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The story April and how she first brings karate and religion (Her own type of religion) to fairy world.

Submitted: May 28, 2016

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Submitted: May 28, 2016



(This story is a prelude to Fairy-ism)





There once lived a fairy named April who loved exploring the world and reporting what she saw to her friends and family.  April would usually go exploring early in the mornings and wouldn't return until late afternoons.  Upon visiting with family and friends, April would tell lots of odd stories; for example, she once told a story to her family about a small bird killing and eating a huge brown bear.  April's friends and family usually didn't believe the stories she told them, instead they just took the stories with a grain of salt, as great stories to listen to.  However, April's younger cousin Lei would listen and believe the stories and wish she was old enough to go exploring with April.

One day, while exploring the world, April stumbled upon a crowd of men encircling a young woman. The men, having finished talking to the young woman, started to attack her. April was scared for the woman, but the fear was subsided when she saw how well the woman defended herself. The men who attacked the woman were, in less than a minute, all on the ground unconscious.  Fairies don't usually interact with us humans (or whoever reading this book) but her curiosity got the best of her. She went towards the woman and asked her how she defeated all those men. The woman looked at April and with excitement said "Wow, you're a fairy!"  "Yes I am." said April. "Now tell me, how did you beat those men so easily?"April asked.

"Easy, I do Karate."  responded the fearless woman.

"Karate, what's that?" asked April.

The young woman told April that karate is a disciplined form of defense that every woman should learn for situations of being attacked. The woman goes on to tell April that she would teach her to defend herself in the form of karate. April was excited about learning karate and in turn would teach the woman about fairies and fairy life.

When the sky began to darken, April was sadden because she knew she had to return home. "I have to go home now, but I want ot learn more about karate.'' said April.

"Don't worry, I will just make camp here so we can practice again tommorrow.'' said the karate lady.

April approved with a nod of her head then headed for home.

When the karate lady saw April the next day, she noticed the fairy was wearing a small karate gi. "Nice gi" she said.

''Thanks,'' Said April,with a huge smile on her face. ''I liked yours so much that I spent most of last night crafting my own.''

''It looks very cute on you''

''Thank you''

The karate lady taught the fairy how and when she should use high kicks, low kicks and various take-downs. She also taught her the philosophy of self-defense,and how she should only use karate to protect yourself or other people(or in her case other fairies.) from attackers.

Just like yesterday, when the sky began to grow dark, April bowed good-bye to the lady and went home. Upon entering her little fairy village, April was stopped numerous times by fairies who wanted to know what she was wearing and why she was wearing it.  ''When I opened my dojo, you can all come and learn karate'' she would say to every inquisitive fairy including her little cousin Lei.  April's dojo, when she opened it became the main karate dojo in all of fairy-land. April,in time,became a great religious figure who created karatism, or Aprilism.



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