The Rise of Azrael: Angel of Blood

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Vampires hide no more, and Chicago faces it's biggest threat ever. From the shadows a police officer with a thirst for blood arrives. with the aid of his newly turned vampire love, this savior finds that the lines between good and evil are not as solid as they used to be...... now with the threat of a ancient war on the horizon, will he survive and protect the way of life he once loved? or will he fall to his doom, the way an angel falls from grace?

Submitted: May 27, 2016

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Submitted: May 27, 2016



  It was the beginning, yet also the end. It all started with curiousity that didn't just kill the damn cat, it changed it....poluted it and turned it into a being that was something else. That  was the night I died. That was the night I was born. I was a police officer walking my usual beat, when I heard a blood-curdling scream. A scream that sounded like it was echoing from the very gates of hell. Being what I was, I went to investigate. I knew I should have called for backup, but it was a sound that entranced me..... then I heard it. A laugh that chilled my bones to the very core. Then it happened. a hand pulled my head roughly to the side and something bit down hard. I tried to scream. But the sound never came. Then it all went black........ I woke up in the morgue, and made my way to my locker in the Chicago Police Station. As I stumbled out of the locker rooms wearing my uniform, my sergeant found me and screamed....."What the hell?! What are you?" he yelled loudly. suddennly fifty officers came to see what was happening. the only response I could make was more of a plea than an answer..... "Blood, I need Blood......."


  I now realize I was a catalyst. an idea of something that sparked a change in Chicago. No longer would the dead hide amongst the living, no longer would predator fear it's prey, no longer would we be hunted down and killed just because of what we are. We were still feared, still mocked and despised. people named me "Azrael" and others called me names like "Leech-man", "Freak", and "Monster-man". So I decided to take an oath to be a bounty hunter. One who hunted criminals in both the vampire world and mortal world, those who broke the laws of the living and the laws of the dead. This is My Story. This is my Tale.

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The Rise of Azrael: Angel of Blood

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