To Thee Mine Furry Cousin

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A boy talking to his little pet rat about the sacredness of life in the animal kingdom, no matter the size. We should all learn to respect and appreciate the wondrous animals around us, their beauty, their uniqueness and the value that they bring to this world.

Submitted: May 29, 2016

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Submitted: May 29, 2016



At which hour I behold at thee little creature of this earth,

 I see a life as important as any other,

 A life that breathes, that doth feel, that loves,

 A life given to thee by thy father and mother.


 Thee art not much in the eyne of many,

 But to me thee art so much more,

 For thee art one of Mother Earth's creatures,

 Nev'r should thy life beest ignored.


 As I stroke thy soft, feather-like fur,

 I can see thy feeling of most wondrous content,

 The safety thee feeleth from the hands of one that cares,

 Ones that shalt love and not torment.


 Thee feeleth pleasure as we doth,

 Thee feeleth happiness too,

 Thee feeleth delight in things as we doth,

 But many simply bethink thee see-through.


 Thee feeleth pain mine little cousin,

 I has't see thee shed thy tears,

 Little pearls of sadness running from thy eyne,

 Contained within, all thy woes, thy worries and thy fears.


 Thee love the way a human loves another,

 Maybe more because thy love beest unconditional in its ways,

 Thee love and expect not a thing in returneth,

 So sacred and full of life in all thy gentle grace.


 Thou has't a soul as doth I,

 Thou has't a heart that beats,

 Thee art not just some worthless creature,

 But a life that means so much, worth that I can see.


 Oh mine little furry cousin,

 To thee I promise to showeth nothing but care,

 To handle thee with the utmost of gentleness and warmth,

 With thee and thy kingdom, tis' this world we must lovingly share.


 Well mine little cousin, ‘tis time for thee to returneth,

 To thy sleep chamber so secure,

 We shalt meeteth again 'morrow little one,

 May love and peace beest the only thing thy little heart ever hath to endure.

 -- James William Cooper

© Copyright 2018 James William Cooper. All rights reserved.

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