Pink and Grey

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A woman struggles to understand her existence as the darkness begins to unravel around her.

Submitted: May 27, 2016

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Submitted: May 27, 2016



That day he came home to find her on their bed, staring at the confounding patterns on the low hung ceiling and bleeding walls. Patterns slashed and gouged into the mad swirl of murals which had once covered their bedroom. Beautiful strokes of love and pain which had been layered up over a decade of their togetherness. They could not make life so they had made art. Art which had brought them close and art which now was an escape from the deep gnawing void in their lives. Art which was now tinged with violent rage, destroyed at the altar of her wrath.

The knife lay innocuously where it had clattered to the floor from her limp hand. He rushed over and pulled out her wrists to find them unmarked, only her nails were broken and caked in blood. He sat down heavily near her, like an old-young man in an old-young body. “Why?”, he breathed, betraying the raw emotion in his voice. She still just looked up, his sweaty-musky smell hit her and she bit down hard on her lips to stop the memories from overwhelming her. The passionate kisses, the warm embraces, the insatiable want. They were so vivid, so detailed that she had almost been unable to identify the deceit.

She could not pinpoint exactly when the fake memories had begun, she didn’t even remember when they had been implanted. Everything was as it was supposed to be. She had memories of a human childhood, of humans who claimed to have somehow generated her, memories of a long lost love and of the one she found for keeps. She did not know what parts of them she had lived and what were the parts generated by the evil scientist. Evil, she tasted the word on her tongue. She could link the meaningless syllables to make herself feel the word. She did not know when this had started either. She could feel and understand human concepts. Evil, good, apathetic, she could understand all the words and feel their meanings inside her alien head. She clutched the sheets beneath her hands as hot tears leaked out of her eyes. She knew she was too far gone to ever go home again. She had been altered too thoroughly, she was almost human, almost an individual. She would be as alien to her planet as this one was to her.

“Babe, don’t cry please. It’s okay, trust me”, the scientist cooed from somewhere near her. She jumped a little as his warm, coarse hand engulfed her shaking, cold one. She closed her eyes, willing her mind to lose herself in the feeling. The memories of being safe and loved surfaced in some dark corner of her mind and she snatched her hand away. She knew he was doing this on purpose, to trigger the fake memories he had implanted. Thirty human years’ worth of memory implanted maybe yesterday maybe last year, churning around in her mind, so real and tangible, summoned at will by the evil scientist, eating her away from inside with their ungodly colors and textures. The colors were all around her, pulsing painfully against her eyes, shining with a grisly light, mocking her botched memories. She thought of her planet and its serene grey beauty. Everything on its surface was rendered on a muted grayscale. She thought of the stunning white transitioning leisurely into obsidian black with no hateful flares of needle sharp colors, just grey, beautiful incomparable grey. Today she had slashed all the walls to bleach them and bleed them out of their hideous hues.

The scientist got up from his kneel and stood hunched over as though the entire weight of his atrocities had been dumped on his back. “Please, I can’t bear to see you like this. It has been a month. Everything I tried has failed. I can’t live like this anymore. Please come back to me. Please”, he said in a strangled voice warped with emotion. She felt her heart wrench in an odd way but it was soon eclipsed by a stab of vicious glee. The scientist sounded dejected and that could only mean that the experiment was a failure. Maybe she was too broken to ever get back her life but at least she would always know that he didn’t succeed. A hiccup, halfway between a sob and a laugh, escaped her parched lips. “I’ll get you some water”, he said with dead eyes and stumbled wearily out of the room.

She closed her eyes feeling fatigue overcome her. She hadn’t given in to the human weakness of sleep for the past one week. It was a human thing to do and she was a majestic being from another world. The Miracle Worker of the Grey Planet of Corthinia. She had lived a billion years inside the beautiful mind of her world. “A hive mind you mean?” her husband’s voice trickled in from the cracks of her ruined memories. “Yeah if you say so, you just make everything sound so common”, she heard herself say. She tried squeezing her eyes shut to drown out the memory but it kept coming now like an open can of worms.“The entire planet is supposed to be this one creature full of light with millions of pinpricks of lights inside it. Each pinprick is a mind connected to the main creature, sharing all emotions, all information. Each of them a single mind and yet part of a whole. Imagine that happening to the human population here. Imagine the remarkable effects it would have upon society”, she finished in one breath. The corner of his mouth quirked up and she felt a tiny flutter. She loved this special smile of his, reserved only for her. “Okay okay”, he held up his hands in defeat, “so almost-but-not-quite a hive mind. I am only a puny banker, how can I even begin to understand the inner workings of a mad artist’s mind. I can though help you understand the inner workings of your body. I am an expert at that”. He languorously walked toward her and planted a kiss under her ear. Her whole body tensed up as he ran his fingers up and down her arms. The kiss that came next was fiery like all others. “Stop, you are evil”, she wheezed breaking off the kiss, “I need to finish writing the backstory for the first draft. I haven’t even started on the artwork yet. So hands off mister banker”. He laughed as he pulled away, “Your wish is my command my queen, but what are you going to name this amazing little grey planet of yours?”. She smiled suddenly, “That is my favorite part. It will be The Grey Planet of Corthinia.”

Her eyes flashed open abruptly. The bastard! The implant was pathetically obvious this time. She had been thinking of Corthinia and he sullied her memory of her home with his absurd, fake ones. She was disgusted with herself for not being able to fight his manipulation. The memory had seemed so real. She sat up drunkenly, her stomach roiling. A burning hatred welled up within her. She retched and he hurried over to her side with a glass full of human sustenance. She looked up into his eyes, deep lines of worry were etched on his evil face. She swung the water away and the glass shattered on the floor. She started to strike his head, his face again and again, screaming in agony at being trapped in this place. He easily fended off her weak blows and held her tightly against himself. She knew she couldn’t fight him. He was stronger and well fed on malice and malevolence. She shrunk away from him towards the ruined walls. The fiend sat down at the edge of her bed and his unholy voice washed over her, “Honey, we can adopt. I know it’s too soon but that’s the only way we can get each other back. We can make our lives worth living again baby. Please”. He made to move towards her but she cowered away from him, whimpering. He dropped his hand and sighed deeply. She felt a brief stab of triumph again, she would never let things go according to his plans. “Think it over. I know what you are going through but you have to come out of this hell or everything you ever held dear will fall apart and it will be too late by the time you understand”, he said and walked out of the room. She wondered if that was a threat.

She idly pondered over what he had said. Adopt. She laughed bitterly. The humans needed to make new life to maintain the supremacy of their race on Earth. But she was a Corthinian. The people of her race did not need to reproduce. They began when Corthinia was born, they will live out their grey lives in the grey planet for an eternity and they will end with Corthinia. The planet was always in a state of unchanging perpetuity. The people of Earth, on the other hand, were plagued by impermanence. The planet was in constant flux, generating and training new lives, disposing the old ones every few years, filled with laughter and tears, filled with pink lives and grey corpses. Pink and Grey. A sharp pain arose without warning in her chest. Her breathing sped up as another memory assaulted her. She fought to push it down but it was a lost battle. Her breaths came in short, jagged wheezes as the memory crashed into her in blinding flashes. A pink new life in her shivering hands. Dizzying joy and relief. Her husband laughing and crying at the same time. Her heart filling with so much love that it could burst. A man in white smiling at their mad joy and remarking gruffly, “Forget the last four mishaps now. This is your miracle who completed the journey from your womb to your hands successfully and now nothing else matters. Keep her safe.” She howled in agony as the next flash of memory hit her. Her little pink miracle turning deathly blue in the dark black of the night. The hours passing her by on that cold floor beside the brown cot with her blue curse in her arms. And finally, the garish orange sunrise which found her with the beautiful grey corpse on her lap. Grey, the color of Corthinia. Her home, where nobody is born and no one ever dies. Where there is never any new life and she is an immortal being, complete and happy in every respect. The safe haven where she never has to feel the ghastly pain of loss.

She screamed till her throat was raw. Through a haze of red rage she saw the demon rush towards her. The evil man who had kept her trapped in misery for so long, who tore her away from her home and filled her head with terrible memories. The experiment had to end, the memories were not hers, they couldn't be, they had to be quashed and burnt, and the evil scientist had to pay for his gruesome crimes. With a wild howl she picked up the bloodthirsty knife and plunged it over and over into his evil heart with all the strength her feeble shell could muster. His yells of shock and pain quieted down soon enough and his dimming eyes looked one last time at her with gut-wrenching sadness for an infinite moment before going lifeless. Red was the color of her triumph. Red was the color of her horror. She knew not why she wept so bitterly at her long-awaited release. She was free, she was alone, she was wrecked, she was annihilated. The hours passed her by once again as she rocked gently near the red corpse slowly turning grey. Grey, the color of her Corthinia. The planet of eternities sewn together, devoid of pain and loss.

She knew they would come for her someday to save her from this hell and she would go home and work miracles again. She dreamed of the eternal grey landscapes when morning came, she dreamed of the tall black obelisks standing guard over Corthinia as the men took her away, she dreamed of her husband’s warm embrace and woke up screaming in a box with soft white walls. She could not see her home in the skies from here but she knew her people would come for her one day and heal her ravaged soul and take her home.

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