Somewhere, in the Woods.

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A man named Reid finds himself alone in the woods. He hears a noise that changes his outlook on life for the foreseeable future.

Submitted: May 29, 2016

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Submitted: May 29, 2016



Somewhere, in the Woods. 

By Nick V I

Ever since she left, Reid just hasn't been himself. From the time his morning routine ends to right until his before-bed ‘ritual’, Reid finds himself lost in his mind. He talks to nobody but himself. All day long he monologues out loud and the only one around to hear him is him. It’s almost as if the entire complexion of his mind and body is different now. It’s almost as if he is used to being alone. Every day he searches for new ways to get lost in his head. Nothing seems to be able to change his melancholy state of mind.

It’s Friday. Noon. Reid has just woken up. He wakes up with a warm head. Wet from head to toe with sweat. The first thought that comes to his mind is still her. His mind is torn asunder once again. One side quietly wants to fight through this rough time while the other cant snap out of this feeling of longing and bitterness. “Maybe today i’ll go for a walk to clear my mind” he muttered to himself. “Maybe i’ll get lost in the woods and find a rock big enough to bash my own skull in,” he said. His second thought is most likely coming from the melancholy half of his brain. The half that cant process heartbreak. The half that just cant seem to snap out of it. His dog, sammy knocks into her bowl. He knows he should feed her but he just isn't feeling responsible today. So he ignores his dog, grabs his keys, a bottle of water, and heads out into the woods a few blocks from his house. If only he stayed inside, today. 

“Fuck this heat. It’s supposed to be September,” Reid says. “Goddamn global warming. They say it’s not real, but it is! Here’s your proof.” Reid starts his day of adventure by stepping on some small, thin trees that were in his way. “I hope there wasn’t a family of bugs on that little tree. What a shame that would be.” He laughs to himself. Every few minutes he checks his phone to make sure nobody is looking for him. At least thats what he tells himself. Nobody is looking for him. He turned them all away with this new attitude. The only person who used to look out for him is gone. She left some time ago. 

The sun is burning hot and even the cover of the trees isn't enough to offset the blazing sun. Reid’s skin starts to burn hotter than it was this morning. The sweat from his brow trickles down into his mouth. He occasionally wipes his face on his shirt, but every time he does this he becomes more and more irritable. It’s four o'clock now and Reid is deep in the woods. He can no longer see the path he took when he began. His breathing beings to quicken so he takes a seat on a rock and cools down with a swig of water. “It’s so quiet out here.” He says. “HELLO!?” He screams at the top of his lungs. “God, my voice barely even carries ten feet! Nobody could hear me even if wanted them to. Even if i used a goddamn megaphone.” He continues. He takes another sip of water. His eyes start to get hazy, as he hasn't been getting much sleep as of late. He ponders for a second and decides to close his eyes for a moment. It’s  quiet, nobody is around. “Why not” he thinks to himself. Reid shuts his eye and lays his head back on a tree. The sun is still beating down, but it wont be for long.

Three hours go by. Reid wakes up in rapid succession. The moon has taken the suns place in the sky. The darkness has covered the ground like a blanket. The humming of the bugs is the only sound. Reid slowly gets to his feet. His legs are weak for he had been walking for hours. Except they are perhaps weaker than they should be. “Fuck me. What time is it?” He questions as he checks his phone. No messages, no missed calls and 1% battery. It’s now 7 o’clock. He goes to check his position when his phone dies. “Goddamn mother of shit.” he sighs.  “Why did i have to fall asleep. What was i thinking.” Just then, a loud noise echoes through the dark trees. It sounds like a scream. “What the fuck was that. Hello?” He knows something is up. Whatever the noise he heard was, it must be close. Reid saunters forward. He cautiously reaches his hand out in front of him. Grasping at air, trying to feel for something. He takes ten steps forward and doesn't even come into contact with a tree. The noise is heard again. This time its louder and sounds more distinctly like a women's voice. Reid takes off into the direction of the noise. 

“I’m coming! Hang in there! Just don’t move” He franticly screams as he runs towards the voice. He comes to a spot in the woods where the branches of a tree were all knocked down. Almost as if something plunged through them. This creates a hole in the trees just big enough for the moonlight to pass through. Reid runs towards the light and comes upon a fox. “What the hell? A fox?” The fox is hurt. It’s bones exposed. It’s voluminous resourcefulness has been exhausted. Now quiet in the presence of Reid. He notices very large teeth marks in the hind of the fox. “What could have done this? Doesn't seem like another fox. Reid hovers above the fox and a thought comes over him as he sees a rather large stone across from the fox. “Should i put it out of its misery? Who am i to play god.” He ponders. Soon enough he grabs the stone and raises it above his head. In that instance he feels eyes watching him. Sharp eyes starring a hole through him. He lowers his arms and takes a step back. Just as he does this, the creature lunges forward and Reid drops the stone and runs to save a life he didn't have. 

Reid runs as fast a deer in case. Running from what he perceives and is sure is death. He is begging to make it out alive. He finds and opening and dashes through into the open space. Back where he started. He falls to his knees and clutches his heart to make sure he is still living. Reid realizes now that he wishes to live on until his time is really up. His brush with death and the unknown proved to him that his love once before is dead and he does not wish to join her in solitude. He starts to think of the years he gets to experience now that he has escaped the creature in the woods.

Back on his feet he remembers that he neglected to feed his dog this morning. He rushes home, this time with a sense of purpose and belonging. Just as he opens the door, he wakes up. 

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