Lift of Love

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a stressed up man meets his love in a lift journey starting from ground floor to sixth floor in a more thrilling way possible

Submitted: May 29, 2016

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Submitted: May 29, 2016



Ram was walking from the bus stand towards his office. Ram is a Techie working in an Upcoming ITconcern. It was a cloudy day. There was chillness throughout the city. Ram hated this climate. Actually Ram hated many things. Ram hated the soft idly made by his mother for breakfast. He hated the morning fresh air. He hated the radio talk shows. He hated loud music and melodies. He hated long rides and for no reason he hated JustinBieber. Day by day, his hate-list was getting long and his hatred was getting strong. To top that he hated his work a lot. His Company has been squeezing his brains out. His office was at the 8th floor of a well built complex building. As usual he hated the long and tiring journey to his office by lift. Every day he travels in this lift with a frustrating mindset. He doesn’t know why he hated this lift ride. He tried to use the stairs before, but every time when he saw the staircase from the ground floor he changed his mind. Now he was waiting for the lift with some other nauseating people who were as dull and as lazy as him. As usual he hated each and everyone who were waiting for the lift. There was a lady with makeup all over her face talking to a big man who couldn’t see his toes when standing. There was a man with a big moustache who had a creepy smile and a girl with a headset listening to songs which could irritate any one nearby. There was one fellow who had speakers in his mouth, talking over the phone. Ram thought these people were idiots in their own nature. When the lift came to the ground floor everyone rushed to get inside it. The lift was filled by everyone in a minute. Unluckily, it was Ram the one near the lift buttons. So he had to act as the lift operator for a while. The people inside the lift said Ram to press the lift buttons of their respective floors. He was irritated by it and was about to close the lift doors.  But there was a voice from outside the lift telling to stop the lift. It was a woman’s voice. Every one with curious eyes saw outside for whose voice that was. Ram with little curiosity and irritation stopped the lift and was looking outside for that woman. To his surprise, there was a man nearing the lift. Everyone was confused to see a man with girl’s voice. He came inside the lift with heavy breaths from running and told to press floor number 8. Thank god everyone was relieved to hear his voice. It was a perfect and normal male voice. But Ram was little curious to know whose voice was that stopped the lift for about 45 seconds ago. Ram waited for about another 12 seconds for that girl. Everyone shared a cold stare with Ram. Once again getting irritated from those devilish looks he closed the lift door. When the lift was about to close, a hand came to the doors. The lift opened automatically. It was a girl. She was little much drained from running. Ram saw her for the first time. She was beautiful in all terms. His stormy eyes saw the light that was glowing from the girl. He forgot where he was and stood still looking at that girl, for 10 seconds. Again he was confronted with the cold stares of others. The man, who entered last before that girl, asked Ram to close the doors. Ram noticed his tone was little rough and got back to his normal sense. The girl, in sweetest of voice, said floor number 7. Ram obeyed her sweet command and closed the lift doors. In normal days, Ram would have felt irritated by this, but he didn’t get irritated and he didn’t want to lose his cool before that girl. The lift moved upwards towards the first floor and crossed second floor. At the third floor, the makeup woman and the ‘big’ man went off. Creepy moustache guy was waiting for the next floor. Then Ram noticed the man other than the creepy moustache guy. He was creepier than Ram thought. He had a crooked smile and a muscular body. For some reason, Ram got chills from his looks. Ram had to look somewhere else to escape the deadly stare from that guy. The creepy moustache guy and that loud music girl got out from the lift at 4th floor. Now Ram closed the lift door and eyed the girl. He noticed that the girl’s eyes were weary. It looked like she cried a lot. Her beautiful face had the saddest eyes. Ram was very curious to talk to that girl. The lift crossed the 5th floor and was running towards the 6th. Ram who had zero experience in talking to a strange girl and had many horrible experiences with her girl colleagues was so determined to talk to her. The lift neared the 6th floor.  She would leave the lift by 7th floor. The urge to talk to that girl triggered him. Suddenly the lift stopped at 6th floor. The doors opened. There was no one on that floor. Then slowly the doors closed and moved upwards. Ram saw that girl was still in her sad looks. He got the courage from somewhere, to talk that girl. He opened his mouth to talk. He didn’t know how to start the conversation. Then he remembered his personality class, the simple way to start a conversation is to say hello. So he decided that his first word with that girl would be hello. He again opened his mouth and said “Hel” and halted the rest, without fully completing the word. It’s probably because the lift suddenly stopped and lights were gone. Ram thought of his bad luck and cursed it. The lift was very much darker than usual.  Ram and that girl took their phones out and opened the torchlight app. There was no signal in mobile. So they couldn’t call anyone for help over the phone call.  Ram asked whether everyone was alright. The girl replied that she was fine. Then both of then turned their lights to that ‘cold stare’ guy. That guy had dropped down. He was unconscious at that time. Ram tried to wake him up. But he was not reacting to it. He tired to lift him up. He thought it was one of the manly things which can impress a girl, but he was very heavy to lift. Ram failed in that idea miserably. He dropped the man and the idea. Then the girl checked his pockets for anything useful. She was quick at this. At that time, she found some device with a blinking light. Ram looked with the help of flashlight. It was a multi wired device with a timer which had a solid 15minutes count. He can tell that it device was an Explosive. Ram got terrified from seeing this. His adrenaline got pumped and started sweating a lot. Ram saw the girl with trembling hands pointed towards her face. Ram could tell that she was also having the same effects in adrenaline and her tear glands were active at that time. She got scared and started to scream for help. Ram did the manly thing that he can do at that time; he joined her in screaming for help. Ram pounded the lift doors so hard.There was no reply in return from the other side of the door. The girl who already looked drained sat down and started to weep.  Ram got his tear glands activated when he saw her weep. Time was running out. There were only 12 minutes left in the bomb timer. He thought of the life which he had lived. All came in a flash of memory; His family, his friends and even his brain squeezing boss. All the good and bad memories stormed his brain. He was all alone with a beautiful girl beside him and a bomb to be exploded in 10 minutes and 45 seconds. He didn’t know what was going to happen to him. But at that time he thought of something very stupid. He came near that girl and sat beside her. The girl was weeping continuously. He then opened his mouth and said what he was trying to say from this morning. “Hello” said Ram mixed with sadness and excitement. The Girl raised her head and saw Ram smiling. She in a fragile voice said “Hello”. Her voice was breaking very hard. Ram in his best of puny tone said “I am Ram, Techie from 8th floor” and offered his hand for a shake. She in return shook hands with him and said “I am Hema”. Her hands were trembling and Ram could feel the moisture in her hands. She was in the same state as Ram. Ram tried to put up a strong face and smiled at her. She on the other hand did the same thing. Ram knew that this may be the last minutes of his life so he didn’t want this to be sad. “Nice name and I like your dress,” said Ram. He thought it was one of the best lines to tell a girl, but it was not a perfect line for a situation like this. Hema didn’t know how to react for a complement in that dangerous situation. She forced a smile back to Ram. Ram with a little hesitation in his voice said, “can we have some coffee after this”. Hema was in a shock and was exchanging a look of disbelief. Ram’s eyes met Hema’s eyes. They both knew their condition; there were only a few minutes left on that timer. In a horrifying situation like that, both did the best thing they could do at that time; they laughed at each other. Sure there was no humour in that, but they laughed for quite a few seconds. Ram checked the timer now. There were only 5 minutes left in that. Hema was still laughing hard while Ram was looking at her beautiful face. Ram, even though he hated most of the living and non-living things, loved this moment of his with Hema. Hema slowed her laugh while ram was really waiting for the reply. Hema came back to her sense and opened her mouth to tell something but stopped. She leaned her ear in the lift doors and heard something. Ram also heard that. It was coming from the other side of the lift. They can hear peoples voice. Then both Ram and Hema with all their might pounded the lift doors once again and cried for help. Then came some light; doors were getting separated and they can see some people who were in police uniforms. The door was opened to some extent. The lift was stuck in between the 6th and 7th floors. Only a single person can go through the lift opening. With tears running through her cheeks, Hema hugged Ram. They both were very excited that they forgot about the timer explosive. A policeman extended his arms to help them escape from the lift. Ram helped Hema and she got out from the lift. Then it was Ram’s turn to get out. Ram was ready to feel some fresh air. He thrust his body to reach the lift opening. Then suddenly he felt over weighed. Then he got a strange feeling that someone was pulling down his body. He saw what it was, and was shocked to see the creepy man was the one to pull him down. Ram tried to get rid of that man, but he was stronger than Ram was. Even the policeman tried to help Ram by pulling him out. But all efforts got in vain. That creepy guy managed to get up and even pulled Ram down. Ram fell with a force that made the lift doors to shut again. There was nearly a minute left on that timer. Ram didn’t know what to do next and with a might pushed the creepy guy down. His brain was not functioning at that time. He then shouted in tears. He was totally broken. He can also hear Hema’s voice from the other side shouting Ram’s name. Ram with so much rage filled throughout his body screamed and punched the creepy guy. But the creepy guy caught his hand and gave a hard slap to Ram. Ram fainted. Everything had gone dark. His dark filled eyes now forced to see the light. He can see someone was trying to wake him. It was that creepy guy. Actually he was smiling. He then explained Ram that he was unconscious this whole time when the lift power went off. Ram realised that it was all a dream. That creepy guy was actually a doctor and he instructed Ram to take nutrition whenever possible. Ram managed to stand up and got out of the lift. His eyes were searching for that girl. That beautiful girl was standing near the lift. Ram made a shy smile. That girl also smiled her way back. Ram then remembered the dream. He wanted to talk to that girl. He then started to open his mouth, but that girl was the first to speak. She asked Ram whether he had any girlfriend named Hema. Ram with reddened face said no. That girl made a smirking face. Then both of them laughed. Ram then said, “Hey how about coffee after some time.” That girl Replied “Sure. Why not” and started to walk. Ram then realised that he forgot to ask her name. He was about to call her loud but then that girl from a distance said “I am not Hema. I am Kiruthiga from Pranav cards. Nice to meet you Ram from I-5 solutions.” Ram had to smile. Ram said, “I will be at Coffee day downstairs 5pm”. With a smile, Ram went to his office. Suddenly Ram realised that everything was so beautiful that day. He loved the soft idly from breakfast, loved the fresh morning air and the sweetheart melting melodies. But still for some reason he still hated Justin Bieber. This was the change that he needed the most. A lift ride to wake him up from a nightmare. He ended his hate-list and started the new love-list.

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