Beest and the Beauty

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Eric Beest has a not so perfect life, but all that changes when a beautiful girl teen arrives in his room one day.

Submitted: May 30, 2016

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Submitted: May 30, 2016



Eric Beest was a ten year old male,
who's life is nothing but an epic fail.

His dad works too much and his Mom is always away
and his older brother prefers to keep people at bay.

His school was stiff in nature and hard of pity,
and the townsfolk Manhattan were very gritty.

He walked into his room one day and laid down on his bed,
thinking, 'I wish I ca nescape this life,' in his head.

Suddenly, from out of the closet no less,
came a beautiful teen girl who's name was Tess.

She approached the boy and asked him about his plight,
but he was too nervous and she could see it in sight.

So she got in his face and gave the boy a sly smirk,
not to mention the charming tone she used as a quirk.

She stroked the boy's chin and tickled it too,
Eric laughed a bit, but soon sensed taboo.

Pretty soon, when her eyes started swirling, 
Eric became enthralled by the attractive twirling.

His eyes also became hypnotic swirls,
and he hunched down as he saw twirls.

Tess snicked with a mischevious grin,
and pretty son brought the boy in.

She told Eric that she would give him a kiss,
and after which, he would remain in a forever bliss.

She also said to remember her face,
and his entranced brain would always be her base.

Tess puckered up and kissed Eric on the lips,
after which his brain felt like it did flips.

His brain became grape jelly, as he was forever in a trance
but he always kept a smile and his life as good in a sense.

He never forgot Tess due to his hypnotized command,
but he always felt happy, remembering his beautiful friend.


© Copyright 2019 M. Wetsal. All rights reserved.

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