The Day It Would End

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Submitted: May 29, 2016

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Submitted: May 29, 2016



I'd like to tell you all a story. It's about a boy who could see the future. It first started as simple impulses, but they grew and became images with sounds and feelings. People would come from all over the world just to see the boy who could see the future. At first things seemed well, he helped those who came to him because he felt it was the right thing to do, but he would soon learn that even if he could see the future, he couldn't escape death. Visions turned into nightmares of the deaths of everyone who would look upon his eyes. One day, he saw the death of his brother, he tried with all his might to stop it from happening, but fate cannot be evaded because every time he would stop his brother's death, someone died in his place and everytime he would see that death and a new one for his brother. This went on for a week, in that time 18 people died in his brother's place until finally he let him go. Years later, already a grown man, he lived a life full of loneliness, he lived in an apartment, never coming out, never getting any visitors or company. One day, a woman came to his aid, begging him to help her. He'd turn her down every time, but she kept asking all the same. When he got tired of her, he gave in to her, but eith a warning that all he could see was death . to his surprise, he saw something other than that, he actually saw what she wanted. She wanted to know the future with her fiancé, but all he could say was that he would make her miserable. She looked at him and saw a lonely face of someone who thought his gift could only see bad things. Day after day, she came to his apartment and made him dinner and spent time with him. She saw someone who was lonely and broken and decided to keep him company and maybe share something with him. Soon after that, they started dating. For the first time he was happy, for the first time in a long time he didn't have to see death, he had friends, but most of all he fell in love with that woman who came to him one day. Months passed and they were happy, but one night as he slept, he had a terrible vision. He saw the day that everything would end for him, a day he would never be able to escape because he knew better than anyone else that he couldn't escape fate. As he woke up the next morning, he looked out the window with a sad look in his eyes, for he knew that was the day his life would end. He took a bath, dressed up, had breakfast and left for work, just like he would any other day. That day seemed to last forever, work was tiring and pointless, he had no appetite and he couldn't stop shaking. When he got out, he went back home and sat in a chair in the kitchen waiting for it all to end. The clock struck 8 and he knew that it was all over, a tear ran down his eye, but he was calm. Calmer than ever. Then he went to bed all alone to wait for the next morning for it wasn't his death that he saw. It was hers.

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