Chapter 1: Duality

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The man did not know what he was looking for. He never did. Although he felt that he was lost throughout his life, drifting without a clear purpose, this time he’s really gone over the top. He found himself in what seemed to be a cave, but he couldn’t quite tell. Darkness was all that he could see.

So many questions to be answered, yet there was no one around to answer them. He started walking around, but nothing seemed to change. The man stopped, thinking to himself that he won’t end up anywhere by walking aimlessly, maybe even in circles. As he lay down, he could hear a deep and raspy voice cutting through the stillness of his surroundings.

“Ah, it would seem that I am not alone!” said the man with a sort of smile. A figure started taking shape in front of his eyes. He could not make out who it was, but it seemed very strange. The figure was darker than darkness itself. Fear and intrigue was all that was left in the man’s heart as he gazed upon this being, the air surrounding it feeling as if it was as ancient as time itself.

As the shadowy took form in front of his eyes, the man took what courage he had left and asked where he was. “Nowhere”, replied the figure.

“How can this be nowhere? Everywhere must be somewhere” said the man

“Indeed it is, but as you see it, this is the equivalent of nowhere” replied the figure

Now this was something the man did not expect to hear. This answered nothing.

“Who are you?”

“I have had many names, the one that you have probably heard is Death”

The man’s eyes got wider and wider, his heart pounding from his chest. He could not believe what he was hearing. “This must be a joke” he thought to himself, “No way this could be real”. Something was off, though. Although what he has heard is something any reasonable man would dismiss instantly, somehow, he felt as though this was the truth.

Before he could open his mouth, the shadow intervened and asked “I can see how reason might make you question me, but I can feel that you know I am telling the truth. Who else would come and search for you when you are nowhere?”

The man was paralyzed by what he had heard, but the figure continued “ Will you not fall on your knees and beg for your life, as so many others before you have done?”. The man felt a coldness that he had never experienced before. In a brief realization of his own frailty , he came to terms with what may happen. If this is the end, then let it be so, but he was not quite ready to leave this world just yet.

“My life is not my own to keep” replied the man. “For if it were mine, then it must be something that I have created and that is my property. I have not created life, but rather have been gifted with it. I do not know where it comes from nor where it should end up. All I know is that it is not mine to keep.”

“It could be, if I were not present in this world.” replied Death

“We are two sides of the same coin. Life and death are inseparable, one cannot be without the other. Nothing was made to be eternal, such is the way of all things. Life would have no meaning without death and you would have no purpose without life”. The man’s words echoed through nothingness, but behind every word he found strength and solace.

Death came closer and closer to the man, but he could hear no footsteps, no sound, nothing. An eerie silence followed wherever Death went. “Why then” Death asked “do you hold on with all that you have and are so afraid of me?”

“Life is all we know.” said the man “It is the end of everything that we have ever known that scares us the most. All that we know about the Afterlife is that we don’t know anything.”

Death’s hand reached out and touched the man’s face, leaving a mark on his cheek. “Take my mark and wear it as a reminder that no man has ever escaped me. From the greatest kings to the lowest paupers, I have met them all and I shall meet all of their kin. Know that you too shall suffer the same fate as the rest. Take my mark and carry it with you, but leave yours on the world. When the time comes for us to meet again, leave everything behind, take nothing but what you have learned with you, for we still have a great many things to talk about.”

As the last words of this great entity were lost in darkness, the man felt his breath renewed. A fire was relit in his chest and closed his eyes. When he opened them, everything was different. He did not know where he had been or what had happened. He felt a scar on his face, but did not know what to make of it. Must have been the accident, or maybe one of the doctors might know.

Submitted: May 27, 2016

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