the golden survival

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just a piece of writing for a creative writing project.

Submitted: May 30, 2016

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I couldn't believe that the missile lock rang inside the cockpit. It startled me as I was focused on my landing procedures. I focused on our missile radar the missile was about 4000 feet below us and soaring fast into the Stratosphere below the blast of the explosion impacted the starboard side of the aircraft sending both Chris and I spinning out of control and pulling 10 G- Force I blackout for two minutes. I woke up parachuting down from about 5000 thousand feet into the blackness of the planet below. I was lucky the spy plane Chris and I flew in had an automatic emergency ejection seat that would eject us in the event that the aircraft was out of control or in an emergency situation at the altitude of 14,000 feet or below. I impacted with the soft sand and figured it was probably a desert somewhere near Iran. I didn't even know what direction to go because all I could feel is sand everywhere. I looked in all directions but found nothing but a pitch black field of view. I didn't want to yell for Chris because it was useless the night was a blackout and he wouldn’t be able to find me. I sat down on the cold desert floor and waited for light. I fell asleep almost instantly because the ride home had really impacted my body and my body exposure to earth again was hard to adjust to. When I woke up, I was blinded by the glance of sunlight that filled the golden desert. I tried to arise but I quickly lost balance and fell front first into the cool sandbox that fill the region around me. I rolled over on my back and stared at the sky wishing for some type of help or pain relief. I must have passed out again as I awoke feeling the pain of heat filling my body. My sun exposed parts of body were sunburned and I quickly tried to get up focusing on my balance this time. I was strong enough to support standing and I soon started walking up a nearby sand dune. As I reached the top I found two pairs of footsteps covering a good chunk of ground on the peak of the dune. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a helicopter in the distance probably 10 miles or so away. It quickly dawned on me that the crash site was located somewhere within a 25 mile radius probably where the helicopter was flying above. I glance down at my body I was still in my jumpsuit but had lost my gloves and my helmet somehow. The good thing is my suit had water in it and I was still cooled from the night before. I wasn't sure how I had survived being in a freezing cold desert with nothing but a flight suit and a liquid cooled garment. I wasn't sure what to think of the situation I was in a desert with nothing but a jumpsuit, boots, no idea where I was and without my teammate Chris.

I set my mind to survival mode and quickly started to look to find smoke from the crash or Chris. Chris was my teammate on a spy mission over Northern Iran when the aircraft was shot down. The Spy plane was a Lockheed U-2 which was modified to fit both Chris and I. The original spacecraft only seated one seat and only was flown at 70,000 ft but, ours went to 80,000 ft. The last time I had communications with Chris was when he told me to stay stable and remain awake but, unfortunately I blacked out right after the explosion. I have been flying for the Navy for about 8 years and Chris has been in the Navy for about 17 years. We are trained to survive and expect the worst situation possible. Chris was the commander he is also a trained astronaut and has been on several NASA Missions. Our mission was to spy on Iran’s nuclear warheads in an area known as Kerman. We were flying over a nuclear warhead location when they must have had a radar tracking system and fired a missile which locks onto the aircraft as we were beginning to descending into our base in Israel. The sun blistered with intent to burn human skin and flesh. The sky was filled with birds that chirped with excitement as i started to fall asleep. I woke up and quickly realized that a plane was flying above probably with a night vision and thermal camera on if it’s a friendly aircraft. Hearing the engines fade and go silent didn’t help my confidence but, I still understand that I need to get out of this desert. I figured that I need to start to move and find the crash site or maybe follow the footsteps in the sand near me. I got up tired and low of energy I hadn’t had anything to eat in a while and I wasn’t sure if they were searching for me. As I walk in the cool morning at the start of the sun rising I thought about my life and reflected on my childhood and my educational career through college because it all seem like a blur to me now. I thought about flight training and everything that led to the point at which I was at. I thought about the situation I was in and how I didn’t know if Chris had made it out of the aircraft alive. It's possible that Chris is dead and I might be the only survivor of the mission. I understand that if I was captured I wasn't supposed to break and give up that i was a spy and we were locating their nuclear weapons. I also understand that if I was captured by the wrong military group that I could get my head cut off. I was fully aware of the dangers of this top secret spy mission. I must have walked a few miles before I got tired and had to take a break for a few minutes.
The sun made blisters on my face and I was low on water. I could still see the a object in the distance maybe 2 miles away I understood I had to get there because it looked like a piece of the wreckage that I could use to shelter myself. I must have walked for another two hours before I heard a faint roar of an aircraft an airplane but, it was about ½ miles away and about 5000 feet in the air. My hopes still decreased as I understood that I would not survive very much longer. I decided to take off my water cooled garment used for flight at higher altitudes and drink the excess water inside it was probably 8 ounces but it gave me extra boost of survival. I decide I need to push toward the object in the distance I thought I could get there by sundown. I was about 500 feet from the object when I realized the object was an ejection seat. I finally reached the ejection seat sitting down next to it and quickly opening the survival kit located on the side. I started to eat the rations and survival water inside of the kit. After about 5 minutes I got up and opened the emergency beacon lid on the front of the seat. I turned the switch to the on position and quickly after that I got a green light indicating a good signal. The sun set and the night began but, luckily I had an emergency blanket to help fight the coldness of the desert. I couldn't fall asleep and I was thinking about the unexpected thing like maybe the signal will be picked up by a foreign military or maybe the signal from the beacon didn't get picked up at all. I worried until I heard the sound of rotors I quickly jump to my feet and grabbed the flashlight from the emergency kit. I flipped the switch on and pointed it to the helicopter’s lights. The spotlight on the side of the rescue helicopter pointed toward my direction glancing into the eyes of my motionless body standing in an unknown foreign country thousands miles away from home.


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