06 days 23 hours

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Submitted: May 30, 2016

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Submitted: May 30, 2016



I'm the outcast of my family

I'm the mofocking black sheep

Everything i do is wrong,I try my best to put my faith in god first but, I'm out for revenge.

I want some money! I know that much faith the size of a mustard seed.

This isn't the end of me it's only the beginning.

I dream of 911 porches eating noodles for dinner.

hugging the curves shifting in between corners,too much salt in my diet

My head won't stop thumping

Reminiscing on my past  so i nver forget where one I came from.

These days I'm like this as a man..If your working and taking care of you family better that I am 

I'm jealous of you.if you plotting of cop'n some new 6's ooh I'm hating now.

Last week I called a suicide hotline

Self diagnosis bipolar ,mad at the world fuck it

I spend too much time plotting to destroy it.

using my pain as a weapon

I'm an asshole.i know that i just can't help it. 

asking stupid questions I should know the answer too.

just to see your reaction. i told you i'm an asshole 

I love me

I've been looking for God for some time now. for a second I thought I found him.

then I came back to reality. I'm bastard that too is tru..my father abounded me my step-pop was mentally abusive hated me so much he wished death upon me.

Somethings you just gotta survive,too prove em wrong with every breath you got.

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