Tropic of Just

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Poems from Love

Submitted: May 26, 2016

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Submitted: May 26, 2016



In the world there are laws that govern the way of time. If one gives it will be given back and when laws are broken their is punishment that occurs naturally. 


For in the mind a thought that is hostile is allowed to stay it will find a root and devour the heart in an unhealthy way. In a flourishing land there is peace at the top command and when we live according to love all will prosper as it is a law of kindness that shall be followed by strict governing where there is no room for corruption in the path of prosperity. Look at the plants that are in the land that many people do not understand for the healing power is there for you if you recognize what has been started by a seed planted knowing all along what you would need. For if you like what you see you would plant more as this brings one peace so do I have seeds for you ready to plant if you will receive; all that is required is to open the book and say what is available to you. Say and see with thanksgiving water what you have planted and celebrate the growth of the seed as you wait for a harvest sure to come if you will not let the weeds of life crowd out what you know is right.

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