How Terrible but Amazing Life Can Be

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Sorry formatting is off, I spelled checked it in google docs and it sadly makes it this way/:
I WILL FIX it as soon as I learn how without having to re-write. Please be patient but I hope you like it. I might be adding, changing and possibly taking away some parts just so it flows better and there is more detail. Sorry for some rhyming lines I didn't mean to it just I like to rhyme haha. Hope you enjoy! Also stay tuned because this might be the short story version to it's possible future novel(:

Submitted: May 26, 2016

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Submitted: May 26, 2016



Bell rings, I get up quickly and try to move fast and swiftly through all the kids around me. I walk down the halls only to see the girl that left me when our love was so deep. I miss her, I honestly really do but it's been 3 years since that terrible week. She left me cause I'm a mess up and I hate myself everyday of it. She thought I cheated when I didn't... well I told the girl no, that I wanted nothing to do with her anymore because she did not deserve the love I had for although I loved this girl more. I quickly walk toward the front of the school only to see her beautiful sad face in the windows of the weight room walking right behind me. I remember the day I humiliated myself in front of the school trying to get her back, poster, flowers, her favorite candy, everything I could do that I thought would get her back. She spat in my face all of those times, sometimes I had others I didn't. She seemed as if she would be mine again but little did I know I would never truly love again because the time she didn't want to talk to, the time she had to talk with other guys was the time I destroyed my body... I didn't like watching my blood run down from my forearms through my fingers into the shower drain, but I did it cause if she felt happy while I was hurting than I would rather feel pain everyday knowing she is happy.


I sat down at the benches near the gym, she would sit there talking with her friends or sitting by herself waiting for her mum. I sat there with my hood up while my eyes teared up, they haven't done that in about 5 months. I was away for 3 years we had not seen each other and we barely talked to each other. Sometimes I wonder if she remembered how in love with me she really was. She stood up because her mum was finally here, I gazed up at her and she did the same. She walked over to me saying my name, asking how I was, I replied with "okay." She had to go so we couldn't talk but for once in these lonely and horrible three years I felt at home. Her mum drove away and I got up and skated home in the hot Californian sun.

I got home and my parents weren't home, they were gone for vacation and wouldn't be back in about a month. My sister was at her friends so it was just me and my dog. He was still so playoff, he acted so young. My phone buzzed with a text and I looked to see who it was from. Her name popped up! Just think how excited I was. I immediately replied back with a simple "Hey," she instantly read it. Oh, boy could this be love? We talked for hours and then on the phone, it was a friday and I asked if she wanted to go. She said sure and I took to Red Robin, the first place I took her on a dinner date in eighth grade. That Monday I asked to be mine again and she said yes!


It was the last month of school and I still felt sad, I had the girl of my dreams in my hands once again and yet I was still sad? I guess so huh? I still had depression but it was lifted a little because she took some of the weight off my shoulders. I wanted to go and run away before my birthday, I mean I'll be 19 in less then a month now and she's 18 so legally, it's okay. I was moving to England to attend University and she was able to get in with an academic scholarship so we were set. I was actually going to be with the girl I loved.


We were in England and that year I got called up to play with the USA rugby team in the World Cup in Japan that year. I won my first World Cup, the US's first ever World Cup triumph and I was playing with the Saracens so I was getting paid nicely. Her and I were happy together but I was still sad. I still cut and I still planned suicide but why? My life was finally how I wanted it to be. On New Year's Eve, we went to a party at Allianz Park where I played rugby. It was fun and exciting and we had a good time but the new year brought something to us.... a baby!

It was finals time for school and rugby. I passed all my finals and won Europe and the English Premiership with the Sarries. What a great year I have been having, amazing how you can from depressed to be happy. That all change when her and I got into the accident. We were driving home from a night on the town, laughing and jamming out to our favorite songs in the car. A drunk drive hit the side she was sitting on and we got knocked out. She was brutally crushed and had ad 20% chance of survival the doctors saved her but she was to be disabled for a long while. That's when depression hit again.


20 years of age and my wife and little boy were not doing all good. My son Leigh had a lung problem and my wife was not able to stand and really speak for some odd reason. In about a year God took them both away from me. I was so devastated I had to take off of rugby and school... I could not breath most of the day I could not see very straight. I threw up a whole bunch and looking at our pictures everyday was like committing suicide... I died everytime I looked into their beautiful blue eyes. Getting back into the swing of things was hard I was without my creation and the girl that brought me hope. I did everything I could to save them how could God be so cruel? I still had faith in Him though because I knew He had something planned.


Winning was all we did at the Saracens and with the U.S. It was a lot of fun playing rugby. I graduated school and it sucked cause the girl I loved wasn't back there receiving her major degree. She wasn't going to be a doctor she wasn't going to grow old with me. She rotted away in dark wooden small cave, under the ground with my son by her side. I visited them every week and never missed a day. They called me plant man cause of all the flowers i would bring.


I was slowly dying and I didn't know it till I collapsed during a big match against Northampton. the doctors didn't know what was wrong but I passed at the age of 23. I was finally laying next to my babies. Our tomb stones had the sayings, "Long Live The, King, The Queen and Little Prince Leigh."


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