The Quest For Hot Dogs

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A quest for hot dogs... based off of a true story.

Submitted: May 27, 2016

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Submitted: May 27, 2016



“You know what? I really want hot dogs.” I stated, confusing my friend who was exploring the theme park along with me. After a few seconds of getting over the randomness of my comment, she agreed with me.


“Yeah, I sorta want hot dogs too.” She said, causing us to both set off around the amusement park. After a few minutes of wandering aimlessly, we realized we both had no idea where to get hot dogs.


“Uh… where are we?” I asked, hoping that my friend would have at least a tiny idea of where we were.


“Um, I thought you knew.” She replied sheepishly. I threw my arms up into the air, exasperated.


“Oh great, we’re lost!” Suddenly I realized that I had no arms anymore because I threw them into the air. “Oh no!” I yelled as I saw my arms hit someone in the face.


“WRITER! This is supposed to be a realistic story!” My friend yells into the air.


“Sorry,” a voice called out of nowhere, “it was too perfect a moment.” My arms were reattached to where they were supposed to be but the man I hit still lay on the floor. We both stared at him for a few moments before deciding what to do.


“Should we uh… should we help him?”  My friend said while I just walked up to him and nudged him with my foot.


“Arghh...” The man groaned while he rubbed his head.


“Ah you’re alive! So where do they sell hot dogs?” I asked, completely ignoring the fact that I had knocked the man out just a few minutes prior.


“Ugh w-what? It’s over there…” He mumbled while pointing somewhere, still slightly dazed.


“Thanks!” I said, skipping off happily while leaving behind my dumbfounded friend. She ended up following me and we went all the way to the other side of the park where we found a restaurant.  We both asked them if they had hot dogs but the cashier just said no and told us we could find hot dogs on the other side of the park. And so we went off and continued our journey all the way back to the other side of the theme park. When we reached there, we saw another restaurant, so we asked if they had hot dogs.


“No, sorry. But this restaurant on the other side of the park has hot dogs.” Said the cashier. I let out a big sigh - when will this end? When we finally reached the other side of the park once again, we saw it - the hot dog stand. As we ran up to it, we realized that it was now 10 pm, and everything was closed.

“No… It can’t be! NOOO!” I yelled as I dramatically fell to my knees with my arms in the air. My friend sympathetically patted me on the back as she stared at the closed sign over the stand.


“Oi you two, get out! The park’s closed.” A janitor yelled at us, shooing us out of the theme park. My friend and I both sat on a bench outside of the gates.


“I’m still hungry…” I heard my friend mumble.

“Yeah, let’s go find a Taco Bell!” I suggested, causing us to both set of on another journey to find a Taco Bell somewhere around us.

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