I Set Out To Rule The World

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One of my new pieces on the story of "The Fallen King."

Submitted: May 26, 2016

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Submitted: May 26, 2016



When I was a boy, I wanted to rule the world.

I played with my paper sheild and wooden sword.

Over powering my brothers, my father saw the strength in me.

He was the king of the Great Nation, everyone bowed to his feet.

He loved everyone of his subjects and they loved thee.

I was sent to warrior training at the age of 7, so I could learn to fight.

I was a brilliant warrior, the best in all mankind.

At Age 15, The Great War came along and I fought beside the king.

He was my father so he always watched over me. 

He was killed by the Samuari King oh how I hated thee.

Took 2 years to get back home, 2 years to become king.

I married my precious bride and she stood with me at my side.

My nation was grande and I was the greatest king this nation would ever see. 

My mother at rest with the dead I made sure my kingdom was kept in good hands.

I was ruler of the world, my dream had come true, little did I know I was a fool.

Instead of grabbing my shield and sword of iron and diamonds,

I grabbed the toys I played with as a boy.

Thinking I could rule the whole world with just those items,

I was a true idiot at his best.

My enemies saw my crumbling feet, I did not realize cause I was never beat.

The power went quickly to my head, oh Lord why must father be dead?

For he would not let his nation fall, for he truly knew how to rule it all

I am not as free as could be, for my enemies knew how to control me.

Everything they did was to fool my mind, I was not as smart as those wise guys.

They told me to watch out for those ming games, I did not heed the words that they say

So I drew myself into my own self-destruction, little did I know my nation was crumbling.

I went out to battle for one last time, when I came back all my things were not mine.

For I was gone for far too long, my soldiers did not know how to go on.

I brought 80% of them too battle, the other 20% lost all hope in defending our nation, 

For I was not there to put it in their mind, that we were stronger then the other guys.

We were the rulers of man kind.

Oh Lord how could I be so dull? I was the ruler of the world I thought I had it all.

Oh Lord, please forgive me, for I did not look to you to keep me going

I set out to rule the world you made, but forgot you ruled it all 

I am so dumb, I am so vague.

I lost my love, I lost myself

This world was consumed with death.

For my enemies made a weapon of mass destruction

To make the world no more

How could it cause the world to fall

To send us back to the time there was no life.

I let my nation fall under my feet, while the world around me was cheering me on in my defeat.

We did not know I could be beat, till the Samuari King showed them I was truly weak.

Maybe if I was smart, maybe if I was strong, I would be laughing as my kingdom stood tall.

Now here I stand above all, watching the world rebuild, it's all my fault.

I lay her in the cold wishing I was home

But I never had a home

I wish my world was still made of gold.

I wish I never left my home.

Broken hearts and destructive thoughts

Now it is my turn to lay with all the one who fell because of my imperfect flaws. 

I set out to rule the world, thinking it was easy

But as you see

I was very...very wrong..



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