The Scarletti Assassin

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As a child her family was taken from her by someone she loved dearly leaving her broken and alone until she was taken in by the man who taught her everything. Everything to be a assassin that is.
He has been alone for centuries until one night he found her and learned the truth about what happened all those years ago. will she trust him or will she find a way to end his long existence? Can she forgive herself and be reborn into a new life of love by the one man she has no power over?

Submitted: May 27, 2016

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Submitted: May 27, 2016



Part one

The darkness of the ally made Sabrina Scarletti look like an ordinary woman with soft curves and silky hair but in truth she was not what she appeared to be. In fact, she was one of the world’s best assassin’s. As she rounded the corner four thugs turned and she could tell by the lust in their eyes, they wanted her. Inwardly she smiled; she was aching for a good fight.

“Hey baby, what’s a pretty girl like you doin’ walkin’ around this place all by yourself for?”  She allowed a sheepish smile to curve her lips.

“I got lost. Do you know where the Ritz is?” Her voice was soft and inviting, a thing she had learned early on that lured men to her. The dark-haired man speaking was obviously the leader of the group. He was built like a quarterback, and his smile, full of crooked yellow teeth, widened as she let her eyes drift over him, noting to herself that he favored his right side, hand hovering.

“What’s the hurry, baby?” he asked moving close enough that she could smell the liquor that fermented his breath and clothes.

“Yeah, why don’t you hang out with us for a little while,” another man in his group said as they formed a loose circle around her. She turned slightly to keep them all in sight her eyes moving continuously.

“I would but it’s a little chilly out here.” Shivering slightly she rubbed her leather gloved hands together as if trying to warm them.

“We’ll keep you warm, honey,” The leader said as he gripped her arm pulling her flush against him keeping her perfect façade as only years of discipline allowed her to do when every cell in her body rebelled at his touch.

“What are you names?”

 “I’m Abe, and this is Mike, Peter, and Foster what do we call you, hon?”

“I’m Sara.”

“Well, Sara would you like to have some fun?” A sick light shown in his eyes as they roamed over her body.

“Would you like to?”

“Oh, yeah we all would.” She whirled around and brought her foot down on his knee, satisfied when the crack was audible, and he went down hard cursing and reaching for her ankle. She stepped away and slammed a knee into the groin of the man closest to her. The last two were circling her cautiously then suddenly charged her. She twisted and sent a kick into one’s head knocking him out and punching the other in the back of the head, his body dropping to the cement like a bag of rocks. She turned back to Abe and saw him struggling to stand staring in amazement at his comrades’ lying unconscious.

“You are going to pay for that, you bitch!” he shouted as he charged her like a bull, she held her arms away from her side and stepped to the right as he rushed her. Grabbing his armshe twisted her foot connecting with his right side, the sound of ribs cracking greeting her ears. He cried out and dropped to his knees and she fisted a handful of his hair forcing his head back so she could look into his watery blue eyes. She leaned in close, her lips brushing his ear.

“No, you are going to pay bitch,” she whispered softly in his ear and yanked his head to the side snapping his neck in one smooth motion while releasing her hold on his hair and watched his body slump to the ground. She turned away from the scene unaware of the tawny haired man watching from the nearby rooftop.

He watched the woman with hair the color of flame turn away from the men she took down effortlessly and glide down the alley not even bating an eyes as she killed the leader. She had sparked his interest and captured his attention, something that had not been done in 1700 years, but in six minutes she had ensnared him. He followed silently on the rooftops as she went into an abandoned warehouse with numerous windows and exits, disappearing into the dark interior. He dropped down silently and dissolved into mist streaking through the doorway and blending into the shadows. He spotted her sitting at a table with two men; the one closest to her was in his early thirties’ with blonde hair and a charcoal suit, the second in his late fifties’ with a receding hair line.

“What is it you want me to do?” Her lilting voice was musical yet emotionless as she watched them.

“We were referred to you by a mutual friend, he said that you could get rid of a person for us.” The older of the two men said pulling out a manila envelope and sliding it across the table toward her. but she made no move to pick it up even as she nodded.

“I do so for a considerable amount of money.” She was leaning back in the chair looking completely at ease with her eyes half-closed, but he knew that she only looked content, that inside she was still and coiled like a corbra ready to attack.

“How much money are we talking here?” the other asked, narrowing his eyes.

“Depends on the target,” she replied with a small shrug on her shoulders. She continued to watch him until he was forced to look away.

“The targets information is in the envelope, assassin.” She snatched the envelope and opened it, from his position behind her he could see the man she was suppose to kill. The name turned his blood to ice, Hunter Savage, his twin.

“For him it’ll be 6 million, half now half after it’s done,” she said studying the photo, unknowing that she would not survive if she took the job. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. They looked at each other and both nodded at the other.

“Very well, met us here tomorrow night same time, and we’ll have your money.” She nodded and stood with a lazy ripple on the steely muscles that ran under the satin skin and black jumpsuit that clung to the curves and hollows of her small curvy body. She watched as the men stood, turned, and walked out the door, talking quietly with each other.

“This job is a trap, piccola,” He said softly, shifting back to his physical form. She spun around to face him, surprise flaring in her eyes, witch eyes, smoky blue with black rings. She watched him the same way she had the men in the ally, inwardly playing how the fight would go down, trying to find any weaknesses to aid her.

She found herself face to face with the most beautiful man she had ever seen. Power clung to him like a second skin, the broad shoulders and tall body, and golden hair that hung past his shoulders. His face was that of a Greek god carved from some unnamable stone, with cool topaz eyes that seemed to see right straight through her to her black soul.

“How did you get in here?” she demanded eyeing him carefully. So this is the man they sent to kill her.

“I was not sent here to kill you, piccola.” The words shimmered in her mind as her eyes widened, breath catching in her lungs.

“How did you do that?” she whispered searching her mind to make sure her block was still in place. He shrugged and glided closer his muscles rippling under the thin silk of his shirt.

“What is your name?” he asked softly, his voice was hypnotic and compelling, willing her to answer.


“Your real name, please.” His head cocking to the side, golden hair falling across his forehead and she wondered if it felt as soft as if looked.

“Why would I tell you that?” Her eyes blazed defiance.

“I could easily pick it out of your head, but I know you would not like me running around in your mind, piccola.”

“Sabrina,” she answered quietly, her voice shaking with nerves and bit her lip. Her eyes shifted moodily around the room looking anywhere but at him.

“Sabrina, you can’t take this job they know that you will not live they were sent after you from Yaksha,” he stated gently almost tenderly reaching out to brush a few strands of hair that had fallen in her face. She flinched and moved backward putting space in between them.

“How do I know you weren’t sent to kill me, how can I trust you?” she said quietly, eyeing him wearily.

His heart ached for him to take her away from this place to where she would be safe.. He watched in displeasure as she took a small step away from him as he moved closer, a growl slipping between his teeth and rippling along the walls. Her eyes widened and at that exact moment she bolted toward the door. He moved with supernatural speed and wrapped his arms around her small flying figure effectively holding her pinned against him.

“Calm down, your heart is beating much too fast let it follow the rhythm of mine,” he whispered in her ear and a small “push” to enforce his order. Her breathing slowed first and matched the air rushing in and out of his lungs soon her heart followed slowing matching the steady rhythm of his.

“Let me go!” she growled twisting and lashing out with her feet hoping to connect with his legs to throw him off balance.

“Do not make me have to force your compliance.”She stilled and stood shaking her mind franticly working out how to gain her freedom.

“What are you!” she whispered franticly soft tremors running through her body. His arms were wrapped tightly around her waist holding her hostage.

Be calm, I am not here to harm you only to keep you safe as I promised your parents.”  She went completely still, tilting her head back to stare into his eyes.

He stared deep into her eyes as she tilted her head back to look at him, he could see the fear and surprise swirling together in the smoky blue of her eyes. . He felt the soft brush of her mind against his and triumph burst through him, but he kept his face carefully expressionless as he opened his mind to her. Instead of pulling away she deviled deeper searching for the truth in his memories. She pushed into memories and found herself looking into her mother’s clear green eyes, her long auburn hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and she wore a white silk nightgown that fell to the floor in a long graceful flow. Her father stood in front of her mother’s smaller frame protectively his black shoulder length black hair fell in jagged waves to his shoulders and to her horror as her father move slightly she caught a glimpse of her uncle Tyler. Her father and uncle wore almost the same thing black shirt and jeans; each had a gun in his hand pointed directly at her. No, at him.

“You cannot expect us to let you take our Sabrina away from us we don’t know you and haven’t had the best of luck with your kind, Mr. Savage,” my mother reasoned her voice was tinged with worry and her eyes flickered toward Sabrina’s black bedroom door.

“She is my life mate, I can do her no harm,” His voice was calm despite the fact that he had two guns trained on him. She saw her mother exchange a glance with her father and he shook his head at her, frowning severely. She watched as she stepped around him and ignoring his warning, walked to stand in front of him. She held out her hand and he placed his own in it. Her mother looked small and fragile in comparison to his superior height and size. Her eyes locked with Chase/Sabrina’s and held them for a long moment; looking satisfied she dropped his hand and stepped back.

“If you are telling the truth give her ten years of freedom, watch over her but don’t make contact in that time.”

“On my life,” His voice was serious and hard and she pulled out of the memory returning to her own body. Chase felt her pull out of his head as the stiffness of her body dissipated.

“What are you?” Her words caressed the walls of his mind, her voice was soft and he felt the unshed tears in her mind. He pulled her closer providing comfort for her as memories of her parent’s brutal murder crept into her mind. The blood pooling on the floor, splattering on the walls running down it in streams, and the sightless eyes of her parents, and brother staring back at her their faces forever frozen in horror and pain. He caught the fleeting memory of a man with madness shining in his eyes coming toward her a knife dripping blood clenched tightly in his hand. Tyler. Betrayer. He and his brother had only meant the man once but he remembered the face.

Sabrina.” He pushed away the memories of her bloody past. It surprised him when instead of pulling away this time she pressed closer turning to bury her face against his throat, shaking violently in his arms.

“I should have been there to protect them,” she said softly pressing deep into his mind hiding. He tightened his hold on her, his larger frame shielding her smaller one.

“No, piccola  there was nothing you could do except die with them.” An unexpected tenderness swelled up inside him, wanting to take her away and hide her where no one could ever hurt her again.

“Maybe I should have, I have killed people as well all the while wishing it was Tyler Blake I was cutting into.” Her voice was grim as she pulled up images of the work she had done. A man who was blackmailing her client, and a woman who had simply gotten in the way. The man she killed by strangulation and the woman by pushing her off a six- story balcony and onto the rot iron fence below. He studied the images noting that she had anger and pain mixing into the responsibility of the jobs she had been given.

It seems to me, piccola, that you use these jobs to express your anger at your uncle Tyler.” He caught her chin in his hand and tilted it up so she had no choice but to meet his unwavering gaze. A predator’s gaze completely focused as if he could see right through her and to her shredded soul. He looked deep into her expressive eyes as he motioned her uncle. Her eyes flared with fire. Hatred and pain swirling together into one intense emotion.

“I have hunted for him for years and never came close to finding him,” she said her aggravation coating her voice and swimming in her eyes making them darken to a deep sea blue.  He turned his head toward the door as the sound of tires alerted him that someone had pulled up outside.

“What is it?” Sabrina whispered softly feeling the sudden stillness in him. He turned his head to look into at Sabrina’s bright blue eyes.

“Are you expecting anyone?” She shook her head and turned to face the door and possible threat, her hand creeping toward the left side. She pulled out a long seven inch knife and held it at the ready as the car doors slammed outside and footsteps moved toward the door. Chase inhaled and smelled their excitement permeating the air, one of the men was one from the ally. Mike.

“It’s one of the men from the ally Mike, and he has friends.” He pointed out softly dropping his arms from around her waist and stepping up next to her ready to yank her out of the way should there be a need. The door swung inward and Mike along with six other men entered the warehouse. Sabrina hid the knife in the folds of her long floor length black coat and stood silently assessing the men one by one noting mentally any weaknesses she found. On the exterior she looked every bit like a normal woman small and easily overpowered but he knew inside where no one could see she was coiled and ready to strike. Mike’s eyes ran over Sabrina’s body and black rage coursed through Chase’s body shaking him, it had been years since he had felt emotion and this small woman had brought him back to life without knowing the amazing thing she gave back to him. The men surrounding Mike were watching him warily but he could see that they all wanted Sabrina.

“You didn’t think I wouldn’t come after you did you, you little bitch,” Mike snarled, as he glared at her. His lip curled back reveling broken yellow teeth. Chase with his enhanced senses could smell the liquor clinging to all of them just like in the ally. Sabrina smiled flashing perfect white teeth at Mike and his friends shrugging slightly but didn’t in the least seem disturbed at being called a bitch.

“Well, I was hoping you would get the message in the ally, but if you wish me to teach you again I can do no other than oblige you,” her words were soft and inviting, like they were the best of friends and not two people who were about to fight for their lives. Mike’s eyes narrowed as they landed on Chase.

“You think that your boyfriend will be able to beat all of us before we get you?” He sneered, as his friends laughed loudly. As laughter bubbled up from Sabrina’s mouth flooding the room it tugged on his heart. He surprised himself by falling so hard for this strong independent woman standing surrounded by men who wanted to use and kill her, but she didn’t look at them in contempt instead there was no emotions showing in her eyes.

“He is not my boyfriend and besides I already beat you once but I made the mistake of not killing you, you will not be so lucky this time.” Anger permeated the air replacing the excitement of the fight, Mike’s face turned bright red with fury.

“Kill them!” his voice was shrill the anger shooting his voice up a few octaves. His men rushed toward them as Sabrina smiled.

The adrenalin pumped through Sabrina’s veins as the men rush her and the man standing completely still next to her looking every bit a god from ancient history. She sighed as the men neared her but then they seemed to hit a wall slamming into it with enough force to send them stumbling back before falling to the ground.

“You were foolish to threaten this woman in my presence, Michael, you cannot pretend you do not know who I am,” Chase’s voice held a whip of reprimand inside the velvet folds of his voice. That voice stroked her skin like fingers enclosing her in warmth and that scared her. She had never been attracted to men but somehow she seemed drawn to him, she didn’t trust her feelings let alone and that made it even worst that he was also telepathic like her but much stronger. Mike’s eyes for the first time focused on the man and she saw the color drain from his face and his eyes flare with fear.

“Chase Savage.” His voice was so low that Sabrina almost missed what he had said. Savage. That was the last name of her target, she glanced at Chase and she could see the resemblance between the man in the photo and the one standing next to her, the same flowing tawny colored hair and cold topaz eyes. Her breath caught in her lungs and stilled.

I was assigned the job to kill your twin?” even in her mind it sounded like a question. Chase didn’t answer but instead sent her waves of reasurement and warmth.

“This woman belongs to me, and you dare to threaten her with me in the room?” He repeated his gaze cold and unwavering as he starred at the poor excuse of a man. When she would have protested Chase reached over and wrapped his long fingers around her wrist. She snapped her mouth closed when she would have protested but continued to shake in fury.

“How dare you say such a thing!” she hissed in his mind, her only answer was the male amusement that seeped into her mind.

“I was only telling the truth, piccolo,” he replied softly his words brushing the walls of her mind. His thumb feathered lightly over her pounding pulse a small thing he didn’t seem to notice that he did.

“She killed my friend, she will pay for that!” Mike spat at him, turning to leer at Sabrina, “And maybe something more.” He rubbed his groin suggestively and she saw Chase’s eyes turn even brighter gold then before and his pupils dilate. His stare reminded her of a large jungle cat locked onto his pray.

“You will not touch her if you value your life, Michael,” Chase said softly, his voice had gone even softer than before sending a chill racing down her spine. If his voice had that effect on her she wondered how Mike felt. She watched as his face turned as red as a tomato.

“You cannot deny me the punishment of this woman, she killed Abe!” he sputtered, his voice rising to a shout even as his men groaned from where they lay on the floor.

“And who is going to help you take her from me?” Chase asked amusement shimmering in his voice but it didn’t reach his eyes leaving them as cold as ever, Mike’s face went pale, as he realized that his men were still lying on the ground. Most unconsious but a few were twitching. Mike’s hand went to grab the gun inside his coat but Sabrina pulled the knife from the folds of her black coat and threw with deadly accuracy, the blade sinking deep into his throat buried to the hilt, he gurgled, and then toppled to the ground as his blood pooled on the floor around him as the life left his eyes. Chase turned to look at her; one black brow ached in inquiry.

“He was beginning to bore me prattling on about killing me,” she said with a small shrug of her shoulders.

Chase watched her as she crossed the space between her and the now dead Michael. She pulled out the knife with one strong tug and wiped the blade on Mike’s dusty black coat before returning it the sheath on her left side hidden in the deep folds of her long coat.

“I can see how that would be a bore to you,” he said, his voice stroked over her skin like fingers wrapping her in warmth.

“How is it you do that?” she inquired softly turning to look his in the eyes. Chase felt her stare like a punch in the gut, the air rushing out of his lungs. He had the curious sensation of fall forward into the smoky blue depths of her eyes before her question registered.

“How do I do what?” his heart pounded in his veins as she slowly approached him, she glided silently like water over rocks.

“Mesmerize people using only your voice.” Her small white teeth sank into her full bottom lip, and he had to resist the urge to kiss her.

“Do I?” he asked playing the innocent. Her hands gathered the thick mass of flame colored hair quickly weaving it into a braid as thick as his wrist.

“You have to know the effect you have on people.” He admired her most people would have dropped their eyes but she held her chin high and kept her smoky witch eyes locked onto his golden ones.

“Do I have that effect on you?” He deliberately lowered his voice; he heard her swift intake of breath.

“You know you do,” her voice slipped into his head stroking the walls of his mind pouring in like warm honey filling every dark space with light. She may think her soul in dark and broken but she was still his light. He crossed the space between them, unable to stand the distance needing to feel her in his arms soft and warm. He felt her stiffen but after a few moments her body went soft and pliant molding to his.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered burying his face in her hair, inhaling her scent.

“No, I’m not I have scars covering my body,” she denied, as her arms wrapped around his waist holding him close to her. He raised his head and studied her face; he lowered his head and kissed the tip of her nose.

“Really, says who because you look perfect to me, piccolo,” he insisted softly, wrapping her thick braid around his wrist and tugged genially, pulling her head back so he could stare into her oddly colored eyes. He felt her stiffen and he watched as her eyes darkened. He felt her move in his mind and then the picture appeared. The man was tall with thick arms and a deep chest, his eyes were black and shiny like twin pieces of obsidian while his hair salt and pepper, cruelty hardened the edge of his mouth, and he had numerous scars running over his chest and down his arms. Arnold. The man who had taken in a broken child and taught her how to be a killer.

“This man is the one who taught you to kill, and he betrayed you?” She buried her face against his chest, her ear resting over his heart. He could feel the fine tremors running down her body and he tightened his arms around her needing to comfort her. She nodded her head, still keeping her face against his heart. Sabrina could hear the strong steady beat of his heart under her ear, and surprisingly she found the sound was strangely comforting. She hid from the memories of Arnold beating her small body, punishing her if she ever cried out. Her back and legs throbbed, and she could still feel the harsh crack of the whip, the burning pain as it slashed through the soft flesh of her back. Chase didn’t push her away as she thought he would instead she felt his arms tighten around her. Her legs gave out as the memories crashed in and pain flooded her mind. He still didn’t let go but instead his arm wrapped around the back of her knees and lifted her against him.

Easy, piccolo, come back to me,” his voice brushed along the walls of her mind and penetrated the pain and fear of that little girl inside her, drawing her away from the memories crowding in. He could feel the drowning terror that was pulling her under. A sound of pure terror escaped her throat, and she burrowed into Chase’s hard body, running from her feelings.

Piccolo, you are not alone, I am with you in those memories he is not strong enough to break you.” Sabrina clung to the rich deep sound of his voice and the horror receded slightly. Sabrina realized that there were hot tears tracking down her face, and that her body was pushing close against Chase’s hard one. He caught the echo of a thought, forever alone meant to be alone.

“Piccolo, I will never abandon you come back to me,” he whispered, using his voice to draw her away from the pain and death. The tremors shaking her body so hard that he thought it would break her little bird bones. He slipped smoothly into her mind and begun the draining process of pushing back memories and building up doors. As he pulled out of her mind he swayed slightly and he felt her arms tighten around his waist, holding him to her as if she were afraid to let go. He stroked his hand up and down her back in a soothing gesture as she tried to regain her composer.

“I’m sorry I’m usually not so weak,” she said so softly that he almost didn’t catch the whispered words. His heart clenched hard in his chest, she sounded so forlorn that he wanted to take her somewhere where no one could hurt her.

“It’s not weak to show emotion, piccolo,” he murmured softly, when she didn’t raise her head he gently freed one arm so he could force her to meet his eyes. The breath stilled in his lungs at the emotions swirling there. Hurt. Anger. Pain. Lost. 

“Piccolo, you have every right to be angry with the monster that harmed you, but never for one moment think that your parents’ death had anything to do with you.”

Sabrina heard the ring of truth in his words but he had it wrong, she had everything to do with her parents’ tragic demise. If she had only listened to her parents warning and make certain no one was around when she unleashed her strange gift. Instead she had thought it stupid, who would follow her into the forest? When the continued fire she unleashed had scorched the ground forever black. She pushed into his mind shoving the memories in his head, all the while staring into his golden eyes watching for his reaction. He didn’t look away from her but instead embraced the memories and examined them carefully.

“You think this is the reason that your parents were killed, because someone had followed you to this clearing?” His voice was soft but his soft remarks felt like blows. Fresh tears blurred her sight and she dropped her head hiding her face against his chest, her ear resting over the reassuring beat of his heart.

I don’t think it’s the reason I know it is,” she whispered the words against the walls of his mind, unable to speak the damning words aloud. His hand came up catching her chin and forced her head up so she had no choice but to meet his probing eyes.She was prepared for anger and revolution but not for the tenderness and acceptance in his eyes. Her breath caught in her throat and her heart thundered in her veins, his hand came up and his thumb caressed her cheek.

No, piccolo your uncle is the reason they are dead it was his choice to kill them, when I meet him again he will pay for the pain he caused you,” his words were soft as they slipped into her mind, she stared into his liquid gold eyes and saw the truth there, he would make Tyler pay for his crimes. A small smile curved her lips, lighting her eyes as she reached up and cupped his face in her hands.

“I know you want to kill him for what he has done to me, but I would much rather do it myself even if it’s the last thing I do,” she said the words fiercely her eyes glowing with the hatred of her uncle. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath fighting the dark energy building in her mind, waiting for one moment of weakness to explode. She leaned her head against Chase’s hard chest, breathing away the pain and anger of betrayal.

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