The Longest Day

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This is the story of what I deemed to be the longest day in my life. It spans a few days however it felt like one.

Submitted: May 25, 2016

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Submitted: May 25, 2016



The Longest Day

When you lose a loved one it hurts. If they lived to the great young age of 99 or 100 it it sad but still hurts just a bit less. When you lose a loved one at the very young age of 62, that is a pain you would never wish on anyone. And this begins my story.

The infamous May 2-4 weekend was upon us. Most of the circle I hung out with would be making their way up north to the beach; or at least that was the plan in the discussions while pushing out the last set on the leg press at the gym.

Being 6'4" and of a larger frame I could move a lot of weight. I was not a football player, nor did I play basketball however I knew that some day my size and strength would come in handy.

When I got home I found out that mom was not doing well and a trip to the hospital might be required. This was the main reason I never made plans for holidays or pretty much any time.

Mom was a survivor of Sickle Cell Anemia. A very difficult disease to treat and manage yet alone to live past your 40's if you made it out of your 20's. She was a fighter, and you could say a bit stubborn.

Long weekends were never a popular thing in my household as mom was often sick when they would arise and I spent most if not all of my free time in the rooms and corridors of a hospital. This May 2-4 was going to be no different.

May 26th 2004 was the start of a series of events which would change my life and test my faith like never before.

We had payed a visit to the hospital as mom had fallen Ill and the normal over the counter medicinal treatments were not working. The visit to the E.R seem to start out "normal" but as time past things became stranger and stranger.

For the past 5 years I had been the Power of Attorney of Personal Care for my mom as the medical system was; let's just say in need of a second set of eyes reviewing and asking questions.

After a while the hospital strength medicine started to work and mom was feeling better and things were back to the manageable level we could deal with at home, so home we went to do the normal regimen. This routine would normally go on for a few days before she would be back to her normal self so I went on with my daily life; I went to the office to work.

The next day things didn't progress as well as anticipated over night so a 2nd visit to the E.R. was in order.

As mom was extremely weak having her walk down the steps to the garage and into the Bimmer would not be a smart choice. So I picked her up and and carried her cradled in my arms as you would a small child to the car and buckled her in.

I went to work once she was settled in a bed. I later returned to the E.R after work to see how mom was doing and the hoped progress of the treatment to be seen. When I arrived this was not the case. No progress. Since mom was in no shape to deal with the doctors I requested the normal pain medication as used many times before. Well known to myself and extremely well documented in mom's medical file.

I went home to freshen up get some real food and to return back to relieve my dad from his post watching over mom. This is where things started to go terribly wrong.

When I returned I was told that pain meds were given. When I questioned what was given I was met with a huge amount of resistance and hesitation from the medical staff. I was finally able to get the name of what was dispensed and to find out it was something on the list of allergies and explicit notes in the file not to administer. They wanted to see if it would help and what the reaction would be. Oh yes it is a medical practice after all.

Since this was not new to me and I could see the negative effects taking set I requested, and then demanded that the antidote to the narcotic be administered right away. This was ignored because the doctor didn't like his pride and years of med school being overruled by a young kid in his eyes. Since they were not following my requests and respecting PoA for Personal Care I did the only other option and ordered the transfer to another hospital to have emergency dialysis to clean her blood and system of the poison. The transfer was ordered and scheduled for late night early morning as it seemed to be a busy night. As I knew this was going to be a long road we went home to get some rest and prepare for temporary relocation to the hospital.

In the early morning I called the hospital to find out why the transfer had not happened. To my shock they had transfered her just 2 hours after we left. More and more lies from the trusted doctors and medical system. After receiving the run around and cover up from the staff I sent my dad to go see what was going on.

Dad made his way to the new hospital to see what is going on while I went to work early as I still had a job and an employer who was very compassionate to my plight.

When my dad arrived that morning at the hospital he found out that the prior hospital neglected to note that a part of the transfer was to receive dialysis treatment. So he reached to out me to order the antidote yet again. This time my orders were carried out. The antidote was administered and slight improvement was seen shortly thereafter.

Knowing this was going to be a struggle my dad called me and asked me to come and deal with the medical staff as they were now fully aware of the carelessness they started to prep for a fight. When I arrived my mom's condition had turned for the worse.

During the morning blood tests were completed and the results were back. Mom had an infection which is why she was ill and with the simple addition of antibiotics to her pain meds would have suffice. At this point mom had regressed and the longest 75 mins of my life began.

I arrived at the hospital at 1pm to find my mom unresponsive. Attempts too hydrate had failed and she was not responding to touch or vocal stimulus. The antibiotics were administered but it was too late. By this time the hospital had called security and I had 5 guards around me at all times. The Chief of Staff, Patient Care Manager, and a member of the legal team was all in the hallway outside of my mom's room.

At 2pm she went into cardiac arrest. The medical team started to perform recessitation maneuvers. At this time the hardest and most hurtful word were uttered from under my breath. As being the PoA for PC a part of my mom's wishes were that if ever the time came that she would be in this position, no attempts to recessitate were to be taken. STOP was that word which I uttered, and also the life of my beloved mother stopped.

Time of Death 2:15pm. I raised my head to look at the staff crowded around the bed. They returned looks of fear and uncertainty. I turned around and was face to face with a Priest which they had called to come to the room. I gently passed him, nodded at him. He placed his hand on my shoulder. I looked at the team of security guards and hospital execs, "You don't know what you have done and the trouble you have caused... I forgive you" these were the words that I spoke to the team of murders because of pride, prejudice, and hurt egos.

The official cause of death according to the Chief Coroner; Cardiac Arrest due to complications from Sickle Cell Anemia. The real cause, Medical Malpractice: Crushed Ego and hurt pride that a 28 year old kid was ordering a seasoned E.R doctor around.

Today marks the anniversary of wrongful death of my mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a future mother in law, a future grandmother to two of the most beautiful little girls who never got to meet her but ask often why their grandmother is not here so they can see her, and a friend to many. Vee you are missed by many of your loved ones.

And this my friends was the longest day of my life.

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