The apple that fell far from the tree

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Perhaps Mira Simmons was just meant to be "boring".
She thought that her life had been planned out perfectly until...

I guess you will have to wait and see - The story is still in progress

Submitted: May 29, 2016

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Submitted: May 29, 2016




She was an apple who fell far from the tree, a result of witches playing with DNA and making her nothing like who she was meant to be…. Or perhaps she was just different. Maybe she was just meant to be normal in an abnormal world, which inevitably meant she was abnormal in a world where abnormal was normal, but that seems complicated and she was far from complicated.  She was simple.

Her whole family was the knight in shining armour and she was just an onlooker. She hated books of heroism. She hated how special people were the main characters, the people who made the plot of the story tasteful.  I know you are probably thinking that this story is a story of how someone who thought they were boring turned out special, but honestly it’s not.  Mira Simmons was definitely not a hero or a wizard or a mermaid. She was just Mira and that was all that there was to it.



Mira meant wonder.


She wasn’t anything to do with wonder.


Chapter 1:

She sat at the kitchen table listening to her mother drone on about how her day was….

Actually, let me rephrase that.

She sat at the kitchen table while her mother droned on about her day. Honestly she paid no attention to her mother’s gym adventures because all she could think about was herself. She was selfish and she hated it, yet she still thought only about herself.


“…..And so I ended up on the treadmill for an hour.

How was your day”


Mira stared at her  mother with her eyes full of oblivion.

“Have you been paying attention at all?!” Her mother asked angrily.

Mira looked down at the floor. She studied the hard wood floors and how the table had left scratches on it, she could practically feel her mother burning holes into her head. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, she could hear her mother saying something but her words sounded like meaningless whispers. Her mother looked frustrated with bright green eyes and her dark short hair. Perhaps, it would be better if she left?


She stood up and walked away, closing her ears to the frustrated things her mother said.


Chapter 2:

Her room was pale green and filled with pot plants. Mira liked the idea of sustaining life, and no she wasn’t secretly mother nature or something interesting, she just enjoyed gardening.


She walked up to her mirror and stared at her reflection.  She was pretty, but in a simple way. Her hair was long and dark brown and her eyes were black and round.


Mira lit a candle on her wooden bedstand and watched the flame flicker. She watched it dance and felt herself wanting to play with fire like a young child. She touched the flame and winced in pain, her finger swelled up and turned blood red.

She felt herself shaking with anger that came out from nowhere.

She screamed and threw the candle at the mirror and watched as it broke into a million tiny pieces, but …. Something was happening. The shards had started swirling into a tornado of shattered reflections. Mira started screaming but no sound came out… The tornado moved toward her and she felt excruciating pain as the shards surrounded her and pierced her skin…


She felt herself fall on the ground…. But somehow there was no ground, just darkness.


Confusion clouded her mind as she felt her body come to a halt and looked around….

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