An Answer to Ferlinghetti

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This is from a series of poems written to writers and famous people. This is one is to the poet Ferlinghetti.
The Beat Generation was a group of American writers of the 1950s whose writing expressed profound dissatisfaction with contemporary American society and endorsed an alternative set of values. The term sometimes is used to refer to those who embraced the ideas of these writers. The Beat Generation's best-known figures were writers Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac, who met as students at Columbia University in the 1940s, and San Francisco-based poet and publisher Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Ferlinghetti’s City Lights Bookstore, in the North Beach section of San Francisco, became a center of Beat culture and remained an enduring symbol of alternative literature into the 1990s. Another center of Beat activity was New York City’s East Village, where Ginsberg made his home.The term Beat Generation was first used by Kerouac in the late 1940s. The word beat had various connotations for the writers, including despair over the beaten state of the individual in mass society and belief in the beatitude, or blessedness, of the natural world and in the restorative powers of the beat of jazz music and poetry. Beat writing generally called for a renunciation of material goods and acquisitiveness in favor of a rediscovery of the erotic, artistic, and spiritual self through the use of drugs, casual sex, music, and the mysticism of Zen Buddhism. The term beatnik was coined in the late 1950s to refer, often disparagingly, to people who embraced the ideas and attitudes of the Beat writers.

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An Answer to Ferlinghetti

 by Curtis Peter van Gorder


Somewhere during eternity

A kind of hep carpenter

From Nirvana

Come down here to blow our minds

With his cool jazz jive

To make us hep to The Big Daddy-O

Who made heaven and earth in a week.

That cool cat really laid it on us

And moreover, his beat was all written down

First on some scroll-type parchments

But long after the parchment crumbled

It still burned hot in our hearts as we grooved.

Some hep cats believe Him and start to swing with the beat

Some squares don’t – and try to kill the party

By laying Him out on a tree

But He comes back from Hell to party

And to sit in on our combo

He’s the King Cat

Who’s got to blow His trumpet!

The Cool Daddy-Oh

You just got to know!



© Copyright 2018 curtis peter van gorder. All rights reserved.

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