Campus Rape (Part1)

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This story is about a young Freshman At Edinboro University of Pennsylvania who was raped, beaten, stocked and harassed. This is a true story about me. This is how a dream turned into a nightmare.

Submitted: May 27, 2016

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Submitted: May 27, 2016



  I moved into college on August 25,2014. Then on September 2, 2014, I was walking over to the Financial Aid building across campus. There is this bridge by the library.  The bridge is over a street. It is the quick way to the other side of campus. I need to go and talk to Financial Aid. When I got to the building it was closed. I decided that I was going to walk back to my dorm room and try again tomorrow. As I was walking back I took the bridge. I enterd on to the bridge and there was this guy walking in the other dierection. We passed one another.
Then suddenly he grabs me by the arm and slams me into the side of the tunnel. He starts to hit me. He started to hit me in the arms and legs. Then he put his hands down into my pant. I am trying to get away. I start to scream and he puts his hand over my month. He pulls me in close and is trying to kiss me. I try to pull away. He keeps forcing me to kiss him. I could feel his hard on. He throws me to the ground and I hit my head. Then he climbs on top of me. He pulls down my pants and then pulls down his pants. Then he shoved his penis into me. I was trying to scream but he put his hand over my mouth and he was biting me. I tried to hit him. I tried to get him off of me. But something spooked him and he got up and pulled his pants up and ran away. As soon as I could move I started to get dressed again.  
As I was finished getting dressed, I started to my dorm again. I got out of the tunnel and walked past the library over by the student center. Then I swyped into my dorm room building. Then I took the stairs up to my floor and swyped onto my floor. Then I came down into my dorm and when into my room. I when and crawled into my bed. I staired at the ceiling the whole night. Morning came way to soon. I got up and when to classes. But it was very hard to force on what was happening in class. On Thursday I got up and when to work and class. 
On Thursday night I get a call. I pick up my cell and answer the call. “Hello?” “ I am looking for Amber? “”This is her””Hello, this is the university police. I want to talk about something that may or may not have happened.”I hung up the phone and was laying there. My phone goes off again and it is the same number. I didn’t answer the phone. The same number called again. I didn’t pick up the phone. I had  a voicemail. I called my voicemail. The message was “ this is  the  university police, I am not trying to harrasse you. I am trying to find out if something may or may not have happened. Give me a call back when you get this.” 
I was laying in bed trying to get up the courage to call them back. The next thing I know there is pounding at the door. I get up and open the door and there is a cop at the door. “Hello?” “Hello, Are you Amber?” “I am.” “ Can we talk in the hall?” “Sure.” “ Amber, I have been getting report about something that did or did not happen. I just want to know if it did or did not. I just need to know.” “ It did happen on campus.” “What happened?” “ I was raped on campus.” “Where did it happen?” ” It happened on the sky bridge.” “ How did it happened.” I told him everything that happened. “Can you give me a description and what was he wearing?” “ He is 6’0 foot, 170 pounds, Brown Shaggy hair and brown eyes. Clothes are black hoodie,boots jeans and a t-shirt.” “Can you give me your clothes and that you were in the other night?” “Yes.”
We walked back into my room and I unlocked my door and started to gather my clothes. He called for brown paper bags. “ Why did you not report that you were raped sooner?” “ Do you want the truth?” “Yes” “ I do not trust cops.” “ Why do you not trust cops?” “ The first time I was raped. I was 16 years old. I live in Pittsburgh. So I when to the Pittsburgh police. I talked to an officer and they basicly told me that they did not believe me. They had a officer take me out of the building.” “ Are we better than them?” “ I guess” “ Amber that is messed up. I can see why you don’t like them.” 
He handed me a piece of paper and told me to write down everything that happened. I wrote down everything that I told him. People started coming in. They were firing questions at me. This was just so overwheling. The officer wanted to take me to the hospital for a rape kit. I only knew that one person that was there. That person was my RA Jordan. They asked me so many questions that I justed wanted to break down and cry. They also asked me so many questions that I did not want to answer. 
I looked up at the office and asked when we were going to the hospital. He said that we are going as soon as we were done here. I told him that I was ready to go. I had had to put shoes on and grab a jacket. Also I had to grab my keys and my wallet and my cell phone. I got into the police mens car and rode to the poice station. I was told to wait in the back and watch tv until we had someone else at the police. I sat their and waited. There were cops who would come in and ask questions. I busted into tears many times. Then we finally started up to the hsopital. We had to wait for the special nurse that did rape kits.
A nurse came in and she need to take some blood. I was freaked out because I hate needles. Another nurse had to hold my hand when the needle was in. She took 4 tubes of blood. Then I sat there in the hospital and wanted. I was watching SVU on the TV. Then a lady came from the Crime Victums Center. She sat there and talked to me for a while. Then she waited to see what was up with this nurse. She said that she had to go and that she would be back when the nurse came in to work. Around 5 oclock I finally fell to sleep. At about 6:30 am the nurse comes into wake me up. She takes me to another room. 
Then she makes me change into a hospital gown. Then she puts me on a table and puts a tool into my virgina for collect DNA. After that they said that the cops were here to take me back to campus with the rape kit. The officer gave me a ride back home. I when back into my room and crashed in my bed. 


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