One Minute Story IV

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Hi. It's me. And, yet again, I am writing a one minute story. This story will start off as a true story, but the rest of the story is fictitious. Well, I need to say that so i don't get sent to a mental hospital, but we all know whether or not it is fiction... I hope that this time, unlike last time and the time before that, I have some constructive criticism. i have been writing on of these every day for the past five day, and I am hoping to post a story every day for the next four weeks. After four weeks, I will go back to Canada, where I won't be using internet, but I will still write stories in a notebook. Maybe I'll post some of those after the summer. I greatly encourage constructive criticism so that the next story can be perfectly beautiful.

Submitted: May 29, 2016

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Submitted: May 29, 2016



Run, Bruvton, Run!


"The FitnessGram Pacer test is a..."

I pretended to listen to the annoying recorded voice blabber on about this stupid beep test. As an asthmatic, these things are horrible. I was taking deep breaths, cherishing the semi-fresh air while I still could. I could feel the pressure, and I tasted blood thinking about the end of my last beep test. I got an eight last time, because I miraculously persevered through the torture of not being able to breathe at since four. Today my goal was eight point five.

Cut to four. My lungs were dying, and I was halfway done. The beeps were getting closer and closer together, and I was getting closer and closer to either giving up or dying.

Cut to seven. My lungs were dead, but I wasn't. The beeps were way faster than they should have been. I was getting dizzy due to lack of oxygen, but I decided to take my mind off of that. I thought of the most popular books on Booksie. I stopped thinking about those before I puked my guts out, and I realized that I was running faster than usual. And the beeps were going way too fast. Then again, it's hard to think about time when you’re thinking about how your lungs fell out at the other side of the gym. I heard the voice say that we were at eight, and I almost gave up. The only thing keeping me going was the fact that my lungs were still on the other side of the gym. I went one more length to pick them up and put them back in.

Then I realized that the beeps were going faster than usual, and Dean was sprinting to the other end. By the time he got to the end, he was going at an unstoppable speed. He hit the wall to stop himself, and the wall was obliterated on impact.

Behind the red wall was a red button, which got pressed o impact. I heard a voice over the intercom. “Logic has been turned off in the school gym. Gym doors now locked.”

I breathed in the fresh nuclear iron sulphate through my ears, and it looked good. I floated through the air, and watched Dean turn into a cow. I realized how crazy everything was, and then I peered at the magenta button.

“I need to turn off the anti logic field!” I thought. I grabbed the piece of bacon that I found, and through it at the cyan button. I missed the green button by a couple light years. Literally. I found a hedgehog, and I decided to throw it at the blue button, but then I realized that it was Galena, and I through my face instead. As it was flying through the air, I saw my faceless body turn into a unicorn. Then my face hit a narwhal, which bounced and hit the yellow button. The narwhal was the real Danny.

I will never forget mine and everyone else’s disappointment as everything returned to normal. I was also extremely disappointed, but I knew that the author didn’t want to make a sequal to this story, so I had to end it.

We all agreed not to tell anyone about the anti-logic button, and that we would press it again before we died. I stepped outside, and ignored the dragon that obliterated the roof.

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