Opening the Charka

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This is a basic introduction on what is most commonly known as the "mind's eye" or the "third eye", and I'll be telling you through my writing what it is, how to open it, and gain the skills needed to further your experience in a spiritual realm. There is so much to explore and even an entire world most of us aren't even aware of. Keep reading, I'll tell you how to find it.

Submitted: May 29, 2016

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Submitted: May 29, 2016



Before I get in to telling you how to open the mind's eye, you'll need to know exactly what you are attempting to do. The third eye is related to the sixth charka (the physical charka located on the middle of the forehead), which also means it is very close to the pineal glands. Keep this in mind, this is crucial to the understanding of the mind and will help immensly when we start getting into astral projection. The pineal gland helps control our balance, without it, we'd all look like drunks. It is the innermost part of our ears, and that being said let's move into how to find it.


The third eye is a phenomenom that science cannot explain, but it has been around for centries. Native Americans, Hindu, Aztec, even the Victorian era have recording of these expierences of connecting with some form of charka. It's mentioned in the Bible, Hindu scripts, and it's even seen in ancient Egyption hieroglyphs.It was't until the 70s when someone named Robert Monroe had a near-death expirence, then published a book about it. He then figured out how to feel the sensations he felt during is nde on command and published two more books on astral projection. I highly recommened reading them- they are very helpful in helping beginners or rerfeshing knowlege for an advanced projector.


What is astral projection? Simply put; it is leaving your physical body and entering astral realms beyond what any physical eyes can see. Anyone can do this, religious or not. I was a major skeptic when I first was introduced to this, I thought there was no way it was even possible until I did it on command. There is a way, and it's really simple, and it will change your life for the better, trust me.


Before I tell you how to do it, I want to clear up some misconceptions about astral prjection.


The number one thing I always get asked is "will my body become possessed if my spirit leaves it?" No. You are completly safe while projection. Your body has a cord attatched to your astral body and it only severs in the hour of death, and no one or nothing else can cut it. Negative require a physical body with an astral body to possess, when you are astral, you do not have anything physical they can tether to. Possessions are only dangerous when you are actually fully awake and aware, which is why things like ouija boards can be dangerous since you are literally calling these beings to your body.


"Is the astral plane dangerous?" Another common question, it is only dangerous if you make it that way. Negative entites do exist in the astral plane, but they will not harm you. Please keep in mind that you are in complete control of the realm and you can change something negative into a positive. A lot of times, these entites are self created. Maybe you're battling with a personal problem, and that problem takes a form in the realm. Don't be afraid! Change it to whatever you want! The most that will happen is you will awaken back to your physical body. Try projecting when you are in a good mood, this will really influence how entites turn out.


One more common question about astral projection is, "what is the difference between ap and sleep paralysis?" This question is expected from beginners who seek a clear explanation to the vibrations which I will talk about further down in more detail.. Sleep paralysis is a sleep disorder and is most common in people with another disorder like sleep apnea, or nacolepsy. People with sp have various medical conditions and are treated with medications and brain scans. The waves seen in these scans caused by sleep paralysis are different from the waves of astral projection.


So, let me tell you just how to project. I recommend lucid dreaming before astral projection to get used to being in a dream-like state, if you would like me to explain how to have a lucid dream, feel free to let me know and I'll write about how to do it.


Step 1: Become completly reaxed. Not just "calm" but totally and completly relaxed. Your mind and your body should have no feelings of stress. Try doing something that relieves stress before trying this if it helps. Then lay down in a comfortable position because you won't be moving. It is importnat to stay still and concentrate on your breathing. Your brain will start to run tests to see if you're awake, this is when you feel like you need to itch or roll over to a different position, but ignore them and focus on breathing.


Step 2: Once your brain confirms that the body is asleep, it's important to keep your mind awake. Concentrate on the funny lines you see when your eyes are closed but don't try to hold onto the abstact images they create, just let them flow and enjoy the view. Note: Getting to this step could take two minutes, or thirty minutes depending on how you sleep, how long it actually takes you get relaxed, stress levels, and distractions that might occur. Everyone is different.


Step 3: This is where a lot of people fail at projection because of fear. Remember that pineal gland I was talking about in the beginning? Here's where it comes into play. I will try to explain this in as much detail as possible. When the absract images the mind create slowly start to fade, you'll notice something bright. Kind of like when you close your eyes at the dentist and they shine that huge light on your face, but not quite as bright. It'll seem like it's dimming in and out. At the same time, you'll notice that you won't be able to move your body. It'll be almost impossible, and trying to speak will come out as hoarse whimpers. You must keep your eyes closed! If you open them during step three, your brain will create a hallucination to try to "explain" to you what is going on and they are usually alarming and people wake up instantly. The hallucination is commonly sounds, you might here someone trying to talk to you, or people having a conversation. You might smell something foul, even taste plays a part in this. Seeing thigs can be the most frightening. The vibrations in your body will occur for just a few seconds though it could feel much longer than that. These vibrations will become more intense with each second and you may feel a pressure in your ears and it will be loud. This sound is your pineal gland; the closest gland to the third eye. As for the vibrations throughout your body, it is the detatchment of your astral body and you physical body. Your astral body is beginning to leave, and it won't be quiet about it. Just stay calm and let it happen, remmeber that nothing can harm you here and you are in control. A lot of people wake themseves up from this because it is too frightening for them. It is a very unusal expierience and could take some getting used to.


Step 4: I like to call this the silent plane, because after the loudness of your inner ear there will be a black mass in front of you. This is when you may start to feel yourself being lifted, or, ir you try to get up it will feel very different from when you get up from a seat or bed in your physical body. Your astral body is being lifted into the astral realm.


Step 5: Start exploring. Once you feel the pop- yes, you will physically feel a pop in your core; try exploring you room or other rooms of the house. They will be in a completly different form, nothing in this realm will be what you are so used to knowing. It is such an amazing sight, even the texture of the walls around you will be different. When your looking at this new world in front of you, try doing things you've always wanted to do, talk to anyone you want, go places you've never been. This is your expierience and you're in control. It is worth getting passed the alarming vibrations and the long relaxing process. And if you want to wake up, all you have to do is think about it.


So five steps to astral projection. Anyone can do it, I've projected many times and the realms never fail to dissapoint me. If you have any questions or feeling a little nervous about projecting if you're a beginner please ask! I will gladly guide you to ease you're anxiety and help you open your third eye and see a different world around you.

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