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Submitted: May 30, 2016

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Submitted: May 30, 2016



You remember that one friend?

The one who didn’t talk?

Remember how you invited them for drinks?

They just sat there at the bar, looking around.

You would’ve been worried if they weren’t smiling.


Remember how you took them to the cinema and they didn’t take their gaze off the screen?

While you and the rest of your friends were whispering,

They just sat there eating, glued to the film.


Remember when you sat next to them in class?

They never answered any questions or engaged in discussion.

You thought they never did any work until the test results came.

They got the top mark.

How the hell did that happen?


Remember those college years?

You and all the others would be buzzing and chatting.

They would just sit there smiling, laughing and listening.

You tried to involve them in the conversation but they only ever gave one or two word answers.

Everything else was shrugging or facial expressions.


You always wondered why they never spoke.

One day it eventually occurred to you to ask.

“Why don’t you ever talk?”

They listened intently with a confused look,

As you made all sorts of conclusions to their silence.


Are you depressed?

Do you have a throat problem?

Are you bad at socialising?

Do you not like us?

Is there something wrong with me?


They gave you an answer.

“I just never have a lot to say. I spend my time thinking.”

It’s only now occurring to you.

They never talked at the cinema,

Because they were yelling in their head about how great the film was.

Marvelling over their favourite actor.

Writing a critical review of the storyline in their mind.


They never talk at the bar because they want everyone to have fun.

They sit there thinking about how happy everyone is,

How glad they are that they came to have fun,

Wondering if they’re drunk yet or it's just the euphoria.


They didn’t talk in class but they sure as hell took notes.

Watching and listening to everyone else,

Analysing their approaches to the questions,

Reading library books to learn more.


What amazes you most is why they never speak around friends.

Because they feel privileged to know you all.

They are happy to see their friends happy.

They reminisce over happy times with you all.

They hope to keep you all as friends forever.

They feel blessed to call you a friend.


So next time you have that one silent friend,

Don’t disturb them,

Let them think, feel and experience.

Allow them to have the air of mystery about them.

If you're honest, silent friends are the best ones.

They could be planning a surprise party,

Or they could be plotting to kill you in your sleep.

You never know.


The lesson to take away from this one,

Is to not judge us quiet ones.

The silent mouths have the loudest minds,

You just need to listen closely.

© Copyright 2018 J.J. Matthews. All rights reserved.

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