Plastered Smile

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I've never been good at worrting poems but the time feels the most perfect to start and I want to do one from my heart.

Submitted: May 25, 2016

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Submitted: May 25, 2016



My smile hasn't been real in a long time but I've always had a smile plastered on my face

Someone ripped and stole my real smile and I lost my will to live.

My smile was lost and an artificial one took it's place

I lost my friends who kept me steady, I abandoned them, abandonment being my greatest fear was not kind to be so I began to search for my smile and replace my plastered one

I couldn't find my savior, my knight and shinning armour

I gave up hope and just went on with life feeling empty, refusing to let anyone know I didn't have a smile

Finally I found ny savior, you found what you believe is an angel but what you found was my smile

You make me laugh, scared, excited, my heart go in hyper drive but most of all you make me smile

You are my savior who made my fabricated smile dissapear

Im so happy you found me

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