focused on building warships because if Humanity ever expanded into space with warships of their own then they would be ready for war, the ancients of both the Korbanians and Zerahians were all so powerful, the Korbanians were dark power users but the Zerahians weren't and they were light power users and the ancient Zerahians placed a power rod that Wallace and Uriah found within Earth's deep caves in 2080, the Zerahians named it; the Power of Light but humanity named it; the Will of Light, with the Will of Light embarced into the bodies of the Guardians, some were able to look into the future and see what happens but only a few were able to do so and Wallace was one of them, the Zerahian Government had discussed about the disappearances of millions of female Zerahians and noticed that only a few male Zerahian disappearances were reported and they had reason to assume that whoever kidnapped them must be building an army of Zerahians but were unsure of it and didn't want to focus on the idea of someone else using Zerahian females to give birth to an army outside of the planet of Zerah, meanwhile on Korban, Rtas had finally trained the newborn Zerahians to use the weaponry he had built for them and planned to take the planet of Harmony for future plans that Rtas would come up with, as Rtas prepared the warships and the ground vehicles for taking Harmony, he had sent an open speech to the Zerahian soldiers he had, saying to them were lies but they still thought it was the truth, Rtas was saying to them "You are Zerahian soldiers and a few years back, You're home was destroyed by my kind, Humans, together humans can be ruthless and can show no mercy when it comes to alien life such as youselves and I have saved your mothers from those humans because I knew once you hear this story, you'd want to avenge your fallen brothers and end the killer lives of the humans and claim back the galaxy that once your leaders controlled and bring freedom to all those who were killed as well but now we will take the planet of Harmony, there we will find warriors called; Guardians and those guardians were the ones who killed your brothers and there will be others who follow them so be careful of what you hear and don't listen to what they say because they'll lie to you as they did to your leaders, You are the Royal Soldiers of Zerah and you will avenge your brothers!, FOR ZERAH!" as they yelled back "FOR ZERAH!" Rtas also had stolen uniforms of the Royal Army of Zerah to make the guardians think that the Zerahians on Zerah were the ones who attacked Harmony, also had built the same warships as them as well to make it look like the Zerahians doing, the Korban Empire's fleet moved to the orbit space above Harmony using a slip space portal to get there faster and the Guardians fleet saw the fleet come from a portal that was generated from the bow of the main cruiser that was in front of the fleet and as soon as Rtas' fleet was in range of the Guardians fleet, he ordered the ships to fire on Guardian class starships and the Guardians reported to the Order that ships from the Royal Navy of Zerah were attacking and invading Harmony and as soon as Wallace heard the distress call, he got a small fleet of ships from Morridor to move in and help out while Wallace prepared an invasion fleet for Zerah to put a stop to the Zerahians for attacking Harmony but they were blind and didn't know that they were being deceived by Loki to start a war between Man and Zerahian, as the defending Guardian fleet above Harmony was falling, the reinforcements were under way to Harmony as fast as they could go to stop the false Zerahians from taking Harmony as Wallace wanted to go to Harmony making sure that they wouldn't lose it as the Zerahian Government contacted Wallace "Thomas!, How dare you treat our home by sending an invasion force?!, We have done nothing wrong to ever harm a human being!" Wallace in a voice of anger said back "You're the ones who sent ships to one of our controlled systems first so don't try to deceive me by those words!" they answered angryily "If you want war then we will give you war!" Rtas' army broke through the defense's defending the planet and began landing troops to kill every human they see, they started with the cities and then the towns then the villages, as corrupted Zerahian soldiers burned the buildings of the cities on Harmony, Rtas himself was on the ground killing Guardians and enjoying the view of burning buildings and fallen Guardians as Wallace's battle group arrived in orbit of Harmony to see that Zerahian ships destroying what was left of the Guardians fleet as well as seeing bombs on the ground going off and setting off larger explosions and seeing the view of the planet being destroyed, Wallace was hurt and sent all available star fighters and light frigates to destroy the corrupted Zerahian ships and Wallace had troop dropships go by the Zerahian ships with god speed, some were shot down, most made it through the Zerahian lines of defense, Guardian Infantry troops were deployed and were ordered to take out any Zerahian foot soldier and vehicle as Rtas Loki was searching through the ruins of the Guardians fortress and found intel about the Rings of Power and wanted these rings, Rtas found a Guardian alive and tortured him for the location of the Rings of Power, the Guardian broke and gave the location to him after showing the Guardian his false future, after breaking down the doors to the Ring, Rtas was disappointed when he saw just one ring there and tortured the Guardian again for the other ones but the Guardian died during the torture process and afterwards threw his body aside, Rtas then wanted to find the locations of all the rings but Rtas never knew there was 10 rings so he would search every Guardian fortress until he finds all the Rings of Power and upon searching the fortress, Rtas found more info on the Rings of Power and also saw that there is 10 Rings exactly, he was reading a part the Guardians have entered the data saying 'Once all 10 Rings are placed on each of the 10 Fingers of the user's hands then they will gain a power so powerful, it would outmatch both The Darkness and the Will of Light, Rtas really wanted these rings like all evil men, they'd do everything in their power to gain more power to claim victory over their enemies and Rtas was one of them, the Invasion fleet destroyed everything the Zerahians had and Riah said to Wallace via hologram communicator "Whatever we happened to do that made you destroy our precious belongings, whatever it was we are sorry, please order your troops to stop this maddess, for this we are in your debt and I'll allow the Guardians to operate on Zerah" Wallace answered "Very well Riah, I will get Guardians from Morridor to get to Zerah as quickly as possible before anything else happens" Riah agreed to Wallace's choice of security as the corrupted Zerahian soldiers on Harmony were taken care of and before Rtas could be captured by Guardian Soldiers, he went back to Korban along with the remains of the fleet he had amassed for the mission but most of the cities on Harmony were destroyed along with the towns and villages so after rebuilding them, the Guardians called the planet; New Harmony instead of Harmony and Wallace went to Zerah to address the Zerah Government proof that they were the attacking force by showing them dead Zerahian soldiers and pictures of Zerahian warships, they were shocked to see that and they agreed to drop their military power and have allowed the Guardians military soldiers take over as Guardian Warriors acted as Field Commanders and High Generals depending on which rank they had in the Order, the Guardian Order and the Guardian Military were split into two, the Great Order of the Guardian Angels were the same and the Guardian Military Force was renamed to the Delta Commission and they were trained and were ordered to follow the Order as a primary command of operations so the two were partners in terms of the safety for the galaxy and they reogranized the Military Force into a more better force other then being within the command of the Guardians, people on the planets that were being used as safe zones for humanity, called the Great Order of the Guardian Angels by other names such as the Order, the Guardians and the Guardian Angels but commonly calls them; the Guardians, after the surrendering of Zerah, the Guardians were operating on Zerah and were keeping peace and ever since the Zerahians surrendered and allowed the Order to operate on Zerah, crime ratings dropped by 60% on Zerah and Riah was pleased to see that the Order lowered the crime rates and have allowed more and more Guardians and Delta Troopers to operate on Zerah meanwhile on Zerah, the Guardians saw that some humans, that were relocated here, were enjoying their lives along side the Zerahians and the Order and the Zerahians had finally begun the truce between the two species as Wallace on the other hand finished reorganizing the troops on New Harmony and sent them to Mars to get organized with the locals who live there and get organized with the Security forces as well, Rtas got his troops and moved in on Mars to get the second ring for his journey to power, his fleet moved into orbit above Korban and got the rest of the ground troops ready and this time, he used stolen ships from Guardian Shipyards above the moon of the now destroyed Earth, the ships Rtas stole were 5 Guardian-class heavy assault cruisers and 18 Guardian light frigates along with 300 ARC115 fighters and 150 Guardian A6 heavy bombers, Loki prepared the fleet and troops to move on Mars and at the same time, the Command Station above Mars were expecting a fleet from New Harmony but weren't expected any other fleet than the one from New Harmony, Rtas moved his stolen ships to the orbit of Mars and take the ring from the fortress that the Guardians built and add it to the collection of his rings, after the fleet from New Harmony entered the space portal to Mars the same time as Rtas' fleet did and both of the fleets entered the orbit and the crew of the Command Station were confused by the fleets, they didn't know which fleet was which, Rtas' plan changed and thought of a new plan so he told the commander of his fleet "Fleet Commander, it appears we have come at a great time, tell them that the other fleet is here for orbit security" the Korban born Zerahian Fleet Commander answered "Yes my Lord, we will do that and make sure we enter the surface and head towards the fortress" Rtas answered back "You better have a good story to make them believe that YOU are the ones who were requested to enter the surface of Mars" Wallace was told about the two fleets that entered the orbit of Mars "Make sure they both stay in orbit and they don't leave" the crew member of the station said he wasn't going to let them move at all, Wallace got his unique Guardian Heavy Assault cruiser, the Enforcement of Justice ready to move into the orbit of Mars and see why there were two of the same fleets in the orbit space of Mars, others in the Order were concerned about the fleets that had arrived and had been preparing if a conflict was going break out, the Order got Security forces from the Mars Security Serivce to fill in extra Security positions around the cities of Mars along with the fortress' that belonged to the Guardians, the Korban born Zerahian gave them the access code to enter the surface and they were given premission to enter the surface of Mars, the Zerahians that were born on Korban were starting to question their mothers about their nature and why were they born on a planet that didn't feel like it was their true home but the female Zerahians refused to tell them about the planet Zerah and wanted to them to find it themselves, Wallace was on his way to Mars and also was told about the access code given by the Zerahian fleet commander and said "An access code was given?" the crew member answered "Yes Sir, the access code; 253-463-356 was sent from the ship and by law, we have given them premission to enter the surface Sir" Wallace answered in a angerish voice "I strictly told YOU to not let them move at all!" the crew member answered "I am sorry for my actions Sir" Wallace's ship entered the orbit space of Mars, the fleet he requested was held up in orbit while the other was on the surface, preparing for the assault on the fortress of the Guardians, Rtas told the Fleet Commander that they were to go to the fortress and get the 2nd Ring from the vault and retreat back to Korban for further assignments, Rtas launched Operation: 2nd Ring of Power and sent the troops and vehicles to wreck havoc in the city near the fortress while a small force of assassins gain access to the fortress stealthly and kill anyone in their way, the Order seen the stolen Guardian fleet fire on the nearest city and directed most of their Guardian warriors and the Mars Security Forces to clean out the assmused traitorous Guardians but were shocked to see Zerahians in the uniforms of the Order of the 115th Delta Force, Wallace was really shocked himself but wasn't going to let these corrupt Zerahians take Mars down like they did to Harmony and this time, Wallace was prepared as He called in the large and newly appointed, the 115th Mars Reaction Assault Fleet which held 18 Guardian Heavy Assault cruisers along with 32 Guardian Light Frigates and about 7k ACR115 Starfighters and 5k Guardian A6 Heavy Bombers, they were ordered to enter the surface of Mars and destroy the corrupt Guardian/Korban born Zerahian fleet before they cause more damage like on Harmony, before Rtas moved onto Mars, Rtas secretly sneaked his way into Zerah and wanted to support the Voltar crime families so he can gain access to the Guardians movements, Rtas spoke with the leader of the Voltar crime families "Bosk Voltar, finally our paths have crossed and at such a great time too" Bosk said back to him "Rtas Loki, leader of the Korban Empire or commonly known as The Devil of Orion's Arm, what do you want from us?" Rtas answered "I want the movements of the Guardians and the Order of the 115th Delta Force" Bosk answered unagreeingly "No, we are not feeding our power to a crime lord that was involved in destroying the entire planet of Harmony!" Rtas answered in a dark voice "Harmony was not destroyed, only thing destroyed about it was the cities!, not the planet and if you do not wish to grant my request then I'll destroy everyone and everything on THIS planet and I will make sure that it is really DESTROYED" Bosk said "You will not dare touch my home with your fucking precious little evil powers you cold-blooded heartless human" Rtas said back in a very angered voice "So be it" Rtas used the Darkness to kill every Voltar family member in the outpost and continued to do so all around the planet leaving every Voltar dead as survivors bowed to his wishes and followed his orders, most of the high ranking Voltar family members bowed down to his power and got most of the surviving Voltar to follow his command as the battle on Mars wasn't going well for the Guardians nor the Delta Force because of the retired ships that the old Army of Zerah had stored on the moon of Zerah in which Rtas took all of them and stole the blue prints to create more of these ships to use against the Guardians and the Zerahians, the Guardians and the Delta Force were going 23-42 with Rtas' fleet having the upper hand as the Guardians started to get everyone off the planet, the forces of both the Guardians and the 115th called down their transports to get everyone off Mars and back to Mordor, the central system in the Great Order of the Guardian Angels and the Order of the 115th Delta Force, Wallace's ship the Enforcement of Justice was under alot of fire from the stolen Guardian ships and the Zerahian warships and his ship was bound to be destroyed, an officer of the 115th was telling the people through a P.A "Everyone, follow the path that an Officer gives you and you'll be on a transport and off to Mordor, the Guardians are currently engaged with the Zerahians to ensure your safety off the planet" the people were as loud as the engine room of an Assault cruiser, Wallace then went to Master Smith's families home to get them off as Smith was fighting off the Zerahians at the fortress so afterwards he got there and knocked on the door, Smith's Mother answered the door "Yes, we are getting our stuff ready to go then we'll leave the hous- oh Wallace Jenkins, it has been awhile" Wallace said back "Yes Rose, it has been awhile but we've got no time to chat, the Zerahians are getting closer and closer to the housing district and we've barely got Guardians to protect the people, the 115th soldiers are doing their best but the enemy is too strong, hurry Rose and get everything ready to go before its too late" Rose answered "I understand Wallace, just let me finish getting everything ready and then we'll leave with you, Ashley!, Could you come in here and help me finish getting the things ready?" Ashley came into the room and answered "Yes Grandmother, I finished putting the things away in the safe out in the back" Rose said back "Oh splendid dear, oh have you met Wallace yet?, He's a friend of John" Wallace looked at Ashley as he was getting the feeling of love at first sight, Wallace then felt a love spark deep down in his heart and said to her "Hi Ashley, I am a good friend of John" Ashley responded "Hello Wallace, I am John's cousin, Ashley Tachibana, you seem to know my grandmother alot do you?" Wallace answered "Yeah, I do know her alot, She was one of the few people I rescued on Earth, well during the Breaking of Earth that is" Ashley said back "Really? well I was born on this planet and have been here ever since" Wallace answered "Yeah, the Breaking of Earth was terrible for most people because their homes were special to them, almost all of Humanity wasn't able to get everything they had off Earth before the breaking and yet Earth is just sitting there while every city, town and village still stands" Ashley said back "Well, has anybody ever thought of going back and getting their things?, I mean its pretty easy going there and back right?" Wallace answered "Well Ashley Earth is broken and we can't allow anyone to set foot on Earth until we know if there's hazardous material present on the surface and if there is any hostile forces camping out as well so we can't let anyone go, but anyways Rose have you finished with everything?" Rose answered "Oh yes Wallace, I am finished, lets go Ashley, carry some of my things" Ashley grabbed some of Rose's suit cases and Wallace did the same but all was going well until a Zerah Z Star-fighter crashed near Wallace's position, Rose was hit from a medium sized rock that came flying from the ground, Rose was hurt and Ashley did her best to keep her alive same went with Wallace but the pain Rose was feeling was really painful and she couldn't hold on any longer so she died in Ashley's arms, Wallace had tears in his eyes as he watched his very good friend pass on and told Ashley "Come on Ashley, there's nothing we can do for Rose now, she is now in peace and this isn't a good place to mourn for her" Ashley was crying as she held Rose in her arms, Wallace told her the same thing but Ashley still didn't answer and just cried, Wallace called in a Medic unit from the Commission of the Mars Security Serivce to transport Rose's body from the field and into a transport ship before any Zerahians get close as some of the Zerahian ships approached the fortress, the Security troops had to quickly set up anti-air turrets before the ships start firing on the fortress, Zerahian ground troops were getting closer to the housing district as they started firing on it using proton cannons to fire on the nearby house's, the people heard the fire and started to scream and run, the 115th Soldiers tried their best to keep order but the people were just screaming and screaming, knocking down one another as well as families losing grip on each other and getting lost in the crowd, the Soldiers couldn't let the people on the ships if they were just gonna go all in at the same time, if they did the transports would be too heavy and wouldn't be able to take off, Wallace and Ashley were apart from the rest of stream of people heading towards the transports so they chosen to find their own way to them as they entered the Zerahian controlled district, alot of Zerahian soldiers were talking to each other "I still smell those humans around here!" "I do too, find them and kill them before Lord Rtas kills us instead!" A Zerahian came, by the looks of him, he looked like a Fleet Admiral "Lord Rtas says we must find the Guardian Wallace Jenkins and get him to give us the infomation on the Rings of Power, Find him and bring him to me, Understood?" the Zerahian soldiers "Understood!" as Wallace heard what the Admiral said, He said to Ashley "Hey listen, if they capture me then I want you to run as fast as you can to the transports and get off planet because I don't know if I can protect you against all those soldiers" Ashley said back in a scared voice "Yeah, i-i'll run as fast as I can, d-don't worry" as Wallace and Ashley continued their path, a Zerahian soldier came from behind and got ahold of Ashley and said "Haha, I got her and you got nothing guardian, What are you gonna do now without harming this human?" Wallace said back "Let her go or i'll do something that you'll never forget" the Zerahian said back "Haha you think you're precious powers can help this human?" the Zerahian yelled "Brothers!, He's over here!, Come here!" as the other Zerahians Soldiers came, Ashley told Wallace "Wallace, go i'll be fine, run!" the Zerahian holding Ashley said "Shut it human or we'll rip out your insides and cook you up right here!" Wallace saw more Zerahian soldiers coming along, Wallace said to Ashley "I am sorry, this is too much of them, I'll go and get help before its too late" Wallace abandoned Ashley with the Zerahians and they went after Wallace to try and capture him but Wallace was long gone from them by the time they even got close to him, the Zerahians were talking to each other as they were taking Ashley back to the Fleet Admiral "What should we do to this human before we get to the Admiral?" "I don't know, I am getting hungry, why don't we cook it up and eat it, we'll say she suffered a horrible death" "No!, We will not do such a thing!, the Admiral could get info from this human, keep it alive or we'll suffer a horrible death" Ashley was getting scared of what the one Zerahian soldier said, Wallace then had to kill alot of Zerahians on his way to help, the Commander of the 115th was sending out a full retreat call out "This is Commander Jones Brown to all friendly forces in the city, a full retreat is in effect, I repeat a full retreat is in effect, we have lost the city!, all forces retreat to a safe area and await transport if you're apart from your squad" Wallace contacted Commander Brown "Commander, I need a squad for a rescue mission now!" Commander Brown answered "Jenkins, most of the squads are spread across the city, I won't be able to get a squad out to you Sir" Wallace said back "Commander I need a squad for a rescue mission, a civilian was captured and I must get her back now!" Commander Brown answered "Stay where you are and I will direct the nearest sqaud to your position and you'll fill them in when they get to you" Wallace said back "Thank you for the support Commander" Commander Brown got ahold of squad Metal 0-1 and directed them to Wallace's position for their new mission, the squad leader of Metal 0-1, Colonel Tom A. Jerry contacted Wallace "Guardian Grand Master Jenkins?, I repeat Wallace Jenkins, come in" Wallace answered "This is Wallace Jenkins, Who is this?" Tom Jerry replied "Sir, Colonel Jerry and Metal 0-1 reporting for duty Sir!" Wallace said back "Ok listen up Marines!; A civilian was taken from me and we need to rescue her because if we don't, the Zerahians would do what they do to humans and we can't have that, she is the grandchild of a friend I just lost recently and I swore I'd protect her with my life" Tom said to his marines "Alright men, we have a mission, help the General get the civilian back from the Zerahians" Tom's men agreed, Tom asked "General Jenkins?, do the Zerahians have a landing zone nearby?, if so we can take it and call for some firepower and reinforcements" Wallace said "I saw a landing zone near here, I doubt we'll get reinforcements though Colonel" Tom said back "Don't worry General, we'll get the reinforcements we need" as Tom contacted his additional squadrons; Metal 0-2, Metal 0-3, Metal 0-4, Metal 0-5 Metal 0-6, Metal 0-7 and Metal 0-8 "Metal Squadrons, get ready to drop in on my mark" the squad leaders said back "Aye Sir!" Tom said to his Private "Okay Private Smith, you'll take out that sniper and take its position, Private Jones, Anders, Loon and Johnson, you 4 will charge in with me and the General here" Wallace said "I'll take out any runners after the fight" as they assault the Zerahian landing zone, Korban Z-Fighters were in the airspace and were sent to provide close air support for the Korban born Zerahians to try and hold the landing zone but Guardian ARC 115 fighters engaged them and an ariel battle took place above the city of Royalton, the 115th Delta Force was regrouping for a massive assault to retake the city, Wallace and Metal 0-1 were still in the city with the rest of Metal Squadron on stand-by, the Guardian ARC fighters were destroyed by Zerahian AA Heavy Turrets, with the rest of Metal squadron not knowing about the AA guns, Wallace and Metal 0-1 were successful in taking the landing zone and called in the rest of Metal squadron, as they flew in, they were shot down by the AA guns and Metal 0-1 realized they forgot to check the surrounding area before calling in their reinforcements, Tom said to Wallace "What?!, No!, damn it!" Wallace said to Tom "I'm sorry Colonel but we have to rescue the civilian or she'll die" Tom nodded his head in agreement while looking down, Rtas Loki searched the entire temple to find that ring but what he wasn't told that they were underground, later then he wanted to extend his mission time by setting up a shield around the temple and the city, ensuring no one else gets in, his troops placed Zerahian AA Heavy Turrets in the borders of the city, blocking the outside from getting inside the city, as Wallace and Metal 0-1 went to secure Ashley, the Zerahian Captain took her straight to Rtas, the skies of Royalton was full of Zerah Assault cruisers and Zerah Z Star-fighters, Wallace and Metal 0-1 advanced towards the temple to rescue Ashley from Rtas, Rtas asked Ashley "Do you know where they have hid the ring my dear?" Ashley responded in a scared voice "I-i don't k-know where the-they hid it" Rtas said back in an angryish voice "Tell me where they hid that ring?, because you will die if you don't tell me!" Wallace yelled from a distance "You are not killing that girl Rtas!" Ashley looked over her shoulder and saw Wallace with Metal 0-1, Rtas said back "Oh have you come to show me where the Ring is located?" as Wallace saw one of the rings on Rtas' fingers, Wallace said to him "Rtas, you don't know what these rings can do to you, they will destroy you" Rtas said back to them "LIES!, these rings will make me powerful and I will kill every Guardian, Civilian and Alien who dares stand in my way!" Wallace said back "Rtas?, do not let these rings control your life, if you do then you'll end up getting yourself killed" Rtas laughed and said "Get myself killed?" he and the Zerahians laughed "These rings want me as much as I need them, Guardian, I will kill you right now, unless you show me the location of the ring" Colonel Jerry took out his sidearm and shot both the Zerahians holding Ashley and said "RUN!" Ashley ran for cover as the rest of Metal 0-1 started firing, Wallace and Rtas engaged in a fist fight while Zerahian reinforcements came and engaged Metal 0-1, Private Jones was told to get Ashley back to the landing zone safe and sound and was ordered to guard her once they get there, Wallace and Rtas' fight was led away from Metal 0-1, they came upon a pillar, extending to another cat walk, the pillar however was extending across a large gap and 50m above ground, Tom and Metal 0-1 took care of the Zerahians and went looking for Wallace, when they found him, he said "Go, find whatever is powering up that shield blocking the city!, I'll deal with Rtas" Metal 0-1 looked for the generator around the temple but realized it was near the landing zone so as they rushed back, they met a lot of Zerahian foot soldiers along the way, Wallace and Rtas were both close to falling, Rtas said to him "You ready to fall and die Guardian?" Wallace said back "No, I will not fall because you're gonna be the one who falls" they fought some more, the pillar was becoming unstable and was breaking apart, Wallace punched Rtas right under his chin and Rtas passed out, the pillar broke and Rtas went down with it, Wallace watched as the pillar fell along with Rtas, assuming he was dead, Wallace went to the landing zone where Private Jones and Ashley were waiting, Metal 0-1 found the generator but it was being guarded by a large force of Zerahian soldiers and 3 Zerah Heavy AA turrets surrounded it, Wallace caught up with Metal 0-1 "Gentlemen, we won't be able to take this out without heavy firepower so instead, we're going to sneak past the guards and plant C4 on those turret's ammo and the power supply of that generator" the Guardian forces outside the shield were attempting to get inside the shield but everytime someone touched the shield, they just turned to ash, Commander Brown contacted Wallace "Grand Admiral Wallace?, I repeat, this is Commander Brown to Grand Admiral Wallace?" Wallace responded "I read you Commander, come in" Brown responded "Grand Admiral, we are trying to get in the city but there's no way for us to get in, the shield is too strong, anything that tries to fly through just gets blown up like it went into a soild wall" Wallace responded "Commander, don't send anymore pilots to try and fly through because it won't work, myself and Metal 0-1 are trying to disable the shield, once its down, I want you to send every ARC-115, ARC-119, A6 and A10 you got to destroy those hostile ships above the city, I already took care of their leader at the temple so we wouldn't need to worry" Brown responded "Yes sir, I'll have everything we got on stand-by right away!" Wallace thought he killed Rtas Loki when the pillar fell on him but the ring had the power to save the user from death, making the user immortal, Rtas got up thinking he was supposed to be dead but he was filled with revenge, hate and anger, Metal 0-1 stealthly made their way around the Zerahians protecting the shield generator, planting all the C4 they had on it to destroy it and the Zerahians around it, as Wallace and Metal 0-1 got to a safe distance from the C4 blast radius, the Guardians forces outside the shield were ready to storm the city and remove all traces of Zerahian war machine and foot soldier and restore the city back to its normal and regular state, as the C4 blew the generator and Zerahians to ashes, the Guardian air forces and ground forces rushed back into the city of Royalton and Rtas found the location of the 2nd Ring on a nearby dead Guardian, he went for the Ring and broke through all the doors, shielding the Ring as he looked upon the 2nd Ring, he said "The 2nd Ring of Power is mine!, Commander?" the Zerahian Commander responded "Yes Lord Loki?" Rtas responded "Send a dropship to my position now" the Zerahian Commander sent a dropship to get Rtas and went back to the command cruiser and ordered all Zerahian starships to enter orbit and go back to Korban as Guardian fleets in orbit were making sure that no Zerahian ship gets through their blockade, the Zerahians on the surface were surrendering as Delta Force troops arrested them and took them in for questioning as the Korban fleets above just rammed the Guardians ships for Loki's ship to get through as Rtas' ship got through and opened a space portal, for the Zerahian ships that were close, to Korban and rearm and regroup for the next invasion, the Guardians on the surface slowly rebuilt the city of Royalton for the people, the people on Mars wanted a new military to keep watch on Mars because if the Guardians and the Delta Force couldn't keep the Zerahians from getting through then a new military force was demended to take over for them as a new military was organized by the Mars Security Service, calling the new military the; Republic of Mars, the RoM organized their own Navy and Army for the role of Mars' military and came up with the Paris-class heavy cruiser and the Texas-class assault cruiser along with the Armstrong-class heavy frigate and lastly the Anderson-class light frigate and their star fighters and bombers were aircraft used by the US Air Force and the RoM upgraded those aircraft for orbit combat or security like the A10 Warthog but they called it the; A10X4 Fighter along with a heavy more powerful version such as the A40 Heavy fighter, for bombers they used the old F-117 Nighthawk bomber but renamed it after they upgraded it, calling them the; F-118A4 bomber which was rebuilt for orbit and a heavy version of it; F-501X Stealth bomber which was designed after the Stealth Bomber used by the US Air Force in their final days of the last war on Earth before the breaking, the Republic of Mars built an entire ship yard station around Mars which formed a ring like station, it was a command station, a shipyard, a ship repair station, a ship upgrading station and lastly was also a defense platform which had massive twin barrelled cannons mounted almost 4 miles away from each other and with heavy AA turrets in between them, star fighter and supply freighter hangers were also built 6 miles away from each other, the station's ship yard docking areas were full of Republic ships, mainly were there because the crew of those ships were boarding the ships and getting their fleet ready for security positions around the orbit of Mars, Guardian supply freighters came in and out of the station's hangers, the Republic really didn't mind Guardians or Delta Force crew members on the station at all, it was like they were partners but they weren't, Rtas Loki found the 2nd Ring on Mars the last minute before the Guardians fleet destroyed his, the Mars Government Union told the Guardians that the Eclipse Construction Corporation was going to take over the reconstruction on the city of Royalton so the Guardians agreed and most of the Guardians went back to Mordor, Wallace was at the ruins of Guardians fortress and was looking to see Rtas Loki's dead body, just making sure that he was truly dead because if he still lives on then the galaxy won't be at peace at all with him doing surprise attacks and stealth bombings as soon as Wallace was upon the location where Rtas fell with the pillar, he looked down and never saw his body so he went down to see but never found his body, he saw a small trail of blood leading to the door where the Ring was supposed to be and saw the doors were broken like someone just blew right through them as if they were paper walls, Wallace continued down to where the Ring was, going down all those 20 floors were getting hot because of the heat that the planets core had, once he got to the buttom he saw the ring gone and finally realized that these attacks weren't conducted to criple the Guardians grip, it was to distract them so Rtas can get the rings, Wallace rushed topside and called in a Orbital Hawk to pick him up to take him to his ship the Enforcement of Justice, as soon as he got on he ordered the pilots to make a slip space jump to Mordor as he called in every member of the Guardian Council back to Mordor because He had a plan in case Loki makes another attack to a Guardian controlled planet, when everyone of the Guardians Council came together for the meeting that Wallace organized, he started off by saying "I know why Loki made these attacks, He's going after the Rings of Power and if he finds the rest of the 8 then he'll be unstoppable and no one, not even me would be able to stop him" Gary said in response "Then we need to prepare large defense fleets for our planets because if he gets those rings then this galaxy will be enslaved by him and anyone wanting to live will bow to his wishes without any thought" another Council member said in response "If this is his intentions then we must make all necessary preparations if we are to deny Loki access to these rings but we need to advance in our military technology level by harvesting minerals, I say we return to Earth and see if it has the necessary minerals we need to advance in military power" Wallace back in response to his request "I agree, we'll return to Earth and harvest minerals but not of us can go because if the Council all gets infected with whatever is down on the surface then the Order would have no leaders to lead them" some of the Council members stayed at Mordor and some went back to where they were before they were called back to Mordor, Wallace and some of the Council members who wanted to see Earth went to broken wasteland like planet as soon the ship came out of the slip space portal, all they saw was a planet darkned by the ashes, smoke and garbage covering the skies, the Guardians fleet over at the moon asked why they were here, Wallace told them and was told that the people at the moon base had something they'd like to show to them so they went to see what it was, the Delta Force commander was telling Wallace that they were building a portal to the surface of the Earth from the Moon so any ship wouldn't have to go through the debris and get damaged, Wallace asked how they got the receiver portal on the surface, they said that they had an unloaded and empty ship go down and build the portal and link it to the one on the moon and was successful in doing so, the other Council members were talking away with each other while Wallace was talking with the Delta Force officers and soldiers, Wallace was telling the soldiers "Ok troops, I and the other Council members need to advance in military power so we're going to Earth to harvest minerals thats if there is any left on the surface, but we're going to harvest what we can only, I am getting the Miners Corporation down here to do so while you marines will act as Security and I will tell you your security positions once we get down there, now any questions?" one of the privates asked "If we're going as Security then who would be down there?, why would there be any hostile force?" Wallace answered the private's question "Thats a very good question Private which is why I am gonna tell you now, we don't know if there is any hostile force but we need you just in case there is, now then Marines, go get you gear because you're the ones who are going first to secure an area around the portal" as the soldiers went to get their gear, weapons and ammo, Wallace went to call in the Miners Corporation to come to the Moon of Earth for their new assignment, the Miners accepted the offer by the Guardians and sent one of their best Digging units down to help them, as they arrived the Delta Force soldiers went through the portal to secure an area around it for the Guardians and the Miners, the area around the portal was largely exposed as it was built in the middle of a field with mountains surrounding the area so one of the soldiers said the area was clear of anything that might affect the Miners equipment or gear, everyone was wearing an oxygen mask because the space air from orbit has touched the surface, making it that you need an oxygen to breath, the Miners started the digging while the Delta Force soldiers set up a command post with a comms tower, a small field barracks and a storage tent for additional equipment and such, there was sniper nests set up around the Miners digging area and Heavy MG nests as well as Infantry patrols, the Guardians went back and forth from Earth to the moon, just to check on things like Loki or another invasion, the Republic of Mars had dig sites all around Mars, all approved by the Mars Government Union, the Miners Corporation wasn't called for the Mars dig sites instead the Union called the Eclipse Construction Corporation to do so because they were a Corporation that was set up and organized on Mars back in 2108, the Republic was advancing their military power because if Loki ever returned to Mars then they'll be ready for full combat, the Miners found a lot of old military war machines while digging such as a Confederate AA Tank that was used in the Second American Civil back in the year of 2010, they found another tank but it was a tank that belonged to the 501st Corporation and in that tank, they found a lot of files stating that a 'James Johnson' was working with the third leader of North Korea but the cooperation between them was broke after the North Korean leader was double crossed by Johnson, the tank appeared to be a carrier tank for Johnson himself and a few other command leaders within the 501st Corp, the Guardians had no way of getting any ship or vehicle down on the surface of Earth because of the garbage blocking the atomshpere so if they want vehicles or aircraft then they're gonna have to build a Factory and an Aircraft station to do so but the supplies to build these were limited due to the terrain of Earth and the gravity as the Miners digged and digged, they only found a small amount of the minerals that they were looking for but that amount wasn't enough so they asked the Miners to call in more of their mining units to increase the chance of finding more and decrease the chance of finding old rusted war machines but Wallace kept some of those machines that they found for his own reasons and so he did, it was 4 bad weeks, they digged and digged and only found a number of 300 minerals for upgrading so they extended the operation by bringing in more of the Miners and more Delta Force soldiers, the Command post was now somewhat a medium to large sized command post with a Field Hospital because some of the Miners happen to injury themselves, three large Barracks for more troops, 16 Storage tents because of the increased supplies of the additional Miners unit, an Armory and a larger comms tower, the Snipers nests were moved to better positions and the Heavy MG nests were also moved to better locations, the Republic began production of new starships as such the new Republic Aircraft Carrier and the Republic Assault Carrier, the Assault varient of the Carrier didn't have a starfighter hanger instead they built a lot more gun placements for major firepower at the expense of speed and heavy shielding, the Aircraft varient had a regular amount of guns as a Heavy Frigate but with a large hanger area for Starfighters and Light Frigates at the expense of heavy firepower, they also had built a lot more new vehicles as well as new Starfighters, the Republic was 2 tech levels higher then the Guardians and the Delta Force so the Mars Government Union sent a small fleet to the Moon to help the Guardians, Wallace then went to see the leaders of the Union and the Republic to set up an alliance so that the military power would be larger then the Korban Empire meanwhile Loki on the other hand had built Shipyards all around Korban and the other moons and planets he had control of and amassed a fleet of over 200 ships with 500 more on the way and just what he was going to do with these ships was to try and take the Milky Way galaxy for himself, Loki's army of Zerahians was growing larger and larger as the Voltar Families were slowly growing his empire on Zerah, that planet was going to be the first planet that Loki was going to take control of because the Zerahians still had shipyards but they were being used by Delta Force naval crew members and he wanted their power to build more big and powerful ships, Loki had set his eyes on a handful of planets to take so he organized each and every fleet to have at least 13 ships along with ground forces for invasions while Wallace was busy on Earth, he was unaware of everything that Loki planned out, Loki wanted to get rid of the Guardians so that they wouldn't get in his way, Loki was on the road to power and he wasn't going to slow down for anything or anyone, the Republic of Mars and the Mars Union leaders agreed to become partners with the Guardians and the Delta Force in case Loki or anyone would assault another planet with his army of corrupted Zerahians, the Voltar families were gaining the loyalty of Zerah slowly and just when they get the full loyalty of the planet then they will all follow Loki as their leader and as their new God who has saved them from the rampage of the Guardians, at least that is what Loki is making it look like, with the Republic, the Union with the Guardians and the Delta Force together as one military then Loki would be up against 4 powers but the Union wasn't really a military all they were was just well a Union who controls most of the operations that go down, the Union controlled Mars, the dig sites, the Eclipse Construction Corporation, the Mars Security Service, the Mars Weapons Engineering Companies, the Mars Vehicle and Aircraft Corporations and the Mars Military Courts even the Mars Planetary Council, Mars was turned into somewhat a new Earth, people in the Milky Way galaxy called Mars; New Earth or Second Earth because of how it turned out to be, it was exactly like the old Earth, the governments, the army but just had no countries or states, the water supply of Mars was being brought by the Mars Security Service and organized by the Mars Planetary Council but the chains of these groups were all linked to the top and that top being the Mars Government Union, they controlled money, power and the planet, after Wallace was able to get the Union and the Republic to become partners with the Order and the Delta Force things changed around on Guardian controlled worlds, more troops from the Republic shipped into those worlds, Loki was ready for war and if its war then Loki would be the one to start it and Loki had a great plan and that plan was to train every single Zerahian in hand to hand combat also make them embrace the power of the Darkness but Wallace thought of something, he saw the Zerahians were good enough to embrace the Will of Light and asked Gary to speak with Riah and the other leaders of Zerah to try and get permission to get every Zerahian male to embrace the Will of Light so they can protect their home, Gary saw this as a major plan but not a battle plan so he went to the leader of the Voltar Crime Families and told them about this plan and after Gary left, they told Loki about it and Loki made a change of plans instead of training them, he was going to expoit Wallace's plan and corrupt the Zerahians to once and for all back stab every human Guardian in the milky way galaxy so that his plan to finding the Rings of Power will be more easier without Guardians.

Chapter 3: Mars taking over?, oh please they wouldn't dare.

After successfully completing his plan, Rtas was able to corrupt the Zerahians who had become Guardians and had told them about a plan to once and for all wipe out the entire Guardian Council and warriors from existence, meanwhile the Mars Union Government started a group and the purpose of the group was to remove all Guardian force from Mars, New Harmony, Mordor, Zerah, from the Milky Way galaxy completely because most of the Mars Union were the leaders from Earth and they saw that the Guardians were bringing war instead of Peace like they said they were going to bring, with Loki invading planets and priates coming together, the Guardians had to be removed from the galaxy or Humanity will truly be extinct from the actions of the Guardians, the group that the Union formed was supposed be like an Assassin group to assassinate the Guardians one by one when they're alone without anyone else around and they were called; the Shadows, an supposingly elite unit trained under the command of one of the Republic's best and elite Drill Sergeant they had, the Guardians were successful in mining minerals from the surface of Earth and sent the minerals they found back to the shipyards at Mordor to begin production of the new warships that Wallace and Gary came up with and the first one was the new and large; Guardian Aircraft Assault Carrier which carried about 200 Star-fighters and 20 Light frigates, another ship was being built and that was the new; Guardian Heavy Frigate, built to retire and/or replace the Light Frigate, unlike the Armstrong class Heavy Frigate, this one had normal shielding along with a normal amount of gun placements and even a mega MAC pulse cannon at the bow of the ship, making it the only ship in the Guardian fleet that had a cannon mounted on it, there was also the new; Guardian Assault Gunship, which was a modified version of the Orbital Hawk but this upgraded version had more room for troops and medium laser cannons mounted on both sides along with rapid fire laser blasters on the front of the ship for the pilot and lastly was the new; Guardian Assault Frigate which held everything the Heavy Frigate had but without the Mega MAC Pulse, and could carry about 20 Star Fighters and that was every new ship that Wallace and Gary came up with, Loki always went to the Voltar Families to see if they knew anything new about the Guardians and they always told him that the Guardians were moving around a lot lately but never knew the location of Wallace or any of the Councillors due to the strict information by Gary because he knew that Bosk was a little different since the last time he saw him, Bosk never had the angerish voice in his voice anymore after what Loki did to him and the rest of the Families and Gary was noticing that he was different, the Shadows were watching every Guardian they found and were waiting for the right time to assassinate them but the ones they never found was Wallace nor Gary, the Republic went around the galaxy to find Guardian fleets and take up extra security positions in orbit above Guardian controlled worlds and Delta Force worlds as well, Loki was unaware of the plan that the Union came up with, Wallace was also unaware of it but Wallace was focusing more the construction of his Aircraft Assault Carrier and it was the only one built in its class, Wallace named it; Angel's Justice, he planned to use it as his new flagship, the Enforcement of Justice was passed down to Gary and Gary made some minor changes to it, adding Heavy Shielding and replacing some of the smaller guns for the room for the shield generator and adding advanced targeting systems for the auto turrets as well as upgrading the heavy turbo cannons to ultra heavy for massive effect on enemy warships, last thing he added was enhanced engines for speed at the expense of mobility, the Angel's Justice was the largest ship in the Guardian fleet and was the only ship that could carry 200 star fighters and 20 light frigates altogether, Loki sent Defilers to Guardian controlled worlds for corruption like Black Markets for stealing tech from the Republic or the Guardians, Piracy for gaining the loyalty of Republic and Guardian ships, Bribery for bribing the officials of both the Republic and Guardians to pass by the planet's orbit without being stopped, Pricing for the prices of the ships for the Guardians to be increased by 40% and that 40% goes to Loki but he never cared about money, Spies for getting information about Guardian movements and plans and lastly Racketeering for when Loki destroys Republic or Guardian ships, he gets the money for the scrap collected, Rtas sent a Defiler to Mordor for a Spies operation because he wanted to get the information he wanted fast and quick so that it would help plan his next move but his next move was obivous, he was going to send ships to Guardian controlled worlds to begin the galactic war, meanwhile the Union was busy making their plans to remove the Guardians from power so that they will actually bring peace to the Milky Way galaxy, Rtas was also curious about what the Republic of Mars had so he sent a Defiler to Mars for a Spies operation to gain information on the Republic and if what he finds is good then Loki was gonna set up a new operation based on what he finds out, the Guardians were too spread out across the Milky Way for the Republic to try and remove them so they had to wait until their fleet was big enough for that kind of operation, the Miners on Earth were finding 20 Minerals an hour on Earth for upgrading their tech level and to build more ships with the minerals they collected from digging, they supplies for building vehicle and aircraft factories were successfully built on the surface of Earth and without them floating away into orbit, they were put 12 meters into the ground and Orbital Hawks searched beyond the mountains to see if there was any other place to dig because where the portal was built was the only place they found minerals, the more the miners found old military tech left by 501st and Confederate forces were taken by Wallace and were stored away in one of Wallace's secret storage facilities somewhere near Mordor and the surrounding planets in that area, Wallace researched these old rusted machines and vehicles to try and find out their origins, their origins are from earth alright but from which government or military from earth, the more they found, the more Wallace's storage space was being used up and the more he spent in his research facilities with the people he trusted with the locations of those facilities, Wallace secretly was in love with Ashley Tachibana as he is a person who believes in love at first sight but Ashley never felt this way because she was an independent woman who focused more on what she was doing at the moment, Wallace's love for her was growing and the more he wanted to confess his love for, the more he got nervous and lost sight of what he was supposed to be doing, Loki had successfully set up a Spies operation on Mordor and found out that there were Guardians on broken planet of Earth and also that the Guardians had an alliance with both the Republic of Mars and the Mars Government Union so what he did was plan carefully, he sent one of his defilers to Mars to set up a few operations and those operations having a Black Market, Spies Op, Pricing, Piracy and Racketeering being set up in order to try and slow down the Republic's ship production and upgrading process as the defiler successfully had these set up, Loki was able to traval to the planet without any of his ships that had the Korban Empire symbol on it, the unarmed light frigate he used to go to Mars was targeted as a civilian transport, he bought some stolen tech from the Republic with the help of the Black Market, also got some of the Republic's Light Frigates on his side at the blockade defense of Mars orbit with the help of the Piracy operation and the prices of the ship production were increased by 40% for the Republic and that 40% was going to Rtas' military budget with the help of the Pricing operation but since he didn't care about the gems or money, he was storing them away from future use, after finding out that the Republic was two tech levels higher then the Guardians, he focused more on getting technology from the Republic instead of the Guardians or the Delta Force, with the female Zerahians giving birth to more and more males, his troops counter was climbing and climbing higher, the current amount of Zerahians he had were above 10,000,000 and that number was getting larger with more new born Zerahians, the Voltar crime families were slowly getting more and more Guardian Zerahian knights into the service of Rtas Loki for his plan to bring the Guardians down to their knees, the Republic were building more and more ships for their quest to remove the Guardians from power and control of the Milky Way galaxy, the Guardians on the other hand never knew of this plot by the Union or Loki's plan but what they were focusing more on was the tech level and the safety of Mordor and New Harmony, President Angel, leader of the Mars Government Union and head commissioner of the Union along side a few others who were leaders, Angel was a strong and powerful leader within the government of Mars, the only Republic Aircraft Carrier was his flagship and named it; the Presidency of the Union, Loki moved his assault fleets to invade the planets that were defended by Guardian fleets and begin the war that was probably going to last years or until Loki finds the Rings of Power to begin his throne as Emperor of the Galaxy, with the fleets moved into Guardian controlled planets, Zerahian troops were organized by Loki's second in command; Ruka Varanee who was a Zerahian that Rtas befriended on Zerah, also the one of the two last known Varanee family members with Gary Varanee the other one, Gary's real name was Uriah Ven, with the troops organized the frigates carring them were only fitted with two laser cannons on each side, Guardians across the galaxy were reporting that they were under attack on a galactic scale and Wallace and the rest of Guardians Council reacted on this and sent reinforcement fleets to the defending planets, with Rtas starting a war with the Guardians had made an impact with the Republic of Mars and the Union ending their alliance with the Guardians and began to execute Guardians and Delta Force crew members on the Home of the Republic Military command station and heavily defended Mars with the fleet they had built also with the ground troops being ready if any enemy troops get a foot hold on the surface, the Republic fleets that were sent to Guardian controlled worlds were also ordered to fire on Guardian class starships to cripple their power and control, Wallace and President Angel were enemies of one another, with three military powers fighting, the Korban Empire sent an invasion fleet to Zerah because Loki wanted to make use of their shipyards, Zerah was an important world to both the Guardians and Rtas because Rtas had Zerahian troops and the Guardians had Gary Varanee and Zerahian Knights and with the Republic of Mars only having one planet and the moons around it, they weren't going to take part in this war but still wanted to remove the Guardians from control and power because of the peace they lied about that never came, Republic fleets were destroyed by Guardian ships and/or Korban Empire warships but still they remained a treat to the Korban Empire as they were 2 tech levels higher then the Order but with little too know amount of warships, they weren't prepared for war but they boosted up their production of warships with President Angel removing all those who weren't able to work and build for free but still were given food and rest for energy, Earth became a very important planet for the Guardians Navy and the Delta Force Commission as it was the home of their mining operations and old war machines research supply, with a lot of old military war machines found they provided great use after being rebuilt with the technology that the Guardians had and learning more about how powerful they were in the old wars that no one really knew about, a search team found a lot of old war machines in the city of Vancouver in the wasteland of Canada and Wallace rushed over there to collect the rusted machines for research and reproduction to use in the war that had just started also finding that the city of Vancouver was the last known location of James Johnson himself and that he may still be living among the people who escaped the Breaking of Earth and finding out that he may be over 100 years old but that was all theory and guesses until they actually find him as Wallace ordered Delta Force soldiers to search for Johnson and see if he has any relatives that may know where he is or if they are living with him currently, as the Delta Force searched the war got closer and closer to Earth as Loki wanted Earth for his own reasons and more importantly, wanted every Zerahian on Zerah to join him on his journey to power, he sent a fleet of 9 ships to Zerah along with 4 troop carriers, the Republic were really busy building more warships on the command station and on the ground, a Korban Empire fleet of 14 ships went to Mars for a take over operation but what Loki never knew what that the command station had was big twin barrelled cannons and heavy AA turrets mounted on it so when his fleet came through the slip space portal, the big cannons fired upon his ships and launching all star fighters in that fleet to try and weaken their defense's for the troop carriers to get by but the heavy AA turrets knocked out the fighters as the Republic sent their ships to help in that section of the station, Angel later sent his ship; the Presidency to take out Loki's fleet as his ship launched almost every fighter in the hanger, Loki then sent more and more ships to Mars, the Guardians heard of the siege and sent a small fleet of 4 heavy frigates to weaken the grip of Loki's forces for the Republic to finish them off, the Guardians weren't going to attack any Republic force or fleet but will still defend if they attack one of their planets same went with the Delta Force, if Republic attacks then they'll just use defensive tactics only to destroy them, Loki wanted to put his lust for the Rings aside to focus on killing the Guardians and Wallace then afterwards will search their temples and fortress' for the Rings, New Harmony was under attack by Korban Empire fleets and Wallace knew that where Ashley was so he rushed there with the Angel's Justice to make sure that nothing happen to her, Gary's Enforcement of Justice was at the Moon of Earth being outfitted with the minor upgrades he made to the ship while he took command of the mining forces on the surface of the broken planet, cities across the Earth's surface were standing tall but the metal holding them up were rusting as were growing weak making the building; unenterable so no one, not even little children could not set a foot on the building, otherwise it'll go down, destroying whatever is close which is mostly other tall buildings, as the Angel's Justice arrived above New Harmony orbit the first sight Wallace saw was two fleets fighting it out above the planet's surface and Wallace told one of the crew members to open comms to see who's winning so he did "This is Alpha 3-4, we are beginning our bomber run over" "This is the GNSS Intervention, our shields won't last long against those crusier's mass drivers, we are in need of assistance to any available fighter squad near our position" "This is Bravo 5-0, Negative on that Intervention, we have our own problems right now, sorry" "This is the GNSS Armstrong, We have lost our main hanger bay, I repeat we have lost our main hanger over" "This is starship command to the Armstrong, I suggest you retreat and find a repair station over" "This is the Armstrong, copy that Command, we're heading for a safe position over" "This is the GNSS Peacekeeper, our shields are going down fast, I repeat our shields are failing over" "This is the GNSS Father of Invention, our laser cannons have been destroyed over" Wallace heard more and more radio chatter, Wallace sent a transmission to all the Guardian warships in the area "This is the Angel's Justice to all ships, I repeat the Angel's Justice to all Guardian class ships, I need a clear path to the planet's surface, any crusier, frigate, bomber or fighter squadron kind enough to help clear a path then that'll be helpful" some ship captains in the area agreed to clear a path for the Angel's Justice to the surface while Wallace launched every fighter, bomber and light frigate from the hanger to assist the fleet fighting out the Korban warships as one of the captains reported that a lot of troop carrier looking ships got past the blockade with the help of corrupted Delta Force crew members, as soon as Wallace heard about that, he told all ships to clear a path for him because he knew Ashley would be in danger and some of the Guardians with him there, started to notice and feel a lingering emotion around him and that Wallace was starting to develop feelings and love emotions for Ashley which was not a good sign, a Guardian takes an oath upon becoming a Guardian of the Galaxy and that oath is to never love or feel any type of emotion for anyone whatsoever, even if it was family, mother, father, brother or sister, they were told to not develop any feelings like that, Wallace himself came up with that oath and it seemed that he was breaking it by the emotions he has for Ashley, the commanding Guardian on the surface was Yuri Loki, Yuri was one of Rtas' cousins and Yuri was with him during the Breaking of Earth but they lost each other when the Guardians transported everyone off world, they were both on different ships each and the ship that Yuri was on, Wallace offered him to become a Guardian of the Galaxy and have the power from the Will of Light, Yuri questioned Wallace about the Will of Light and Wallace told him "The Will of Light is what brings the power of Light to our hands, we were chosen to protect humanity and with this power, we're able to control our surroundings and feelings" Yuri then agreed becoming a Guardian but still thought of his cousin, Rtas Loki, the Angel's Justice was halfway through the battle in orbit until one of Korban Empire's Assault Cruiser's rammed into the hull of the Carrier, causing the ship to free fall down to the planet's surface, while the ship was in free fall the gravity generator broke and powered down, making the crew fly around the rooms, hallways and hanger, some being crushed by large objects and/or vehicles but most were just injured with broken arms, broken legs and bleeding nose's or lips, Wallace and the Guardians with him made their way to an escape pod during the free fall process and it was really hard trying to get through all the debris and crates in the way, Guardians and Korban troops on the surface looked up and saw the carrier coming down from right above them and started to retreat to save themselves from the crash as Wallace and the Guardians successully made it to an escape pod, they ejected from the ship as Wallace looked out the pod's door window to have a final look at his flagship which was destroyed in its first fight against enemy ships, when the ship rammed into the surface, a lot of houses were destroyed but luckily those houses were empty and no one was hurt, the Guardians and the Delta Force took everyone to Firebase; Guardian, Firebase Guardian was a base that was set up by the Delta Force and was fortified with weapons of defense and offense, Wallace and the two Guardians crash landed near the warzone and saw Korban Empire troop carriers holding positions not far from the Guardians temple, Rtas Loki ordered that temple to be destroyed and when the Guardians are killed and removed from power then Loki will search the temple ruins for the Ring, Wallace heard a lot of comm chatter on his comlink "This is Metal 0-5 to all Delta Force in the area, Firebase Guardian is under attack by Zerahian forces and we are in need of assistance now" "This is Delta 7-4, we are nearby and we are ready to assist you Metal 0-5, send us our objective and we'll get it done before any reinforcements arrive" "Metal 0-5 to Delta 7-4, take up defensive positions around the borders of the base walls" "Delta 7-4 comfirms orders and are moving towards the given positions" Wallace knew the voice of Metal 0-5 and asked "Sergeant Jerry come in, this is Guardian Wallace Jenkins" Tom Jerry responded "Jenkins, its been awhile since we last spoke with each other General" Wallace asked "Do you remember Ashley Tachibana?, the woman we rescued on Mars?" Tom responded "Yeah, well kinda but not that much" Wallace responded "Did you happen to see her anywhere" Tom told Wallace that he spotted a woman who was captured by Zerahian soldiers, Wallace knew that was Ashley because the Zerahian Fleet Admiral, Ruka Varanee, knew that she was close to him but in reality, they weren't that close to each other because they had only just met each other on Mars and went their own ways afterwards, Ruka questioned and threaten Ashley for an hour "Tell us what you know about this flith?" as Ruka showed Ashley the picture of Wallace, Ashley responded to his question "I don't know that much about him, I had only just met him when you destroyed Mars like you did to Harmony!" Ruka punched the wall beside her head and said "You'd be dead by now if Rtas Loki didn't want you alive, filth" Ashley had a feeling that she was really going die this time since Wallace or no Guardians were around, Ashley had a lot of thoughts in her head and with the Will of Light, Wallace could somehow hear those thoughts as she thought them in her head, Wallace then stopped to what he was doing and was confused and wondered what those thoughts and voices were, Wallace then found out that there was a lot more to the Will of Power then he or the Guardians knew about and later found out that those thoughts and voices were coming from Ashley's head and Wallace knew she was really in danger because her thoughts were saying that she was about to die by a Zerahian right in front of her, Wallace then rushed towards the sounds of her thoughts as the more closer he got, the more louder the thoughts were getting, Ruka finally returned with a holo projector and Rtas was on Korban when the projector activated and projected his body form "Ah Ashley Anderson Tachibana, I know that we couldn't meet in person but I found it more better if I stayed on Korban which is where you'll be going once Ruka finds the 3rd Ring for my collection, Ruka did you find any Guardians?" Ruka responded "No Loki, but we may have reason to believe that this human knows the leader of the Guardians, Wallace J. Thomas" Rtas answered "Wallace is a powerful warrior with the Will of Light but with you embracing the Darkness then he'll be outmatched as a matter in fact, I sent you my loyal Body Guards who have embraced the Darkness, they are elite warriors with this power, they'll make sure that Wallace will be knocked out" Ruka asked "And what do we do when he is knocked out?" Rtas answered "Bring him to Korban and we'll make him talk" Ruka agreeingly nodding his head and planned to use Ashley as bait to lure him into a trap where Loki's guards would then toss something large at Wallace, they were unaware of the other Guardians with Wallace as well so as Wallace procecced where Ashley's thoughts were coming, he saw her in the middle of large open area that was cleared out, he took the blind fold off her head and her first thought when she saw Wallace was that he returned for her, Ashley at this time began to develop a little feelings and liking for Wallace because that he had returned to New Harmony to once again save her from death, Wallace heard the thought she had and began to feel a little relieved that she was beginning to feel the same about Wallace as one of Loki's guards tossed a large object at Wallace and Ashley, Wallace reacted and one of the other Guardians jumped to get them outta the way but the Guardian was only to grab Ashley and Wallace was hit from the object that was thrown at him, the other Guardian told Ashley to stay put while they check on Wallace, Ashley agreed to stay put, Wallace tried to get up but one of Loki's guards picked him up with the power of the Darkness and said "Ah, Wallace Jenkins Thomas, finally get to kill you but no I won't kill you right now, first our master wants to talk with you then we'll kill you" Wallace answered with weak power "I...will with...your lead-leader, I-I'd rather d-die" as he lift up his hand and used the weak power he had to push away the Zerahian holding him up, Wallace fell on the ground again, one of the Guardians came and asked "Master, are you alright?" the other Guardian made sure that Loki's guards wouldn't strike as Ruka shot the defending Guardian from the distance with a Zerahian high powerful sniper rifle, Wallace answered the Guardian "I am alright, just make sure Ashley is" the other Guardian was killed by Ruka from a distance, Wallace got up and ran as fast as he could until he got out of range from Ruka's sight, he looked for Ashley but Ashley ran for help when she saw the Guardians die, Wallace couldn't hear her thoughts anywhere near because she was too far away from him, Wallace had thoughts that she was in danger, Metal 0-5 defended Firebase Guardian and saw Ashley running towards them, yelling "Help!" Tom realized that it was Ashley and knew that Wallace was in trouble, he ordered Metal 0-4, Metal 0-3 and Metal 0-2 to fall in behind 0-5, Wallace continued to look for Ashley but he was slow because of the pillar that Loki's guard tossed at him earlier, Ruka sent 4 squads of 18 Zerahian soldiers to search and bring back Wallace unarmed and alive for his escort to the heart of the Zerahian power, the Orion's Arm which most is in Korban Empire control and power, Metal 0-5 got Ashley to a safe location and they went to rescue Wallace from the Zerahian Fleet Admiral; Ruka Varanee, after fighting through the 4 squads Metal 0-5 didn't find Wallace anywhere so they tried his comlink but was broken when the pillar hit Wallace's arm, Wallace tried to listen to the thoughts of anyone nearby but no one was near, Metal 0-5, 0-4, 0-3 and 0-2 searched everywhere as Delta 4-3 was in bound to their location was a Guardian Assault Gunship, full with Delta Force infantry and two Guardians from the temple on Mordor as they were dropped off they went to where Metal 0-5 was reporting Zerahian infantry and the fleet admiral Ruka Varanee, Wallace passed out in the middle of a long hallway in which he was too tired to go any further, while passed out Wallace was found by Zerahian infantry and took him straight to Ruka who was waiting with a stolen Guardian Assault Gunship and took him to the nearby Korban Assault Frigate; the Corrupter, which was a modified buffed up heavily armed version of the regular Assault Frigate, also with its heavy firepower, its main hanger had to be removed for heavy pulse mass drivers and a vast collection of heavy turbo laser cannons along side the ships hull and enhanced engine systems with ultra shielding that was able to devert all the power in the ship to its shields for massive protection against laser and soild projectiles, aboard the Corrupter was a cell room which was made entirely for Wallace, after getting Wallace aboard the Corrupter, they made an instant departure back to Korban, flying through the battling fleets in orbit, the Corrupter just went past every ship as if it was just empty space, a slip space portal opened and during Corrupters path to open space, one of the ARC-115 Fighters said that there was a ship atemptting to bug out as the pilot was ordered to fire a tracking device on it before it bugs out so they can find where the reinforcements were coming from, the pilot successfully fired the device as soon as the ship went through the portal, Guardians on the surface reported that an Assault Frigate was coming up and that Wallace was on it and the fighter pilot who shot the tracking device said he had a fired a tracking device onto the ship before it went through the portal, arriving at Korban the Corrupter made its way down to the surface and to Rtas' Temple of Power, Fear and Corruption, Wallace awoke in the cell and wondered where he was and remembered he had to save Ashley but he wasn't sure where he was and Ruka himself opened the cell door and he had a crystal that was able to remove all power from both the Will of Light and Darkness, Ruka used the resistant crystal to prevent Wallace from using the Will of Light and he was basically a civillian with that crystal injected inside of him, Ruka took Wallace to the private hanger where Ruka's stolen Guardian Gunship was waiting for them, they left the Corrupter's private hanger and Wallace saw 100s of warships, fighters and infantry on the ground below them and what really caught his eye was the 5 Aircraft class Carrier starships that were holding position above Rtas' temple and Wallace knew that he was going to die but with the tracking device on the Corrupter, the Delta Force and Gary were planning a rescue mission to get Wallace off Korban and back into the seat of Grand Master of the Order, Ruka and Wallace arrived at Rtas' temple and went straight to where Loki was, there was alot of Zerahian Honor Death Guards around the temple and some of them looked at Wallace as if they wanted to kill him when they saw him but Ruka made sure that Wallace was unharmed at least until that Loki does what he wants to him first then will probably allow his guards to kill him afterwards, Gary, Guardians and the Delta Force fleet commanders discussed the rescue plan for getting Wallace off Korban but they had to plan very carefully because they were unaware of what Loki had above Korban and they thought of several things about what was in orbit above the planet, most of their thoughts were mostly about a large undefeatable fleet and a large undestructable battle station but they were wrong, all Loki had above Korban was a fleet that was able to withstand major attacks and several shipyards along with several defense platforms, since they were unaware they sent a drone to scout out and see what was really there but they were in for a surprise because Loki sent 4 of those carriers to join the fleet above, the drone was launched and was on its way to Korban via a rocket pod that was shot from the Enforcement of Justice from a planet, Tarrance, that was close to Korban and Tarrance being home to the native species, Mon Terriann, they were a race that had a reptile-like body build with a beak and they were really organized, with the Guardians declaring control of the galaxy then they would have to work and/or cooperate with the Natives on those planets, thats if the planets had natives living on them, once the rocket pod was in Korban space, the drone was deployed and the feed was good, Gary saw a large number of warships but it wasn't a very large fleet like they thought but when they saw the 4 carriers come from the surface then their hopes of rescuing Wallace were destroyed but they still needed to rescue Wallace from Loki and Gary took the seat of Grand Master of the Order for this rescue mission, he organized a fleet of 4 Heavy Assault Cruisers, 18 Heavy Frigates and 24 Assault Frigates along with 500,000 troops of Delta Force and 5 Guardians for the ground invasion force, the ground force was gonna be called in after the orbit above Korban is secured by the fleet, Gary was telling the plan to the fleet commanders, fleet captains and pilot squadron leaders "Ok I have brought you all here for a rescue mission, Wallace was captured by Loki and was taken to a planet within the Orion's Arm and that planet is Korban, from what we learned, my race was partners with Korbanians but that was years ago maybe 1000s but what matters is that we take out these carriers" As Gary showed them the feed from the drone "These carriers are whats standing in between us and Wallace, fighter squadron leaders this is your objective; escort A10 Assault Heavy Bombers for their bombing runs on the carriers and you have to use only ARC-119 Heavy Fighters because these traitous brothers of mine are using ships and star fighters of the Old Royal Army of Zerah, since my leaders focused on shielding more then firepower, they'll be weak but their shields will be strong and thats where the ARC-119 fighter comes in, they'll be used to take out the shields and warships faster then the regular ARC star fighters" one of the squadron leaders asked "Why can't the Republic of Mars help us?, don't they have an Aircraft Carrier?" another pilot squadron leader said "Yeah, can't they help us out?, I thought we had an alliance with them" Gary answered both of them "The Republic has one alright but they ended the alliance after the attacks of Loki began so we're on our own on this, fleet captains and fleet commanders, this is your objective; Ensure that you distract the carriers attention in order for the bombers to have a successful bombing run and when the shields on those carriers are down, you'll turn all fire that carrier because there's no point to firing on the carrier when its shields are up, once the carriers are down the fleet will clear up any warship left in the area and then the ground force will continue this mission while you maintain orbit control, got it?" everyone agreed Gary said one last thing "Remember, we're striking at the heart of the Korban Empire and the Darkness, don't let anything get in between you and your objective" as everyone went to get ready, some of the Guardians asked Gary "Master, do you really think we'll be able to pull this off?" Gary answered "I don't know but I have faith that we'll get Wallace off Korban" Rtas tortued Wallace, tossing him around everytime Wallace refused telling him about the Rings of Power and their locations "TELL ME WHERE THOSE RINGS ARE!" Wallace still refused him and said "I'd rather die then tell you" Rtas tossed him again but this time Wallace broke his leg upon ramming into the wall, Wallace yelled in pain and the other Zerahians just laughed as he showed pain, Ruka asked Loki while pointing his gun at Wallace's head "Can I kill him now my Lord?" Rtas told him to stand down and let him do all the work "If you won't tell me then maybe I can get Ashley to tell me instead, hmm?, maybe I'll torture her until you tell me" Wallace looked at Loki as if he wanted to run at him and just punch him until he dies but he couldn't because of his leg, Wallace saw this as the end of his life, Wallace was saying in his head "Mother, Father, once I am complete, I'll join you in the heavens above with the peace I sought to bring to everyone but I failed you regretably and I am sorry" Rtas picked him up again and was gonna toss him to break his other leg but before he could do that, three unknown figures jumped out of the shadows and attacked Loki with their blades but Rtas reacted quickly and dropped Wallace and ran from the area with his Honor Guards blocking the exit with their big sticks of death, one of the three grabbed Wallace and carried him back to where they came from, the other two fought off the Zerahian guards, the one carring Wallace said to him and sounded like a woman "My my little brother, you're really heavy" Wallace passed out as she said that, she then went on to signal the other two as they took Wallace back to a safe location on New Harmony in which was where these three came from, they had a ship called; Ghost which was a ship that used to belong to the U.R Ariel Command but when the first one was built, the three stole it and destroyed the blueprints so they wouldn't build another one, after successfully getting by the huge fleet above Korban using an access code given to the Zerahians, they went to New Harmony to a shanty town called; Hope, there it was a large town that underworld figures, lost people, various species from other planets who made their way on New Harmony and criminals who had escaped Republic forces and Delta Force as well, the three arrived and they took Wallace to their shack and they put Wallace onto a bed and waited until he wakes up, the three were talking "Well he does have Father's looks and Mother's eyes, I am sure its Wallace" the other guy responded "There's only one person in this galaxy who looks like Father" the woman responded to both of them "Its Wallace alright, here's his ID information, I found it on his wrist comlink" one of them responded "Wow, for a smart person, pretty rare to find one who keeps everything ON his wrist comlink" as Wallace responded to what he said while they weren't expecting Wallace to be awake and listening "Thats because I keep having this one dream about three others with me and my parents when I was a little boy, I have reason to believe that I wasn't the only child in the family" they all looked at Wallace and the woman said to me "You're right Wallace, you weren't the only child" one of the guys continued "And we are also children of Harry and Mary Thomas, we left the family when we reached" the other guy continued "18 so after that we all went to become members of NASA but it was a hard thing to complete, after you made that request to get everyone off Earth, we snuck onto the ship that you got on and we knew that you were our little brother so we followed you and watched over you for years" Wallace's Sister asked "Do you know our names?" Wallace nodded his head no, his Brother said "My name is Jackson, he is Andy and our sister Michelle" Wallace said "Jackson, Andy and Michelle?" without Gary knowing that Wallace was rescued by his brothers and sister, he continued with his plan to rescue him as the fleet he amassed went through the portal to Korban, the ships above Korban started firing on Guardian warships as Wallace remembered about Ashley and asked his brothers and sister to take him to the location he gave them, they took him there and wanted to confess to Ashley about his love for her so when they arrived at Ashley's house, he knocked while his brother helped him stand and Ashley with a down face answered but was relieved after seeing Wallace at her doorstep "Wallace!" Wallace started by saying "Ashley, you've been important to me since I first met you and before you ask, I believe in love at first sight, I love you Ashley and I don't want you to get hurt from here and out, I'll protect you with my life and with me, you'll know the true meaning of love" Ashley said back in response "I love you too Wallace" Wallace and Ashley went on to give each other a tender soft kiss, Wallace's Brother and Sister watched from the ship with the other beside him holding him up, meanwhile the battle over Korban had Rtas panicking as Rtas said to Ruka "We should have killed him when we had the chance!, damnit Ruka you're supposed to be a good assassin!" Ruka answered him "I am sorry my Lord but you didn't allow me to kill him everytime I asked" Rtas looked at him with an angry look, the Guardians failed on their plan to take out the carriers because of the Korban defense platforms that had AA gun placements as the Enforcement of Justice was getting damaged, Gary ordered a full retreat and said while looking out the window from his ship "I am sorry Wallace" the Guardians fleet went to open space to activate the portals back to Mordor as Wallace's Brothers and Sister took him to Mordor and when they got through the portal, they saw a Guardian fleet above the planet with some of the ships damaged as Wallace contacted the Enforcement of Justice "Uriah Ven Varanee, this is Wallace J. Thomas, I repeat this is Wallace J. Thomas, does anyone read me?" Uriah responded "Wallace?!, is that really you?" Wallace responded "Yes Uriah, its me, I was rescued by my Br- by a group of smugglers but no worries, I am alright" Uriah responded "The seat of Grand Master of the Order is yours once again my Friend" Wallace boarded the Enforcement of Justice.

Epilogue: The year is now 2127, for 18 years the Guardians had an on going war against the opposing forces of the Republic and the Empire of Korban, Wallace was assassinated on New Harmony in 2110 when Loki made a daring risk to do so, Uriah Ven Varanee, Vice Grand Master of the Great Order of the Guardian Angels takes the seat of Grand Master of the Order and still to this day seeks answers to the unanswered questions that go on around his home world. The Voltar Crime Families are working closely with Rtas Loki to ensure his total control of the planet of Zerah while the leader of Mars, President Angel is planning an assassination against Chancellor Sanders on Mars in hopes to become their new leader. The galaxy was divided into three sectors, the Core of the Milky Way, the Inner Line of the Milky Way and the Outer Line of the Milky Way. Rtas Loki ruled the Orion's Arm beyond the Outer Line with the Guardians declaring control of most of the Milky Way planets. The ongoing war between both Light and Dark were spreading fear across the galaxy, Corruption spreads as well with Loki sending Defilers to Guardian controlled worlds that are known to have Guardian temples and fortress' and New Harmony was in the time of peace, Mordor was the capital of the Order and Zerah being the capital of the Delta Commission meanwhile Uriah Ven, the Guardian Council and other Guardian Angels mourn the loss of their great leader who inspired them but with him gone, they all looked up to Uriah to lead them while Wallace rests in peace.

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