Philosophy of Love: the Romance between Demion & SvetAngel- The Prequel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Prequel to the main alternate events for Demion's timeline, a formless dark entity who works like a devil but bored with his astral duties decided to become human possessing all his supernatural abilities, but forgotten who he is; but with a little mystery and wonders he starts to begin to uncover his own identity crisis, and found repentance through the love of a fallen angel and finally a Archangel in order to return back to his sanity, his ultimate higher self.

Table of Contents

The Prequel

Introduction     Before the creation of time  many souls came out of the light but there were also many came o... Read Chapter

Black Magic

 Chapter 2   Few nights ago, Demion was staring at the small bar window and his cellmate one woman and one old man with... Read Chapter

Deep Understanding

Chap 3 :

Back to the present Session of Demion and Lanochka:

“ Do you know anything about the guard recently. He died horribly”, said Dr Lanaochka. Demion sat silently. “ His wife called, she said someone came to the house and murdered him. The funny thing was there was no broken windows, or missing money. They made love that night and in the next morning she woke up and found that her husband’s eyes was missing and multiple stab wounds in his stomach. Demion was imagining the scene, and can see that her husband was silently being killed, and slowly smiling sadistically.
“ I suspect it is black magic. This is not new, it’s a commonly known occult practice”, said Dr Lanochka.
“ Why do you ask me”, said Demion. “Do you think I could have done such a thing?”
“ Why would the military be interested in you in the first place, why did they lock you up here in this facility instead of a research lab or a high correction facility but instead here, a normal asylum,” said Dr. Lanochka.
“This is why you are here to find out, my little pretty angel,”, said Demion.
A medical doctor and a military officer is examining the discussion through a recorded video camera. The commander hinted the other doctors and so they went into the room. Dr Lanaochka was resistant to what they are doing but they managed to restrain her.
“ It looks like my doctor is here they are going to make me feel better,HAHAHA” giggled Demion, with a new tone of voice.
“ This hallucinations will keep you consistent,” said a medical staff.
Demion starting to laugh sinisterly like insane, and push his head back on the chair, drooling a little. The doctors left the room. Demion rocking his chair.
“ What did they do to you,” said Dr Lanochka.
“Come and help put my hair back, so you can see me better,” said Demion.
While Dr Lanaochka was moving towards Demion sitting back on his chair, she felt something different. As Demion also felt something different. She slowly pulled back Demion’s hair and starts to slowly looking and staring at Demion’s eye. He looked so innocent.

“ You are beautiful, Dr Lanochka. You are different then every other people I have known and seen,” said Demion. Demion was looking into her mind and saw something very strange as there was bits of memories of himself.
“ Do you know people today have strange tastes in food, clothing, and even knowledge. Not everyone is genuine and real. They want to know what is power, that want attention, they want to gain some fame, or become rich in a high society. Do you know what I want,” said Demion. Dr. Lanaochka was becoming mystified as she was becoming lost into his eyes, as Demion was smiling sinisterly.
Read Chapter

The mystery of war

Chapter 4   When the session was over, Dr. Lanochka went back home. Lanaochka was eating her dinner in her apartment complex... Read Chapter

Freedom from the known

Chap 5 : Present Asylum: nightfall   Demion staring at the night sky in his cell, having a cold stare his hair stilled pulle... Read Chapter

The enemy is not the other, the enemy is you

Chap 6 : The next few days, when the medical staffs realize the patients were dying but did not understand.  Demion was contempl... Read Chapter

relationship are never meant to be perfect

Chap 7. As the soul of sleeping Lanocka and Demion floated  into the abyss of time, there was some voices behind the white and ... Read Chapter

We make our predestiny

  Epilogue The memories of the of a broken timeline flutters in where the old man that hanged himself, beca... Read Chapter

5.1 edit scene

Edit ??? When Josa bleed to death, she woke up in a dream state, which she saw Demion. He had a bright smile and well groomed hair.... Read Chapter

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