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this is basically about feeling alone, feeling abandoned and being vulnerable. i am pretty sure we have all felt this way at some point in time.
this poem is about a girl who feels alone and lost even though she really isn't.

i hope you enjoy it.

Submitted: May 27, 2016

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Submitted: May 27, 2016



S.O.S is anybody out there?

I am counting my last days

I am out of both hope ad faith

S.O.S are you out there?

Can you hear me?

Do you still care?


It's lonely and barren and cold

I am the only life i know

The only company i keep are the 

whispers that come out at night,

the eyes that creep through the 

cracks of the forest before light.

And the howls that signal

the coming of the moon


S.O.S this is my 'just-i-case'

Just in case this land

is my final destination

Just in case i lose my grip on reality

Just in case dilusion gets the best of me.


Just know that i tried.

I did not abandon you

You abandoned me

You letf me here...stranded,

Alone and cold.

You disappeared into the world,

I stood here and watched your back

As it grew fainter and fainter

Moving effortlessly, lithe...

Floating away.

Not a single footprit left in the sand


S.O.S is anyone out there?


A strenger? A friend? Anyone?

The silence is deafening

It is almost as loud as the whispers

As cold as the air

It's daunting. It's unbearable

S.O.S someone please come

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