Dark Eyes

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
A young street girl who hated the city lights and its loud noise, and envied its people for their luxurious lives, started discovering the world along with some strange new abilities after hitting her head in a car accident.

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Submitted: May 30, 2016

Hey there, This is my first writing. I would really appreciate your honest feedback and comments. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy reading as I enjoy writing :)) Read Chapter

A Dark Smile

Submitted: May 30, 2016

A cold breeze of air came running through her hair. She felt like she’s waking up from a short nap like the ones she usually takes wh... Read Chapter

A Dark Room

Submitted: June 01, 2016

“We have to do something, Omar!” a womanly voice said nervously. "Maybe we should look for her parents. Should we call the police?" ... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 04, 2016

Feedbacks are very useful to me as a writer. Please don't hesitate to post them. Read Chapter

Burning Coals

Submitted: June 11, 2016

“Where to?” The skinny taxi driver asked as he looked at Malak in the mirror. “Come on, I don’t have time for the likes of you,... Read Chapter

Let Bygones Be Bygones

Submitted: June 27, 2016

One, two, three, four, five. She counted as she breathed heavily and her heart pounded in her chest. The young woman slowly tried to ca... Read Chapter

Deafening Silence

Submitted: October 29, 2016

I can see her lips moving but I cannot hear a word she’s saying. The noise Malak was hearing was as loud as a crowd of shouting men, bu... Read Chapter

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