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A permanent reminder of a once great love. Please leave feedback as I am trying to improve on my writing, thank youu.

Submitted: May 28, 2016

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Submitted: May 28, 2016




I want this number etched onto my skin

as a permanent reminder of what once was

to remind me of both the pain and the beauty

the way ‘I love you’s fell from your lips so reassuringly when I needed it the most,

the future that we talked about sharing together so often that I was certain it would happen

the beauty that was us

as well as a reminder of the pain

of all of the broken sobs that shook my entire body

of all of the sleepless nights

of having to accept the fact that I’m no longer the one you long to be with

I want something to remind me of all of the promises made on this day

the ones that were never kept

as well as the ones that I still hold close to my heart

I want a tattoo to remind me of this day

the day that I accepted who I was

the day that I realized loving you was worth giving up everything I once believed to be true

I want this number etched onto my skin to remember the pain and the beauty

but not as a scar,

never a scar

I want it as a beautiful reminder

because you my love, are something never to be forgotten

I will not allow myself to act as if our love never happened

I will not treat it as a mistake

and when someone asks about the ‘XV’ carved onto my skin,

I will explain the meaning of it to the best of my abilities

and though they may adequately understand my words

they will never truly understand the importance of it

I want ‘XV’ etched onto my skin as a reminder

a reminder of a once great love.

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