May I Help You ?

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Living this beautiful light of hope, may God gift you this dream endlessly for all blessed fortune ahead. Hope this is a true reality in these days I am gifted. :)

Submitted: May 30, 2016

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Submitted: May 30, 2016



Everyday small joy feels I have found heaven on Earth,

When this open the eyes of love understanding our helplessness,

In daylight as this shadow of voices comes with your different tale,

I think this same unbroken flower we dream put faith in all the stars asking us,

May I help you?

Back in the fire flowing like a river of love I think all the paths of life,

Ask us those memories of this strange gift gone missing in a time beloved knocking at my door,

For whom this illusion embrace days of togetherness be long in your thought,

I ask again,

May I help you?

On those pages of this book I feel this age-old relationship,

When time comes visiting again like drowning the lights that went out shoreless in last night,

If God did wrap me in your arms I will find some peace,

I came across rejuvenated embracing my truth telling me within what am I to tell myself,

May I help you?

Gone into this unravelled morning gently feeling sleep does not come amongst these burning lamps,

I realize this exist on one smile that recesses my consciousness in a few fading thoughts of life,

Through this morass of Time I cannot express all the joy deeper than our destiny how I am unadorned in this happiness,

If time expires this dream we have founded on this Earth,

Near inhaled for this intoxicated soul I ask for all the sacrifice that makes the mornings feel so bright,

May I help you?

This touch promise a long way made for where our future beloved this life on our foundations,

Beneath silence still air drift apart in a time frenzied for God's sake asking us,

May I help you?

I look at this innocence the heart pays the price asking me bow down in prayers,

When time steal secrets from my heart tempted in the gusts of pain I wonder out of its lane,

Living in its own fantasies this nature of infancy ask me,

May I help you?

My belonged sunshine replays this earthly heart in one rhythm of these situations I replay the day,

Once in a while time will again camp on those memories,

Unending gaze in our universe ask your consent time in this day refuses to walk away,

When a star will pluck this wake up call,

I appeal to all here,

For your dairy at home and keys of your heart in the worldly life,

Let this sun rise for a better day for all asking all just one question,

May I help you?

If our sun opens this umbrella for you how much is given for your gifts,

Let the break of dawn or the fall of night ask us again,

Your heartbeats may bear this eternal message for all,

When all that walks in my thought in every single bountiful gifts we are gifted,

May I Help You?

If you are granted this day,

I appeal to you for this feeling all the essence of life rise in the colour of your heart,

Just leading unto you when you step into this garden of grace from God's love,

In the hoops of this cloud if you spend one day like leaves on those branches,

Many a time only a hero will ask you this relentless delight of hope,

May I help you?

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