One Note, And I Come Alive

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A reflective freestyle poetry depicting my love for music. I challenge you to read ;)

Submitted: May 26, 2016

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Submitted: May 26, 2016



Music; the notes enter the deepest recesses of your brain, and yet for some reason we don't take notice.

If you close your eyes you can almost see it: the light frisky yellows of a violin, the deep, feeling reds of a bass drum, the soft, elegant browns of a piano. Each song has it's own voice, it's own tone,and yet it's always something constant. You can always count on the yellows to be yellows, but each one has a different shade, a different tone. Sometimes it's bright and flowing, like the morning sun or a stranger's smile. Other times it's slow and remorseful, like a murky river, long polluted by the pains of the orchestrator.

In many ways, music flows like water. Water is everywhere. Sometimes it flows, sometimes it gushes and crashes, not fully sure where it's going. It can be dangerous, but also beautiful at the same time. And if you look deep enough into the water, you can see yourself reflected in it. You find you need it. It was something you took for granted, an everyday thing. But what if one day, like the water, it was gone? You've found your once flowing rivers of imagination and self-discovery have dried up, leaving you nothing but a hollow shell. A bag of bones. Music is more than just notes of spontaneous sound. It is a part of ourselves that we share with others when words just aren't enough. It flows through us, lives in us, and is an everyday part of us.

The next time you hear a song, close your eyes. Imagine the notes like a river, flowing through and around you. And finally, when it has built up to the point where you feel like you might burst, let it out. And make and new song of your own.

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