A fantasy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Warning: This story contains strong sexual content and is not suitable for those under 18.
I was lost in thought about a person. And this just kind of came out. Hope you enjoy.

Submitted: May 30, 2016

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Submitted: May 30, 2016



I just wanted affection. And love. No games, no lies.

You were laying on the couch. The most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. With eyes like murky Emeralds.

Nothing is perfect yet I can see all your little perfections.

I walked up to you slowly, with a curious look on my face.

“Cuddle me?”

You wrapped your arms around me and pulled me down onto the couch with you, while whispering “Yes”

I snuggled up to you affectionately, wrapping my arms around you in an intimate cuddle-hug.

“I was looking forward to this…” you said to me as you squeezed me gently, snuggling close to me and nuzzling me tenderly.

I placed a soft little kiss on your lips as my fingertips caressed your cheek. Those eyes…..

Your left hand ran through my long and colorful hair. You tenderly plant a kiss on my cheek as you smile warmly, staring deeply into my big brown eyes.

I couldn’t help but blush and smile. I nuzzled my face into your neck and began to place little soft kisses in random spots.

Your right arm found it’s way around my waist, squeezing your hand gently. You were enjoying how soft and warm my body feels pressed against you…as you continued to play with my hair.

I kissed up to your lips, kissing them softly over and over, wanting more and more each time.

I could tell you were enjoying my soft little kisses, but after a few of them, you stopped playing with my hair to pull my head close to you as you pressed our lips together.

Softly, I moaned. My heart began to pound faster and harder as my fingers found their way to your gorgeous long hair.

I could feel your hand relaxing on my head as your fingers returned to play with my long colorful hair. You began to kiss me more passionately.

Our tongues danced as we kissed. Each moment more passionate than the last. I let out an aggressive moan into your mouth as I tangled my fingers in your hair.

You groaned softly into our kiss as your breath became heavier and ragged. Your heart was beating faster. Your right hand squeezed me in a soft hug.

Gently, I sucked on your tongue before slightly pulling away to look deep into your eyes. My cheeks were flushed with a wicked smile on my face.

You opened your eyes in surprise at the pleasurable sensation of me suckling on your tongue. Your eyes went from my smile, to my blush, and then to my eyes, where you stared for a few moments, catching your breath and smiling lovingly.

I giggled and hid my face into your neck. The intensity of our kiss had obviously excited me.

Your arms still wrapped around me, you gave me a gentle squeeze, kissing the top of my head tenderly, both of your hands playing with my hair as you hold me.

I moaned contently as you held me, resting my head on your chest to listen to your heartbeat.

You leaned your head gently on mine after planting another gentle kiss on the top of my head. Your hands wandered to my waist where you squeezed as you held me close, wiggling slightly underneath me.

“How badly do you want to pin me down on this couch and have your way?” I asked with a giggle.

“Is that a trick question?” you chuckled.

“No trick. Just trying to see how much of an Alpha you are…”

“How much of an Alpha do you want me to be?”

“I want you to be you…”

You looked at me curiously. “I like taking as much initiative as my partner. If they’re rough, I’m rough.”

Gently, I kiss your ear as I whisper, “Well…I do enjoy it rough. Very much.”

“Very rough, you say?” you kiss my cheek and squeeze my waist teasingly. “How rough would that be?”

“As rough as you can be. I can handle a lot…”

“How far do you want to go?”

“As far as you’re willing.”

“I’m willing to go as far as you’ll let me…” Your hands rest on my waist for a moment, before moving down to rest on my thighs.

Almost instinctively, my head leaned back and a soft moan escaped my lips at the feeling of your hand on my long smooth legs.

You kissed my neck as I leaned it back. Licking and sucking where you kissed. Your hands moved along my inner thighs by my knees.

“Gods, yes..” I whisper at the feeling of your mouth on my neck as I rock my hips slightly.

“You’re going to love this..” you whispered in my ear as you nibbled on my earlobe. Your hands went to my lower waist, squeezing softly as you kissed and bit at my throat.

I exhale out a blissful moan. My hands finding their way into your hair again, grabbing on gently.

Your arms wrapped around me, pressing me very close to you. You move, positioning yourself so that you’re on your knees, your arms wrapped around me from behind, your arms around my torso. You begin to kiss my neck again.

I lean back against you, moaning as you kiss my neck. My hands look for something to grab on to but I just let you hold me, loving the feeling of being helpless.

Your hands slip under my shirt, pulling it up to bare my abdomen, rubbing your hands across my soft smooth warm skin, squeezing and massaging gently as you press your lips to mine passionately.

Melting into our kiss, I moan again. And again. The passion building up inside of me is getting ready to explode. Slowly I work my ass against you rhythmically.

Grinding your hips against my ass, moving against my own movements, you groan into our passionate kissing. Your hand taking a handful of my soft and warm breast, worshipping my body as your other hand rubs gently downward, beneath my navel.

“Take me…” I moan in a whisper against your lips, melting at your touch, the feeling of you grinding against me getting me hot and wet between my legs.

“I was planning to, dear..” you whisper huskily as your right hand slips beneath my clothes, pressed against my bare skin as it goes from my navel to between my legs, rubbing gently as you plant a passionate kiss on my neck.

My moans get louder at your touch, making me wetter. My breathing gets fast and my moans more frequent. “Yes..” I whisper.

“Yes..” you reply with a sly smile, breathing in deeply and enjoying my scent. You kiss my cheek gently before your hands go to my back. You push me onto the couch, pulling on my pants and tugging them to my knees.

A smile crosses my face as I hit the couch and my excitement grows as you tug at my shorts. Just to be defiant, I lean myself back up against you, smiling wickedly.

You lean onto me and press your weight on my body, pushing me onto the couch more forcefully this time, kissing my back as you stand on your knees again. You bite your lips as you put your hands on my upper back thighs, taking handfuls and squeezing as you grind your groin against my ass.

I hold onto the couch as I moan, desperately wanting to feel you inside me, working my hips against your movements each time.

You unbuckled your pants and pulled them down. Then you tugged down my panties, pulling them down to my knees like my shorts, doing the same with both your pants and boxers. Your right hand rubbed the tip of your cock across my lower lips while your left hand squeezed at my waist.

Slowly, I rub my wetness against you. Anticipating your entry so bad.  My wetness practically soaking you already.

Groaning as the tip of your cock rubs against my slick wet pussy, you squeeze my ass, kneading the softness as you slowly enter me, feeling the warm wet tightness envelop your manhood. You groan more fiercely as you push yourself deep inside me slowly.

I gasp as you enter me, your huge cock stretching out my inner walls. I moan as I submit myself fully to you. “Fuck me..” I whisper seductively.

“I’m going to, dear.” You tease me with a husky whisper of your own as you squeeze my ass in both hands, kneading the soft flesh as you pull out to the tip, thrusting back in, pulling out again and picking up speed with your thrusts.

I scream out in pleasure each time you thrust back in and whimpering when you pull out. I try to match your thrusts but pleasure overtakes my body and I let you take full control.

Thrusting into me roughly and quickly, you squeeze my ass in both hands as you pull out, kneading with your left hand and slapping the opposite cheek with your right as you thrust in again, pulling out anew, and pulling me towards you with your hands on my waist when you thrust, grunting slightly from the pleasure.

“Yes…” I moan in pleasure, enjoying the way you fuck me. “Take me like a hound takes a bitch…”

“You like that?” you ask teasingly as you pull your cock out and squeeze my ass. You pull me towards you with a slap as my ass meets your hips when you thrust your cock into my pussy. “I’m going to take you like my bitch…” you promise, biting your lower lip.

I scream out again. “Yes!” The feeling of your cock hitting me deep inside, causing my pussy muscles to tighten slightly.

You grunt through your teeth clamping down on your lower lip when my pussy tightens around your cock. You take a moment to appreciate how my muscles massage and wring your cock, as if milking it. You rub your thumb around my rim as you pick up your thrusting speed. You groan in complete carnal pleasure.

I lower myself completely against the couch, a move of complete submission. My moans are mostly muffled by the fabric of the couch yet they continue to get louder. My pussy muscles continue to get tighter, squeezing your cock more with each thrust as it becomes wetter and wetter.

Rubbing your feet together to slip off both your shoes, you stand on one knee as your left foot presses gently against my back, pressing me down as you keep fucking me. Your lip about to draw blood as you bite into it, choking back grunts and groans. Keeping me pressed down, you move your hips slightly to one side, then to another as you thrust in and out of my pussy, your cock feeling clamped and squeezed by my warm and wet pussy.

“Gods…yes…” I scream out as my nails dig into the couch. My whole body tightening up, my pussy muscles tightening up more than ever. A gush of wetness flowed from my pussy all over your cock as I orgasmed over and over.

“Fuck, that’s hot…” you manage, grunting as my pussy tightens up and clamps powerfully around your cock, squeezing and wringing with muscles that feel like warm wet silk. The grunt turns into a pleasured groan as you put your foot on the back of my head, pulling out with a grunt before thrusting back in, your cock splurting precum into my pussy.

I moan into the couch, loving the feeling of being completely dominated, enjoying the feeling of giving myself completely to you in this moment. My orgasms continue as I feel your hot precum teasing my pussy.

Enjoying listening to my moans as your eyes wander from my pussy, having your cock rammed into it and pulled out repeatedly, to my soft ass which you squeeze and knead, then to my bare lower back, and my colorful wild mane of sexy and beautiful hair. You grunt and groan in pleasure, moving your foot off my head and turning me onto my back, grabbing my left leg and resting it atop your right shoulder. “I’m not done with you yet…” you whisper.

I smile up at you sweetly, wiggling my hips slightly. “Good…” I whisper back. “Because I don’t think I could ever get enough…”

“Is that so, babe?” you ask teasingly, adding, “Because I want more…” With a wink and a lustful look in your eyes, you grab my other leg and kiss my bare shins after tossing my panties and shorts to the side, gasping almost breathlessly when I wiggle my hips. With both my legs on your shoulders, you pull me towards you as you thrust inside me, holding firmly onto my waist.

“Yes..” I scream as you thrust inside me deeply. I move my hips up to meet your thrusts as my head whips and turns in pleasure, making my hair a crazy purple mess.

“Take off that shirt, babe…” you tell me as you pull my waist towards you as I move my hips up, thrusting into my pussy against those combined movements, choking back a pleasured grunt as you bite your lower lip.  You lustfully eye my tits and then my face contorted in pleasure amidst my wild purple mane. “You’re damn sexy…”

I look up at you, my shirt now off and tits bouncing as you thrust into me. I lick my lips as I stare lustfully into your eyes, not saying a word but letting my eyes do all the talking.

Your green eyes; burning with lust, passion and desire, lock into my lustful brown eyes as you pull me towards you as I push myself against your thrusting. Your cock pushing inside my pussy as you grunt softly, biting your lower lip as I lick my lips. The sexiness of it making you feel close to cumming as our eyes meet and my tits bounce while you keep fucking me relentlessly.

I continue to whimper as you fuck me, my eyes never faltering from yours. Locked in a lustful stare. I lick your lips and smile. “Cum for me baby…” I whisper softly.

Pushing yourself on top of me with my legs still on your shoulders, groaning and grunting from the pleasure as you press your lips against mine passionately. Your cock pushes deeper into my pussy, almost pressed against the entrance of my womb as you groan into our kissing, letting out splurts of hot, thick and creamy cum inside me as your arms wrap around my body.

I moan softly at the feeling of your cum filling me up, our hotness mixed together. My arms wrap around you in response, holding you tight as you orgasm.

Shrugging your shoulders so that my legs rest between our arms more comfortable, you keep kissing me passionately, your tongue dancing with mine as you stop cumming. Your cock still inside my cum-filled pussy as we hold each other. Rolling to the side, so that I’m on top of you, you gasp for breath as you hug me tightly. “That was amazing, babe…” you whisper into my lips. 

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