Altering Time

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This book is about a girl wh finds a time machine, she messes with time to fix her life. It ends up messing it up more.

Submitted: May 29, 2016

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Submitted: May 29, 2016



Altering the Future

Chapter one


I was walking along the shore one day in North Carolina with my dog Willow. After about an hour of walking Willow smelled something odd. He led me to a cave, inside was something unexplainable. It was dark so I used the flashlight on my phone, and saw some type of ship with alien looking remains… Willow wouldn’t stop barking at it until we walked towards it, then he just whimpered. I moved the bones only to reveal a control panel. It had some sort of writing on it I couldn’t make out. I climbed in to look more closely at it, I accidently slipped and hit a button. My whole world spun out of control, I hit my head and passed out. When I woke up I was at a funeral, I looked at the people, I knew most of them but they looked, older. That’s when I realized, somehow this was my funeral!  I started to have a full blown panic attack! I had no idea how I got where I was but I definitely didn’t want to be there any longer. I frantically flipped switched and clicked buttons while in hysterics. I closed my eyes and hoped to be back on the beach with Willow.


When I opened my eyes I was back on the beach, but there were castles and horses. Everything looked so medieval. I got out to look around, and realized for the first time today, I found a time machine! I looked back at the alien device and inspected it. I couldn’t  believe it was real… I heard people yelling down the beach and knew I had to leave. I hopped in, looked at the controls and found a date. Thank god these aliens copied our number system! Everything, yet again, spiraled out of control. When it came to a stop, I saw Willow up against the window barking at me.

I thought to myself, I have the power to change anything. I peered at the controls again to see if I could decipher any more, I figured o

ut a couple things but not much. I got in, this time with the seatbelt, and entered the date my mother died. My mom died in a car crash ten years ago when I was seven. I’m seventeen now and still wish she was here. I wasn’t looking out the window while going through time the previous rides, it’s colorful and beautiful. The time machine landed silently and I thought about how to prevent the crash. I got out and hid the machine behind a large rock, I walked to my old house and started my plan. I took my pocket knife and slashed both cars tires, and put vaporub on the handles to make it hard to open. I hid behind the fence and waited for my mom.She came out, when she saw her car she was shocked and went back inside. It was done.


I walked back to the time machine, I was crying because I had completely forgotten what my mother had looked like. I climbed in and sat for a second, I set the date to go back to the present. When it landed I slowly got out and walked home with Willow. When I got there my mom opened the door, and I started bawling my eyes out. She didn’t question why I was crying, she just stood and held me. I had created a grandfather paradox by altering the future, I didn’t care, I had my mom back. Later that evening I went back to the time machine and just stared at it wondering why I happened to find it of all people. I got in and went back to my funeral date, I looked at who all was there. My mom, brother, friends, and teachers were there. I looked the date and it was only a year from the present… People were saying I killed myself. I couldn’t believe it, I went back to the present and stared at nothing in disbelief. This time machine brought back my mom, but then made me want to scream. I had no idea what to do.

I thought to myself, if I can change one thing, I can change another. I remembered the date that I had died, I keyed it in. But I accidently clicked a wrong button and ended up in a time vortex. No matter what I clicked I couldn’t get out, it was madness! Then, after a while everything was pure black. Nothing, just nothing. Where am I now? I’m still nowhere, withering away, waiting to die, in this deep, dark, black abyss. I guess that funeral won’t happen after all.



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