Doll Shop

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Have you ever felt that dolls stare at you? The visitors of this shop definitely have.

Submitted: May 27, 2016

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Submitted: May 27, 2016



The streets of Framlingham coated with a layer of January's snow. Snowflakes playfully pirouette in the frosty air. The wind caresses the trees and earth with its chilly touch. The long winter is coming to an end and some grass is peaking from below the snow.

In the corner of Framlingham there is a doll shop. It's quite old, but at the same time charming. 

A sign hangs a little higher than the dark oak door. 'Pale Beauties of Fate' written on it. That's the name of the store.

Occasionally the bell's light-hearted voice echoes inside. During the day, many customers come to gaze at the dazzling porcelain dolls in the glass shelves. Sometimes, the dolls are bought.

The dolls' dresses are handmade, they're all different. Long and short, formal and playful, dark and light. Their hair is usually long in a beautiful hairstyle. Accessories such as shoes, hats and bags seen on many of the dolls. 

In the back of the store, there is a wall. It has marionettes on it. They're all unique like the dolls. Strings attached to their joints and a frozen expression on their face.

Somehow, the dolls feel different from those in other stores. They may have blank expressions and soulless eyes, but they feel alive somehow. Not all of them though. Only some of them seem to stare at you and chat amongst themselves.

I watch as the visitors come and go throughout the day. The kids talk to me, laugh, the adults smile at me and play with their children. It's a wonderful sight, especially if I see it every day.

The doll maker is behind the lavender curtains behind the cashier's desk. The sound of his humming sometimes arises from the room. 

This store may be filled with joy and laughter, but there is a dark secret within these walls. 

I remember that time as if it was yesterday. Those twins were so charming.

One day twins, a girl and a boy, came to look for a present to give for their mother's birthday. She loved porcelain dolls, so this shop was the best place to go.

Grace, the older twin, walked in first. Richard followed her and for a moment, he was surprised by how many dolls there were. 

"Come on! We don't have all day!" said Grace. "Y-yeah," said Richard.

Walking around the store for a few minutes the twins noticed something peculiar.

In one of the glass cabinet were two dolls. The one on the left wore a dress, while the one on the left wore pants and a shirt. Somehow, their outfits seemed familiar.

Suddenly Grace froze and Richard looked at her. "What's wrong?" he asked. 

Everything became clear once Grace looked at her twin's clothing, then at her own and back to the dolls. Their clothing was the same.

Now that the twins looked closer, they saw that the dolls looked exactly like them. 

"Let's just get a doll and leave, please Grace," Richard pleaded. "Fine, let’s keep looking," said Grace.

The twins decided that it was just a coincidence or if not, it's just something they don't want to know about. 

After of half an hour of searching, Richard found a beautiful doll. She was dressed in a red gown with a purse, a red ribbon and gloves.

They bought it and went home.

They were having so much fun on the way home that they didn't notice the seven pairs of eyes watching their every move.

The twins never came home or to the store. On the way home, a gang murdered them. 

Such sweet children they were. I watched them leave the shop. 

How truly disappointing. 

From that day on, anyone who saw a doll similar or just like them, they would die the same day. 

No one ever thought of those dolls being a big deal. However, even if they had mentioned it to the police, several of these dolls are cursed and they weave fate of some humans. 

Those pale beauties stood in the glass cabinets watching the customers come and leave. Their emotionless eyes gazing upon the view outside the windows. 

As the snowflakes playfully dance in the chilly air, and the winter comes to an end. I, too, stand in the glass cabinet and watch the visitors with my emotionless eyes.

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