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Submitted: May 25, 2016

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Submitted: May 25, 2016



You can’t hurt me,

I am like superman,

Nothing can hurt me,

Except for my kryptonite.


I sit and struggle as life passes me by,

I look up to the big man and ask why,

Why do you let this happen,

Do you even care?


I walk a very lonely road,

One that is barren,

One that has been forgotten,

One that no one can find me on.


My map has led me to hell,

I found my way out,

An angel guided me,

To road more traveled on.


For the longest time I was lost,

Thought I was to never be found,

My heart and soul are stitched together,

My angel made me whole.


With my light growing brighter,

I keep it under close watch,

For I have been hurt before,

And that I cannot recover from.


I promise to protect my angel,

To be there by her side,

I will always care and look out for her,

Even when times aren’t good.


For my angel is the light,

She is the hope to a happy life,

Without my caring angel,

There would be no more light.


So I say to you my angel,

For you know who you are,

When life feeds you crap,

You know I’m never far.


If you need a shoulder,

I can lend a working one,

For you alone,

Can help me the more I help you.


You do not need to worry about falling,

Because I will carry you,

I will hold you tight,

And protect you with my all.


So now I walk a road,

That is getting better,

For my angel is my world,

And my world is what matters.

© Copyright 2018 Matt Johnson. All rights reserved.

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