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Wrote this after talking with my friend Elaina about my ex. She told me I'm human so I make mistakes and if my ex can't love me because of that than I don't deserve her and she doesn't deserve my love because it is too grande for her. I responded with something like this but when I wrote this I started it off like it was in a book and they were talking about something before he talked about being human. The thought is what it would be like if my ex and I get back together. I miss her... so much.

Submitted: May 25, 2016

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Submitted: May 25, 2016



Then she said, “ Well we are human, we make mistakes, we aren’t perfect.”

He looked at her paused and continued to say, “Aha but you see my dear, that’s the problem with the world today, humans don’t understand that we are imperfect. If we did then most heart breaks would not happen, people wouldn’t leave, more suicides would be prevented, etc. We hurt the people we love because we aren’t perfect and they feel like the right thing to do is leave even though most of the time it’s wrong. See if everyone understood humans are imperfect then no one would leave and that would be perfect but humans are imperfect so they leave each other. We still look for perfection in people so we can love them but we will never find love in them unless we love their imperfections first and if we do that then we see them as perfect. See real beauty doesn’t come from how perfect you are or try to be it comes from how imperfect you are and how you try and change those imperfections to be a little better. See trying to be perfect is an imperfection because although you try and be perfect you’re not so there's a flaw itself. Yes, we can find perfection in humans but we look for it in the wrong way, for we do not find perfection in perfection itself but we find it in imperfection. Like I said a true human will love you for your imperfections and find you as perfect but they find you perfect and that’s the problem, you seem perfect till you mess up then they tear you apart because you are an imperfect human even though they’re the imperfect ones just because they tear you apart.”

He paused and proceeded to say, “See you my love are imperfect beyond no tomorrow but so am I. I learned to love your imperfections like you did mine and that’s what makes us perfect together. I love you, please never leave me again.”

She looked at him like he was a beautiful broken piece of art, cuddled up against him and said, “Don’t worry I won’t, I’m sorry, I love you, forgive me?”

He then pushed her off, looked at her and forgave her with a kiss while he said in his head, “Of course I forgive you after all I’m imperfect too.”


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