The Beast Within Me

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After 27,000 words I realize my book sucked. Not for the story but for the delivery. This is my first chapter take 2. Abbey is in a desperate situation with her brother and willing to do anything to save his life.

Submitted: May 30, 2016

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Submitted: May 30, 2016



The Beast That Lives Within me


My name is unimportant, my existence is irrelevant, for I am lost in a world of desperation.  I come from a dark time and place when people are more animal than human.  For you see when you are an orphan in Gillingham you are dead the moment your parents die.  Being an orphan is that awkward time between their passing and you following them.  You lose even your name as those that have known you since birth refuse to say your name.  Yet my spirit is unbroken from the desolation I have found myself in.  My name is Abigail but I Iike Abbey and I will not give up.  

Together me and Lance have defied the odds for more than a year and a half.  When our mother followed our father to the grave our neighbors fell on us like scavengers, taking anything and everything of value.  Even throwing us out of our home.  Scraping together a living on the edge of Gillingham I fought on for the love of my 8 year old brother.  We survived the first winter.  We even thrived in the following spring and summer.  But this winter was especially hard and in this blasted cold dreary weather when the warm sun hides behind the cold wet grey clouds I have lost the war.  There is not a thing to eat.  Any and all plants that could have been eaten have long been consumed and not a creature stirs.  Spring is just around the corner bringing with it plenty  but it just will not get here.  It is in this time my now 10 year old brother has became too weak to even stand.  I have ran out of time and I make a decision that will define me for the rest of my existence.  I make a deal with the devil sacrificing myself for the survival of my brother.  For when you love someone, real love, a pure child's love, what would you not do?


I leave the safety of our town and brave the forest and its predators in search of Lorna a despised ancient witch that is so feared not even our towns nobleman Lord Thomas dares cross her path.  My logic is simple.  If she is evil then evil may help me because in a town full of good people I got nothing but suffering.  

I find her hovel with ease as I am inexplicably drawn to her home never once seeing it before this day.  In my weakened state I barely make it to her hovel for as willing as my spirit is my muscles just having left in them to give.  

Lorna, the name of our local witch lives in a small squat thatched hovel.  It looks sad from the outside but the smoke from her chimney gives me hope for what is on the inside.  

Walking up to the door I am nearly knocked off my feet in surprise as the door flies open right before my fist can hit the door.  “What do you want you pathetic bag of starved bones!”  The old witch demands of me.  She is a scary sight to behold.  She is so old it is unnatural to see her standing on two feet and not lying in the grave.  Her grey skin hangs off of her face in long droopy wrinkles.  What hair she has left is white as snow.  Yet despite her advanced age she has every yellow tooth in her head.  In my shock nothing comes out of my mouth.  “Well out with it.  You came all this way to see me so say what you have to say or be off with you!”  She demands of me.  Trying my best I can’t get anything more than a guttural sound out of my throat.  In disgust she slams her door in my face out of impatience for me.  It is in this final moment of failure something inside of me breaks.  Not because of my desperation for myself but because I know I will never see Lance alive again, for I have not the strength in me to make the long walk back and he is at death’s door.  Falling to my knees I give into my desperation and bang on the door for all I am worth begging.  “Please, please, please, help!”  I beg with all that I am.  I offer anything and everything I am to her.  I can accept any fate but my brothers death.  To my surprise my begging is answered as an inhumanly strong hand snatches me off of the ground.  Opening my eyes I find myself nose to nose with the witch.  My panicking ends immediately with fascination as her dark black eyes peer into mine.  I don’t know how or why I know but I sense a mountain of power behind those eyes.  This is not an ordinary old lady and I can almost see a the massive powerful entity concealed behind her eyes.  She speaks “Oh yes, yes indeed you mean it.  It has been so long since somebody has said the words you say and truly meant it.  Few know how.”  She gently sets me down on my feet and with a smile from ear to ear for she is clearly happy at my words.  “Child death is natural.  What I do is unnatural.  Are you sure you can pay my price.”  Dropping my head, I say “I have no money but…”  Lorna cuts me off “You think I want something as worthless as money!  Pieces of flat metal have no meaning in the world I live.  What you have is you.  Will you offer that in payment?”  Surprised I look back into her overwhelming eyes.  “Me?  How is that worth something when gold and silver are not?”  Laughing Lorna continues.  “Child there is only one of you and that is all there ever will.  I in all my inhuman power I can not make another you but you can surrender flesh spirit and soul to me.  I will not lie in this, you are special.  You have power not even you know about.  Do you not think it strange that you survived as long as you have when so many other orphans are dead the same season they lose their parents?  Did you think they wanted to live any less than you.  No Abbey you are special indeed.”  I answer “For my brother yes but only for him, not me but for him.” “EXCELLENT!  You go rest by the fire and I will retrieve your poor starved Lance.”  Grabbing my hand she pulls me into her hovel and to in front of her fireplace.  There is a nest of warm blankets in front of the fire.  Before I can point out that I need to show her where my brother or question how she know our names  I am distracted at the sight of the fire.  It is a roaring jumping alive thing but most distressing of all there is not a stick of wood in it to fuel it.  “Now sleep while I get your beloved brother.”  With that she puts her hand on my chest and I feel the sensation of hot water being poured into my chest. Immediately I fall onto the blankets succumbing to an unwanted sleep.  


If I did not want the sleep, I doubly didn’t want the dream that came with it. I am in a murky cave filled with smoke and the smell of sulfur.  I am following a black skinned winged fiend.  The cave opens up into a pitch black abyss with an orange glowing pit.  Walking over the abyss on an incomplete bridge made of human bones I feel a strange desire to be liked by this beast.  Reaching the end the bridge it abruptly ends in the middle of the chasm dropping straight into the inferno.  Turning to face me I can see her form now that it is not hid by her gargantuan black skinned wings.  For a demon she has a surprisingly feminine form.  Her skin is a pitch black but reflective at the same time.  Only now that I see her clearly I notice she is actually moderately dressed in black form fitting material.  Her horned head is adorned with a leather band keeping her long black hair out of her face.  Lifting one of her taloned hands she gently caresses my face with freakishly long fingers.  I should be scared.  I should be terrified.  I am and I love it almost as much as I love her.  In all the black skin I am surprised by her human like emerald green eyes.  I speak “Am I worthy, I want to be.”  Her voice is marred by the long needle like teeth protruding from her mouth but her words are clearly understandable.  “Perhaps it’s not.  Perhaps it is.  Let me judge your heart and see.  Lifting my shirt up I expose my bare chest offering it to her.  Leading with her long nails she slowly pushes her hand into my flesh expanding her fingers as she goes until reaches my heart and I can feel her hand tightly squeezes  around my heart.  The pain is immense but my flesh is detached from me somehow making the experience bearable.  In a blink of an eye she jerks my heart out of my chest.  All pain and emotion is gone.  The interview has begun and I am at ease here in my home.  While she is inspecting my beating heart she tells me “Go look at my children, will you be a suitable master?  Will you make them pay as I have.  They were such bad children.  Go look and tell me what you think.”  Stepping up to the precipe the bridge just falls away.  Looking down into the fiery pit I see a raging inferno filled with writhing burning bodies.  As I focus on each one at different levels of consumption I see their sins and they are indeed as immense as their suffering.  Oh to be the steward of this hell bringing justice to evil men.  Sheep were meant to be sheep but these men wanted to be predators.  How dare they.  The worse the sins the slower they burn away as if the fires themselves were purifying their souls from the evil they had done.  She speaks again while I inspect her flock, “The fire gives me my immense powers.  I judge you worthy Abbey.  Soon my flock will be your flock.  Will you have mercy on their suffering?”  I answer “Never.”  “Good, face me.”  Doing as she says she takes one last look at my heart it is beating as hard and as strong as when she pulled it out.  Caressing my face once more with her free hand she surrounds me in her enormous wings.  There with the screams and shouts muffled all I see is her face holding my heart beating between us.  “Dear Abby, you are so young yet you were born for this.  Be wary of my mother she schemes and is callosed but I believe her heart has paid enough for her sins and perhaps after so much time suffering together we can move on together.”  As she shoves my heart in my chest I wake up with something getting shoved into my mouth.  

I am back in Lorna’s hovel laying in front of a mystical fire that burns with no fuel.  Pulling at the foreign object I discover that Lorna has shoved a role of dry bread into my mouth.  The starving animal takes over and I choke as my mouth devours the role as fast as my weak mouth can chew.



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