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Submitted: May 30, 2016

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Submitted: May 30, 2016



And he acted
as if it was the norm,
said Coco,
and thought it ok

to cheat on me like that,
and with her
of all women,
she who I thought

was a friend,
and all the time
I was talking to her
about him seeing someone,

she said,
o I don't think he would,
and she was having
him off behind my back,

and so I had to get my head
around that, but each time
I saw her I knew after,
it was her he was giving it,

it was her
his thing was plunging,
and she sitting there
as if butter wouldn't,

but she had, and did,
and sat there in
that cafe smiling,
and talking to me

as if I didn't know
or guess, and I could
have scratched her eyes out,
and spat in her coffee,

but I just sat
and gazed at her,
and tried to forget
about him.

and the light of day going,
and my heart
getting cold,
and my mind dim.

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