The Horrible Day in an Everyday Teenage Girl's Life

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Felicity is an everyday teenage girl who lives in Le Summit, Missouri and has a really bad Day

Submitted: May 25, 2016

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Submitted: May 25, 2016



Today when I wake up, I log on to my computer. Then I go to codecademy and log in with my Gmail account. Afterwards I started coding. The lesson for today is unusually hard, meaning that it takes most of the morning for me just to get to the halfway point. I am paying so much attention to the lesson that I do not even realize that it was almost time for me to get going so I could catch the early bus. So I put on my coat and then I picked up my backpack and lunch.
Then I run out the door. When I get to the elementary school where I catch the bus to Le Summit Junior High, the bus is just about to leave, so I sprint to the bus and run onto the bus.
When we got the Junior High I got off the bus I saw Ash one of my best friends. As soon as we saw each other we started talking and giggling. As soon as I put my backpack and lunch in my locker I went into the library and say, "Hi," to Mrs. Rich, Ash's grandma.
After saying hi to Mrs. Rich I went into the Gym with Ash and saw one of my other best friends, Karah. We all started talking and shooting hoops. Then we all saw one of the basketball boys that I really liked. Ash and Karah told me, "Felicity, you should ask Johnny out." I reply as usual, "No, I am not going to ask him out until I am sure that he likes me." As usual Ash tells me, "But he asked you to dance..." Talking about the dance that had taken place a couple weeks before. I say correcting her, "No, I asked him to dance. Can we just talk about something else." So we do. Soon after the warning bell rang, so Karah and I went to our lockers and then went to US History, and Ash went to the office because she is an office assistant.
In History I tried to stop thinking about what Ash and Karah had said about how I should ask Johnny out. However, I just could not stop thinking about it. Then after a bit Mr. Stienbock calls on me and asks me a question, but I do not know what he is asking me. So lucky me, I got to be the girl that sat behind Karah so she whispers the question to me, "What are the main causes of the Civil War?" I answer, "The Civil War was actually an illegal war because the North declared war on the South and for there to be a war both sides need to agree to go to war. However, if you are saying what the biggest causes are I personally would have to say for one that the north wanted to have partial if not complete control of the South. And two, that Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin caused an increase in slavery. Another thing that most people don't take it to thought is that most of our founding fathers were slave owners. Finally, one of the last things that you need to put into consideration when thinking about the causes of the Civil War is that the North was an industrial culture while the South had an agricultural based culture and in order for the crops to be harvested on time and quickly they needed to have slaves to help." Mr. Stienbock replies, "Felicity that is a really good and in depth answer." After a couple minutes the bell rings signalling that class was over.
After History I have 'Keyboarding/BHS 1.' The teacher for that class is Mr. Buzzard, the one and only technology teacher at Le Summit Junior High. So after we all have arrive and stick our binders under the desk, we go and perform the 'Perfect Bathroom Trip.' Next, Mr. Buzzards handed out the LPOs and asked, "Are there any questions, LPO?" It turns out that there are no questions about the LPO. So we get started on Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. After fifteen minutes of MBTT we finally get started on getting our résumé typed up. So after the bell rings, so I ran out of computers.
The next class I have is Homeroom, which is by far one of the most interesting classes of the day. I was heading into my homeroom which is a couple doors down from my Math class, when I remembered that we are filming our 'Dude, Be Nice' project. The person that we are doing for our 'Dude, Be Nice' project is one of the secretaries at our school. So I stop by my locker which is on the way to homeroom and grab the safe I keep my camera in. After I set the safe down I remember that I did not eat this morning so I go down by the Gym to the student store and purchase two Fruit by the Foot and then got back to class before the bell rang signalling the end of break and that homeroom was going to start soon. When I arrived I say, "Hi," to my homeroom teacher, Mr. Martin. He says "Hi, Felicity. Did you bring your video camera for our project today." I replied saying, "Yes, along with the video stabilizer." "Do you want to set up now or do you want to set up while we get Mr. Dargis?" I say, "I will get ready now, but set up knnwhile Mr. Dargis gets set up." Soon after, Mr. Dargis was all tied up with duct tape, with the help of Iacona working with our class to tape him to the wall outside our classroom. As soon as he is all tied up we set everything else up for our game that we made Mrs. Danielson. The game is that our class drew and colored pictures of people or images from the web and then two people hold up each poster and then we have items for Mrs. Danielson to hit or throw at the posters and we have about 5 posters and then we have them going down the hallway. At the end of the hallway is Mr. Dargis tapped to the wall. Mrs. Danielson then draws on Mr. Dargis's face, then she throws things at him, I film the whole thing on my video camera. 
After Homeroom I have Language Arts, in Language Arts I am doing a PowerPoint on, 'how do companies use rhetoric in the media to convince us to believe them.' I am doing a PowerPoint on how Facebook uses rhetoric to convince people to use Facebook. I am almost done with it. After I finish I will have to present to the class. So I work for the whole class period working on it and by the time that class is almost over I am ready to present tomorrow. So when the bell rings I tell Mrs. Swartz "I am done with my PowerPoint, and I am ready to present tomorrow." She says "OK. You will present tomorrow in class."
Finally it is math, my favorite subject one of my best subjects.So I run out of ELA and run to my locker to drop off my regular binder and pick up my math binder. As soon as I get into math I handed in my homework, and started doing on my warm-up. As soon as I finish my warm-up I raise my hand to have Mrs. Stevens look over my answers, she comes right over and stares into my paper. She asks me, "Is your homework all done?" I reply, "Yes, and I turned it in." Mrs. Stevens then says, "You can mark others then." It is just then that Johnny Armstrong (the boy that I like) raises his hand asking for help or for me to mark his work. So I go right over and ask, "Hi, Johnny. Are you all done with your warm-up or do you need help?" Johnny answers, "Hello, Felicity. Could you mark this?" Then I mark Johnny's warm-up he got it all right. Then I moved onto the next student, Michael. Michael says "Felicity I don't understand this." So I spend the next 10-15 minutes explaining y-intercept and x-intercept to Michael. After everyone finishes doing the warm-up we start to take notes on our lesson for today, which figuring out what the slope is using slope-intercept form. After we take notes we have a practice worksheet and I am one of the first ones done. So I get started on my homework for today. Today is one of those days where I finish my homework in class. After I finish my homework, and get it checked, I start going around and marking other people's homework. Soon the bell rings.
Finally, it is lunch. I drop everything at my locker and then I pick up my lunch. When I approach the cafeteria I walk inside and set my lunch bag out on the table and take out my frozen meal. Today's frozen meal is Pad Thai one of my favorite lunches. After I heat it up Kate comes up and seats across from me. Kate then asks me "So have you and Johnny kissed yet?" I answer, "No. Any way who told you that we were together. If it was Ash or Karah I will personally kill them both." Kate then whispers something to Grace. However, I don't think anything about it. Kate then asks me, "How is your day going so far?" I say, "It's going good." Soon I am all done eating so I get up and go to the library.
When I get to the library I tell Mrs. Rich about what Kate asked me in the cafeteria. She too thinks that that is really weird. However, it is not until I get up to get all my stuff ready for my next class Guided Study, that I get asked the weirdest thing. Katen asks me, "Why are you saying that you and Johnny kissed? He has a girlfrieend you know." I tell her, "I did not say that we kissed."
When I get back to the library I have a confused look on my face. Mrs. Rich asks me, "What happened?" I tell her, "Katen just asked me why I am saying that Johnny and I kissed." She reply saying, "They need to stop it." Right then the bell rang so I tell Mrs. Rich, "I will see you after school."
Then I grab my stuff and ran back to Mr. Buzzard's classroom. When I get there I get asked I don't know how many times exactly what Katen asked me. I tell them what I told Katen. Luckily Johnny wasn't there yet. So I ask Mr. Buzzard, "Can I go see Mrs. Henry and talk to her?" He tells me that I can. So I grab the hall pass and walk down to the office. However, when I get there, Mrs. Henry is not there. So I ask Mrs. Royer, "Where is Mrs. Henry?" She says, "She had to go up to Lebanon. What do you need?" I ask her, "Can I talk to you in private?" She says, "Sure." So I tell her how Kate asked if Johnny and I have kissed and how I said no and then how Katen asked why I said that Johnny and I have kissed. She says that she will talk to Kate. When I get back to Mr. Buzzard's classroom I take out my journal and start writing about my day.

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