A Secret Mission

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Two people following orders to trail another two people... but plot twist.

Submitted: May 25, 2016

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Submitted: May 25, 2016



Tap, tap, tap. I heard footsteps echo down the hall. I silently rolled across the width of the hallway towards the other side, quickly ducking behind a few shelves. I glance at my partner who motions with their head towards the direction of the door. I nodded to signify that they should go, causing the person clad in black to swing open the door and dash through it. The footsteps stopped in their tracks, catching my attention. I hold my handgun tightly to my chest as I peer over from behind my cover towards where the sound was coming from. The moment I made eye contact with one of our target, I bolted through the door and slammed it shut.


“RUN!” I screamed at my fellow agent as I heard the sound of our target running against the tiled floor. We both ran outside, through the grassy field, trying whatever we could to get away. ‘Our cover’s already blown, they know we’re looking for them,’ I thought as we hid behind a wall. I peeked my head out from the wall as sneakily as I could, just catching a glimpse of our targets running in the opposite direction.


“Is it clear?” I heard my partner whisper, trying to get a glance of what I was seeing.


“Yeah, they’ve run towards there.” I said, explaining everything I just saw.


“There? But why would they head there…” They exclaimed out loud, half asking me, half not.


“I don’t know what they’re up to, but we have to follow them!” I stated, preparing to make another mad dash across the field.


“Yeah you’re right, but we better not blow our cover this time.” My partner looked up into the sky dramatically as if they were having a flashback. I nodded grimly as I closed my eyes and thought, ‘I knew exactly what’s going through their mind right now… Our team was a trio, not a duo. A few encounters ago, they’d gotten ahold of them. They wouldn’t have ratted anything out though… they couldn’t.’ I shook my head to clear my thoughts after someone nudged me in the arm. I gave the signal and we both sprinted to the other side of the field, trying to be as silent as possible. I checked all around us as my partner opened the door. When I decided we were good, we both went inside and up the stairs.


“Where could they be?” I asked out loud, hoping someone could answer me. The other agent held their hand to their chin and looked deep in thought.


“I’m not sure… maybe we could try contacting the other one.” They began to pull out something from their pocket but I stopped them but putting my hand out theirs.


“We don’t know what they’ve done with their equipment. It’s too risky to contact them.” My partner nodded and put the item back in its spot.


“Let’s check through up there.” They stated, pointing at the window above the platform on the top of the staircase. We silently went up, trying not to make a sound that would give away our position.


“I can’t see through the window.” I blantly say as I began to open the window. I poke my head outside - nada. “They aren’t out there.” I explained to the person that was peering over my shoulder.


“Hm… really? That’s surprising…” They looked deep in thought while trying to figure out where our targets have gone off to. “You said they ran in this direction, didn’t you?”


“I could’ve swore they did… maybe you could try making a noise to draw their attention?” I suggested. I held my handgun tightly as the other agent stuck their head out the door and made a sound. We waited for a re-action, some sort of shuffle from down below.




We both gave each other a confused look, wondering why nothing had happened. Suddenly two people jumped down the stairs from above. ‘It’s our targets!’ I thought as  I raised my gun and began to shoot them. I had no other choice - I was huddled in the corner, cornered. What else could I do really? The sound of gunshots ran through the staircase as the two neared us. ‘Why aren’t they dead?!’


“Uh, what are you doing?” One of the pair asked me, seemingly confused.


“PEW! PEW! PEW!” I continued to yell out as the same person just lightly nudged me with their foot. Annoyed, I got up from my position and lectured the two. “Ugh y’all suck. You weren’t playing along!” My friend sighed as we both released our hands from the gun shapes we were pretending to shoot people with.


“Yeah, you guys suck.” My friend said as they just crossed their arms and gave an exasperated look. The other person of the pair just shook their head.

“We don’t suck, you do. We’ve been looking for you for a while now!” I waved off their statement as I began to walk down the stairs.


“Yeah, yeah. Whateeeeeever you say.” My friend followed me down the stairs while the other two stood there.

“Mhm. We were having fun too until you two crashed the party.” We left room, leaving two very confused people all by themselves.

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