Release Me From This Hell We Call Earth

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Just a little poem to it's short story coming soon! This is also the boy who wanted to fly's point of view.

Submitted: May 27, 2016

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Submitted: May 26, 2016



Oh Lord, please release me from your beautiful creation

For they make me feel so naked.

I do not want to live here anymore

For I feel so impatient, to leave your beautiful, wonderful creation

You created them to bully me

Oh why must they be so mean? 

I did nothing wrong, don't the see?

I was created to look ugly.

I have cut my skin so deep, that I am sure I see my bones beaneth


Oh lord, release me from Your beautiful creation

For it is like hell one Earth and I wouldn't mind be the devils next dead pacient


She loves me but I am so weak, why does she try to keep me on my feet? 

They tease me because I cry on my knees

For I am a boy who has a dream

A dream to fly oh so high, 

To heaven above

That would be so nice.

I confessed my love to her right before my first and last flight

Hope she won't be mad, hope she won't take the flight


Oh Lord, realase me from Your beautiful creation

I wouldn't mind being the devil's next dead pacient 


The day came to pilot my first and last flight,

They can not hurt me when I am in the sky

As my classmates get there diploma's she is worried sick aboout me

Where have I gone, why did he leave?

For when they called my name they looked toward the 2 story math building

There I was standing, ready to leave.

She yelled my name and I whispered "sorry"

I just want to be realeased.

I jumped so high and I felt so free

No wonder flying was my dream

I crashed so hard my body laid there in glee

I was finally happy, I was finally free.


Oh Lord, thank You for releasing me,

from this Hell we call Earth

It was just killing me

Oh Lord, please do make that Cristy, knows I love thee.


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