God Of The Richest

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I have only made how simple is every gift. If this life may be reliving this blessing, I feel I will be honored this grace utmost within. Let us let live this kindness of God. May my motherland rise for this grant. :)

Submitted: May 25, 2016

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Submitted: May 25, 2016



How unfailing is God's love,

For we are unhurt in this loyality,

Glory for all who own this treasure,

I wander in this light of our world,

As night comes I stay awake,

Cherished in unruling beauty of the dawn,

When I search for this key,

Behold our king who gave me this life,

For hope my heart fills its vaccum,

I redeem this prayer in the rising sun,

God who owned this illusion,

Tells me power to redeem every gift comes from faith,

In this dark the world gives freedom for only one sin,

He who crucified for this life may not be so away how I should face alone,

Caring this mercy from God,

I am reborn for tears in the beauty of this kindness,

Words tell me life has many daughters,

Those older alone came before me in this dark,

How am I taken once and fall in for what I give today?

For your footsteps remind emptiness wear away in love I cherish inside my heart,

As I speak this never lost track of my heart,

All kingdom fall in victory from the time crossing our age in time,

Those who shared peace till the end,

Are they near a time living in nothing once made for all?

My Lord you may be come alive in the words of any honor,

Yet I share with you all my life endlessly for your duty with instruments made in time, space and your loved gifts for all I own speak this tale,

How can I not be free for all I am yours?

How can I not come alive for the you in me?

How can I not give everything for all you never asked?

This silence,

Searching in divine smile painted within for saving humanity when your given way comes and shows us unstoppable story of your amazing love knowing nothing except serving till eternity when I began sharing your life born to raise many blessing in trust raining for ever lasting word,

I am given in this step no way may bring only happiness born to raise all you have given me,

Let us come and see what God has to tell in this story for one light by within all glory I may submit with tears of love,

Whom shall time fear in wavering spirit of trinity angels spent their time in a morning song I light all that crush my fears still with who go besides my way,

Who you know before one my friend of mine nothing against whole world holding every faithful shall be your promise,

You are so mine,

You are so loyal,

You are so kind,

Yet I am so forgetable,

Yet I am so fulfilling,

Before this angel who is always by my side,

I feel how my God is great owning everything for those who believe in this vision brighter than all stars in the sky,

Clothed in the splendor beauty of all this Earth reached for finding one teacher,

I ask knowing nothing,

I am nothing without this voice,

It gifts me knowledge when time is not its ends,

For time is in His hand when world let live knowing nothing but serving our trust in you,

All my praise stands out for those who name this beginning not for ends,

Gods relive our simplicity of the heart,

Unmoved in this greatness God oversees grace without any unpaid bond,

Only how great is this GOd who ask nothing in return except loved in welfare for others,

For all belongings rise within this sunshine,

Naming our teacher for all raising kids good for humanity,

When the greatest dance floor sleeps within every day we work for all we can harvest,

As morning steps by I go back to those homes,

When we take what this star has given us,

I go back to this heart belonging with everything,

Where is our home that gives us all your own only given for your blessings?

I care this future unseen in all your creation,

This dance stood before my teacher who wished our loyal time I am gifted,

If heaven shouts this comming of your light for all we care,

Let every heart long for this eden garden where our mistakes are forgiven for we are back within for this love,

Your name calls for faithful justice without dishonoring all laws of this horizon searching your grants not same for all,

This time may be born for a life we are waiting for all you have given us,

Unkept in this ladder I climb some free moments,

Like enjoying grace in every breeze,

In a birth rising for this reborn life gifted for all in this dance floor,

May this party last forever, 

For the God of this richness,

My richness is your blessings,

I live this grant from my duty I devote your loyal time for footsteps for this gracest freedom,

May your love never stops in this life ever... :)

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