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its a short story. just go through it.

Submitted: May 26, 2016

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Submitted: May 26, 2016



Spider’s web. The war between Eziobodo and Obinze had escalated into a full state affair. From the use of machetes like in Nollywood (no disrespect) to espionage and demolitions. Three years it has lasted, lots have died, some were on the bed, and casualties beyond enemy lines were on the rise. -Tomorrow the enemies were expected to attack from the Ota Mmiri River, so the plan was to divide the group, bait and cut ‘the curse’ (as grandfather used to call) them off. Nze Otti called them ‘saboteurs’-. Uzor closed his elder brother’s diary and swallowed hard. He was part of the second unit that would lay wait as the enemy advanced. 5 hours later Uzor’s cousins had been spotted and were on their heels with the enemy in hot pursuit. Uzor and the others lay still under the cover of long green grass with Uzor wielding the match box. Suddenly the grass started going down slowly. Uzor didn’t understand because the enemies couldn’t have been this close, besides the grass moved slowly and noiselessly which was something he couldn’t comprehend. That was when he saw it. It was the greatest curse, the one that instilled fear on the bravest of men. He had never been scared of swords or guns, but death was staring at him right now and fear was his only companion. What should he do? Save himself and forfeit the battle or make sure the battle is won at his expense. Whichever way death would be involved and the war would go on. He didn’t moved a muscle for over 6 minutes. The enemies had reached the target zone and the signal had been given. As Uzor raised his hand to strike the box, the king cobra struck.

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