My Regent's Back

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Alistair is back and he's pissed

Submitted: May 25, 2016

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Submitted: May 25, 2016



Where is it? God Damn it where'd I put it? Alistair was back. Well maybe "back" was stretching it a bit but when dealing in Multi-Omniversal Quantum Quark physics a bit is all the difference needed to establish a paradox. I mean Earth Prime and Earth-2 are practicaly identical. Except for the fact that on one dinosaurs never died off and roaches became the dominant intelligent species on the other. But I digress... I'll let him tell you himself I have other places to be and Ted has yet to write me into any of his stories in a role of any significant merit.

"Who am I, you ask..."

"Why dear chap...I am the narrator. Thank you for asking. Not many writers know much less acknowledge the importance of good narration. The characters in this collection of stories call me Wally some even call me the writer...or... the old man... I know blatant Hemingway reference, which I am not. "

But, Again I digress.

My story hasn't been written yet but as I said I'm only the narrator. And right now Alastair is in somewhat of a bind. I will let him explain it to you now.

My name is Alastair and I, my significant counterparts in alternate realities not  withstanding, am the Regent of what we shall call the Proto Prime Universe for lack of a better term. And right now I'm looking for something. And by the looks of it whatever I'm looking for is very very important.

WHAT DA FUCK...IS GOING ON? Where is it? Where is ... my damn ticket.

NOTE: Alastair is looking for his winning lottery ticket from Tillage? A ticket he'd won over 10 millennia ago. A winning ticket were the prize was not money...oh no this ticket was way more special than that because it granted thee winner immortality on several of the primary planes of existence. Acted as a key for its owner to the 36 harmonic frequencies that led to the nexus of all creation.

End Scene.

... isn't he beautiful? Triscuit you're the most adorable thing on 4 legs.

So we left No Where and ended "Here" being the operative word of course. Ok so let's do a quick run down. My name is Gehrig but everyone calls me G, me and my sister, what?!?!? look this NOT the time to correct my grammar...fuckin' snob... where was I oh yeah me & my sister Nazareth and our cat Triscuit are the last survivors of the Omni-Multiverse or at least we thought we were until we received this package with a mirror, a key made of dark matter and a kitten made of anti-matter. That being said we were at a loss when we found out that package came from the now defunct multiversal outpost called Tillage. And even more so when we found out that we had a another temporal sibling named... hey that's right she never signed her name she just asked us to meet her here on Tillage and get her the sandwich...Goddamn it I forgot her sandwich...

"Not to worry..." I heard Nazareth say in my head.

"...I went back and got it." She said. "You'd forget to breathe if your lung's weren't already doing it for you."

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