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This is a horror story made up by me , if you were looking for another good horror story to tell your friends during the campfire , you might wanna read this. Enjoy !

Submitted: May 26, 2016

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Submitted: May 26, 2016



46 - By Luckycreeper



Friday Evening


Two students were hanging around after school , just chilling , they were walking along the street , passing a path.

It looked very abandoned and dark , so they just walked forward.

One of them was feeling a mysterious presence further amoung the path. He felt the chills down his spine.


They ended up at their appartement and entered it. After putting on their pyjamas and brushing their teeth they went to sleep.

The same guy had a nightmare about the path.

In his nightmare , he walked among the path and ended up at an old house. Just when he opened the door , the nightmare was being ended. But he could see something dark , like a shadow inside the house.


Saturday Morning


The guy told the other student about his nightmare.

Then something weird happened : the other guy also had a nightmare ,  but his was about a serial killer fleeing into the forest , lurking for preys to come.

Probably because of the message that a serial killer known as number " 46 " escaped from prison. It was mentioned a few days ago on the TV.

To be calmed they played some video games , actually the whole day.

The guy just couldn't take it anymore and wanted to explore the dark path , so in the evening they went to the abandoned path.

' It's just a path leading into the forest... But I gotta admit : it's pretty scary...'

' I want to know what lies further , so let's keep moving !'

Finallt they came to an old , small , abandoned house , just like in the student's nightmare.

They entered it , and looked around a little bit.

' Wow , look at this !' 

In the basement , on the walls were writing things. The number " 46 " was written all over the walls of the basement

One of the students found wine bottles and opened it.

' Just one !' And they started drinking , although they weren't 18 yet.

The students ended up getting drunk and started kicking things and throwing stuff around the room. 

Suddenly one of them was feeling the same presence again as before. They realized they had to get out of the house.

As fast as they could , they ran to the appartement and entered it.

But whe entering their room , a number was written on their door : " 46 "

But because they were drunk , they decided to not pay attention to it and went to their beds. They fell asleep quickly.


Sunday Evening


The police was being called , because someone saw someone mysterious entering the apartement. 

And there indeed was found a knife in the building. 

The police inspected the whole building and checked around if everyone was Ok , and not hurt or something like that.

But when the came to the door with the number on it and opened it , they saw something very creepy.

Two students lying on the ground , with a knife in the back of their heads.

And there was something more creepy...

The walls were filled with the number " 47 "...




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